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  1. Roberta could you help me find out where exactly in the world I’m from, I too am European 84%/ 10% Asian/6% Native American Indian,test done @Family Tree DNA! Help! Haplogroup H3ad!!!!!!

    • Exactly where you are from has many answers. Every single ancestral line is differnt. Your mitochondrial DNA line is a good place to start, and we can generally get within a country or region, but if you means more definitive than that, we can’t ususally tell that much. The DNA reports are 8–100 pages each, so there is a lot to tell on each line. Your mitochondrial DNA would be a good place to start because you carry that. If you have a brother, father, uncle, etc. who carries your father’s Yline and surname, that would be another good line to work on.

  2. My brother James R.Martin had his DNA done though SMGF.ORG,I could never find out what the results was,can you help me with this? Louise

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