Phillip Jacob Kirsch (1806-1880), German Immigrant, 52 Ancestors #107

Following many years of genealogical detective work, we have been able to track several lines that were ancestral to the Kirsch family in Germany.  We, in this case, involves several people over a period of about 30 years.  Mom and … Continue reading

Nora Kirsch (1866-1949), Quilter Extraordinaire!, 52 Ancestors #92

Nora Kirsch on a motorcycle with 3 of her daughters, Eloise, Mildred, Nora and Edith, my grandmother.  These women were always up to some sort of mischief!  I come by it honestly!!! Nora, or actually, Elnora or Ellenora Kirsch lived … Continue reading

X Chromosome Master Class

The X chromosome can be especially useful to genetic genealogists because it has a unique inheritance path. Thanks to that characteristic, some of the work of identifying your common ancestor is done just by simply HAVING an X match. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

If Stone Could Speak: Koehler Family Life in Ellerstadt – 52 Ancestors #354

Not long after I published the article Johann Peter Koehler (1724-1791), Innkeeper, Lawyer, Mayor of Ellerstadt, my friend Chris sent me a note saying: “Please have a look at this website:” The webpage is in German, of course, but above … Continue reading

Anna Elisabetha Scherer (1741-1784,) Innkeeper’s Daughter…and Wife – 52 Ancestors #352

How many inns would an innkeeper keep if an innkeeper could keep inns? Apparently, innkeeping is a family affair. Naming your inn something regal like “The Lion” seems to be popular too. Anna Elisabetha Scherer can tell you all about … Continue reading

Johann Peter Koehler (1724-1791), Innkeeper, Lawyer, Mayor of Ellerstadt – 52 Ancestors #351

My ancestor, Margaretha Elisabetha Koehler was born on April 30, 1772 in Ellerstadt, Germany to Johann Peter Koehler and Anna Elisabetha Scherer. I wrote about the Kirsch and Koehler homes in neighboring Mutterstadt where Margaretha Elisabetha lived after her marriage, … Continue reading