Promethease Is Free Until the End of 2017

And not only is Promethease free until the end of the year, if you upload your data now, you’ll have access to updated reports for perpetuity. So Promethease is free forever for people who take advantage of this opportunity before year end.

Promethease provides a very valuable service for people who have taken autosomal DNA tests and want to obtain information about mutations that may (or may not) have medical consequences, both positive and negative.

I’ve written about Promethease before, using my own results, here and I used the Promethease site for an analysis here. While the second article isn’t specifically about Promethease, it gives you an idea about how you might utilize your own results and why Promethease is seeking to improve the user’s results, especially when multiple vendors are involved. 

I use and enjoy Promethease, but it isn’t for everyone. Promethease provides information about health and traits, along with citations to the medical literature in SNPedia from which that information was derived. If you are inclined to worry or have anxiety, Promethease and testing for medical genetic information might not be for you.

However, if you do want to know, Promethease is a wonderful tool. Remember, having a mutation does NOT mean you will develop a disease or have the specific trait.  Many times, multiple mutations combine to produce a specific effect, not to mention environmental factors, epigenetics and things we don’t yet understand come into play.

Keep in mind that published literature doesn’t always agree, and that we are still in the infancy of the genetic revolution. In other words, we learn every single day and sometimes what we thought we knew was wrong.  Other times, the information is accurate, prompting us perhaps to be vigilant or alert our physicians to possibilities they should be aware of.

I want to know. I feel that knowledge empowers.  Not everyone agrees or wants to know, and that’s just fine.

I recently received the following e-mail from Promethease:

As someone who has purchased Promethease reports before, we thought you’d be interested in a new opportunity to get up-to-date reports for free.

In the past, we always deleted your raw data within 24 hours. That meant you had to re-upload (and pay again) for every updated report. We now have improved infrastructure in place that allows you to upload your data once and then generate updated reports free of charge, whenever you want.

We added this infrastructure so we could use de-identified stored data to better assess the accuracy of the raw data produced by different companies, platforms and technologies. This will also allow us to provide the best, independent assessment of true vs. false data in future Promethease reports and add new features.

As a Promethease user you’re probably familiar with the value of getting updated reports from time to time. SNPedia’s content, upon which Promethease reports are based, doubles almost every year, and Promethease’s interface is always improving to enable better searching, filtering and exporting options.

To support this new capability, we are now allowing free data uploads until December 31, as a holiday gift to our users. We invite you to re-upload DNA data for free now and receive a new report. You will be able to generate updated reports in the future without uploading or paying. To take advantage of this opportunity follow the simple steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Check all the checkboxes and click “I agree”
  3. Click “Upload raw data” or “Import” it again.
  4. When prompted, click the “Get free report” button.
  5. If you want to get free updates in the future, enable the storage option which allows us to save your data and generate updated reports for you.
  6. Pick a password for your account.
  7. Wait about 5 minutes to receive your first report.

From then on, you’ll be able to visit whenever you want, login to your account, and generate up-to-date reports for free. You can also delete your stored DNA data from the same page, at any time.

It’s as easy as that.

Get started at

Have more questions? Check out the FAQs.


Mike Cariaso & Greg Lennon

Personally, I’m very pleased with this development which provides Promethease the ability to analyze and evaluate what the vendors are doing well, and not so well.  In other words, are there areas of DNA that are prone to misreporting or inconsistencies on specific chips?  Should Promethease provide additional cautions for those regions?  If Promethease doesn’t have your permission to utilize your DNA for analysis, they can never answer those questions with the confidence generated by having compared thousands of DNA results over time. In the end, customers are the winner, because your results will be more accurate and relevant.

However, like all DNA related companies, be sure to read all of the information available before uploading so that you are clear and comfortable with what is being done with your DNA results.

Judy Russell also wrote about the new Promethease capability here.

I’ve worked with Promethease before, and I’ll certainly be uploading my information from every vendor where I’ve tested. Each vendor’s chip tests a somewhat different region.  I want updated information periodically and I certainly want Promethease to be able to improve their product and results for everyone.

Thank you Promethease!



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23 thoughts on “Promethease Is Free Until the End of 2017

  1. I uploaded my kit and got some interesting results. Do you know if I can I upload other kits associated with the same email associated?

  2. it is refusing my upload. says file format not supported. it is from ftdna, my mtdna fasta download. tried 3 times with the same results.

  3. I’ve tried to upload my file from Geno 2.0 National Geographic but it say it’s not available. Then I went to Family Tree DNA since I transferred my Geno 2.0 to them last year but still couldn’t figure out how to get my file. Help. I wanted to transfer my DNA to Prometheus.

      • I was able to upload my autosomal Geno 2 from the FTDNA site to Promethease but it did refuse the mtdna. I’ve spent the morning reading the info, so interesting. Thanks so much for sharing this informative site.

  4. Thank you for posting this! I cannot access my old reports due to external drive errors, so this is GREAT! I did mine yesterday and Amos’s today. Not reading the replies here, I used 2 different email addresses for his & my reports. This is wonderful that it is free and not $5 each time you want to see your reports. Cathee

  5. Dear Roberta, Promethease wants Build 37, concatenated. Others might want to know. Best regards and Merry Christmas, Shedrick Moore.

  6. Thanks for sharing this info Roberta! The reports are very good; definitely helped to identify some areas to watch.

  7. Roberta:

    I have created an account at Promethease, downloaded my rawdata from FamilyFinder autosomal which i have unzipped. Now, I need to send to Promethease. Right now I am drawning a blank. Please help! Thanks!

  8. I know I missed the free Promethease promotion, but when uploading my raw data from Ancestry to the Promethease site today (1/28/18), I see that it is $20 to continue and get a report. WTH? I thought it was supposed to be $5-$10. I realize an additional $10-$15 is not that big a deal, especially compared to the cost of the 23andMe health report, but did I miss something? Thank you; you have great posts.

      • First I tried the zipped file that I downloaded from Then I tried the unzipped file of same. Both times it said it was $20 to continue. This seems like a “bait & switch” to me. I have downloaded my raw data before and uploaded it to Gedmatch with no problems. I know that’s a free site, but the file worked fine. Thanks.

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