MyHeritage LIVE 2019 in Amsterdam Announced

MyHeritage LIVE 2019

I’ve been keeping this secret and I’ve been about to burst!

Today MyHeritage announced their second MyHeritage LIVE Conference, to be held this year in Amsterdam, September 6-8.

Last year’s conference in Oslo was amazing, and this year’s will be too – plus – Amsterdam is a super cool and fun city. Canals, history, genealogy, museums, jewelry (the diamond capital of the world,) amazing food and did I mention…genealogy. It’s impossible to NOT have fun in Amsterdam so plan to stay a few extra days!

I love Amsterdam, but then again, I have Dutch ancestry on both sides of my family. So, yes, I’ll be there. I can’t miss this one! I hear my ancestors calling.

Brass Tacks

Ok, down to brass tacks.

Conference tickets include:

  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Lunches on Saturday and Sunday
  • Friday night drink reception
  • MyHeritage party on Saturday night

Editorial comment – MyHeritage knows how to throw a party. Seriously!

The list of speakers other than Gilad Japhet, MyHeritage Founder and CEO, who is an amazing, inspirational speaker, hasn’t been announced yet. In Oslo the speakers included MyHeritage staff and industry recognized experts on both genealogy and DNA.

One of the features many people enjoyed was the hands-on workshops.

From my perspective, one of the best things about the conference was getting to meet,  talk to and exchange information with other people from around the world.


Early-bird ticket pricing at 150 Euro or about $170 US is in effect until July 31st, but seats are limited and they may sell out. Amsterdam is a major European airline hub, so very easy to reach.

MyHeritage LIVE 2019 tickets

You can register for MyHeritage LIVE now at this link.


If you are planning to attend, be sure to either purchase a DNA test at MyHeritage, or transfer your test to MyHeritage if you’ve already tested elsewhere.

Many of the DNA sessions and workshops feature or include genetic genealogy information and if you have DNA test results at MyHeritage, it’s much easier to understand what the speakers or workshop leaders are discussing.

Counting Down!

Look, the countdown timer on the MyHeritage LIVE site is already running!

MyHeritage LIVE 2019 countdown timer

Will I see you in Amsterdam?



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    • That’s not true at all. There is every level, including intro. I hope you’ll attend. It’s so close not to take advantage of that opportunity.

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