Family Tree DNA Conference 2012 – Nits and Grits

First things first!  I want to thank Max and Bennett for graciously hosting the 8th Annual Genetic Genealogy Conference in Houston, Texas!  This is actually the 9th year, but a pesky hurricane interfered one year.  Max and Bennett are very … Continue reading

CRS Extended Haplogroup

This posting will assuredly come under the category of “things you never really wanted to know.”  The only time this will really come in useful is if Trivial Pursuit adds a genetic genealogy category, which, by the way, I think … Continue reading

Citizen Science

My husband, Jim, who is kind of a geeky guy in the best of ways and really is interested in genetic genealogy from a technologist’s perspective, asked me a question about the new mitochondrial comparative sequence, the RSRS (Reconstructed Sapiens Reference … Continue reading