Sixth Season – Who Do You Think You Are?


Who Do You Think You Are returns this Sunday, March 8th at 10 eastern, 9 central on TLC for its sixth season.

Each week, a celebrity goes on a journey to trace their heritage, making discoveries and generally creating envy for the rest of us.  Of course, we have those same kinds of discoveries to make in our own family history too.

I love this series, in part because it makes genealogy so personal and real and encourages people to become interested in their past that may seem inaccessible, but really isn’t.

To quote TLC, “To know who you are…you have to know where your story began.”

“Lives will change forever.”

That may seem an exaggeration, but often, it’s not.  Understanding your ancestors and how their decisions shaped you today can be very powerful.

To quote one of the celebrities:

“This gives me new light into the rest of my life.”

Plus, the stories are just so, well, juicy!  And moving.  I mean, someone cries in every single episode.  And its not because they discovered the courthouse burned.

This season’s lineup of well-known personalities discovering their ancestry include:

  • Julie Chen
  • Angie Harmon
  • Sean Hayes
  • Bill Paxton
  • Melissa Etheridge
  • America Ferrara
  • Tony Goldwyn
  • Josh Groban

I just want to know one thing.  Is Josh Groban going to sing when he finds his music teacher ancestor????  That would be worth watching all by itself!

Looking forward to “date night” and tweeting with other viewers #WDYTYA.  Come along and join the fun.

8 thoughts on “Sixth Season – Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. While i enjoy this show it would be interesting if they could just grab someone of the street, you know your “average Joe” and investigate their past, i have plenty of Average Joe’s in my ancestry that turned out to not be so average at all, many with hair curling events in their lives that brought both sadness and great hilarity to my tree, i think the average Joe might enjoy seeing one of their own included rather than a list of celebrities, perhaps they could even be selected at random from FTDNA clients.
    Just my thoughts.

    • I was going to say the same thing ! It would be nice if just one non-famous person were chosen during the season. I would watch that episode for sure.

  2. Too bad only paying viewers can see the show…I realize that’s fair for the current season, but TLC doesn’t even show all of the past seasons’ episodes for free. Anyone know where the old ones might be viewable other than TLC?

  3. Is Julie Chen that first East Asiatic person on the show. I cannot recall anyone else.

    Although there have been many Indians ( India )

  4. This is great for people who have the money to pay someone to know where to look, and does it. The less fortunate people have to spend much $$ and still aren’t sure that they have the correct information. It’s actually
    a hit-and-miss, but it’s all we can do. I do not watch the program, because it’s just showing that if you have the money, they have the time. I don’t have either, so why waste my time?

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