Did You Test at GeneTree???

If you ever tested at GeneTree, then this message affects you.  I received the following information from GeneTree about the DNA records of their clients.  They recently sold their assets to Ancestry.com.  So if you tested there, you may want to download your records while you still can.

Dear GeneTree Customer,

You may have recently heard the exciting news that GeneTree has been acquired by AncestryDNA™ ( http://corporate.ancestry.com/press/press-releases/2012/05/ancestry.com-dna-launches/ ). As we redirect our efforts to the integration with AncestryDNA it will be necessary to discontinue the GeneTree.com website. However, as a valued GeneTree customer, you will be able to access GeneTree.com through the rest of this year, until January 1, 2013. Following this date, access to your account will no longer be available through the GeneTree site, so we recommend that you download your DNA results and pedigree data while the site is still available.

If you’d like to learn more about how to download and continue using your information and family tree outside of GeneTree, see click here To help answer some frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQs. We greatly appreciate you being a part of GeneTree and hope that you continue with your genetic genealogy and family history research.

Sincerely, The GeneTree Team




8 thoughts on “Did You Test at GeneTree???

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  2. I’m a little late learning about all the buy outs etc. My mother had DNA tests done by GeneTree in 2006. I didn’t know what I was doing but I did copy her DNA sequences on paper and also the page that said “Genotypes”. I didn’t download all that to my computer, I just made paper copies. Will this info. be of any use to me? I know next to nothing about DNA but am trying to learn. Last year she was also tested by Ancestry.com. I read that we should have downloaded GeneTree info. to Ancestry.com by Jan. 2013 but now it’s to late.

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  4. It should be interesing to note that my autosomal DNA as per Genetree dna was 73% European and 27% Native American. I just had my DNA done at 23andMe, which showed that I was 100% European and absolutely no Native American at all. So, which one is not accurate?

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