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Roberta EstesRoberta Estes has been a professional scientist and business owner for 25+ years, (MS Computer Science, MBA, graduate work in Geographic Information Systems), as well as an obsessed genealogist since 1978.

In 2005, reflecting her interest and expertise in genetics for genealogy, she formed DNAeXplain, a company providing individual analysis of DNA results and consulting services.

Roberta is a National Geographic Society, Genographic Project affiliate scientific researcher and became part of the design team in 2012. Roberta has authored multiple academic papers, provided content and consultation to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the History Channel, and other organizations and businesses.

The Million Mito Project

In 2020, Roberta launched the Million Mito Project, a collaborative scientific effort to rewrite the tree of womankind for all of humanity in partnership with Dr. Miguel Vilar, Lead Scientist for the Genographic Project, Dr. Paul Maier, Population Geneticist at FamilyTreeDNA and Goran Runfeldt, Head of Research and Development at FamilyTreeDNA. 

Early Years of Genetic Genealogy

In 2000, thanks to FamilyTreeDNA, the infant scientific field of DNA for genealogy emerged, allowing DNA to be used to trace individuals to common ancestors. With traditional genealogical records already researched to no avail, and several brick walls needing to fall, Roberta was one of the early DNA project administrators and pioneer adopters of DNA analysis for genealogy. Roberta manages over 20 DNA projects with an emphasis on Native American heritage.

Roberta’s blog, Native Heritage Project documents early evidence of Native people in records and can be found at www.nativeheritageproject.com.

Products and Services

In 2009, DNAeXplain and FamilyTreeDNA teamed to jointly offer Personalized Y and mitochondrial DNA Reports for customers. Currently, Roberta is not accepting private clients.

Roberta speaks and writes widely about DNA and genealogy and has provided keynotes at several major conferences. Her educational webinars are among the most-watched in the industry. Follow Roberta’s activities and available educational resources by subscribing to this free blog.

You can e-mail Roberta at roberta@dnaexplain.com.

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  1. I have been working on trying to solve my 3rd great grandfather Berry H Williams’ mystery. yDNA testing shows that the inferred brotehr and father are not his as the yDNA haplogroup differs (R-M269 for the inferred Williams relatives, E-M2 for Berry’s male descendant). How do I find out which was his line? He has exact atches at level 12 markers to Powell, Warwick, Sweat, Scherer. He is an almost identical match with one marker difference to an Ephraim Sweat at 37 level. At 67 level he matches a R Sweat, J. Sweat and M. Scherer but the others have not tested beyond 37 markers. No matches at the 111 markers yet (we upgrded the Williams descendant to 111, it’s still in progress). The weird thing is Berry’s wife was Martha Giddens Sweat which just adds to the confusion – maybe Berryw as a Sweat and theyw ere cousins or Martha had the kids by a Sweat (but census records show her and Berry as together with all the kids from 1 months old). They were in Bulloch County, GA.

    • You are doing the right things. I’d the other 12 marker matches have tested above that and don’t match, they have eliminated themselves.

  2. Hi, I have haplogroup R-BY39347. Genetic research on the skeletons of those Vikings shows that one of them has the same haplogroup. Would that mean he is a distant ancestor of mine ? Greetings from Belgium, Johnny Couck.

  3. !! I am an Overlease. But I have had much frustration getting past my greatgrandmother. Most Overlease’s are found in Missouri.I really now think the Bartlesville, Oklahoma connection may be is the one I should be looking into. Thank you for a wonderful detailed trip back in time.

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