Robert Vernon Estes: Still Missing, But Not Forgotten – 52 Ancestors #339

Today was an incredible day – one I’ve been working towards and looking forward to for more than a year. One that Robert Vernon Estes earned more than 70 years ago. Robert was a POW, captured in Korea on November … Continue reading

Dear Dave: You’re Featured in a Book – 52 Ancestors #274

My Dearest Brother, Dave. You’re either famous or infamous, or both. That’s not news to you though! You’d be pleased about both, or either. Yep, Libby Copeland tells our story today, including the secret you never knew, in an article … Continue reading

Concepts: What are NPEs and MPEs?

Sooner or later in genetic genealogy, you’re going to run across the acronym, NPE or MPE. Years ago, the phrase NPE was coined to generally mean when the expected parent or parents weren’t. NPE means nonpaternal event, also sometimes nonparental … Continue reading

William Sterling Estes’ Court Martial and Escape; 3 Wives and 4 Aliases – 52 Ancestors #217

Oh yea, this cliff-hanger installment in the mystery series better known as “Dad’s Better-Than-Any-Soap-Opera Life” is a doosey! I’ve been trying for years to piece my father’s life together, and slowly, the puzzle pieces fall into the place. However, it … Continue reading

Dear Dave: I Found Your Father – 52 Ancestors #184

My Dearest Brother Dave, It’s been 6 years last week that you left, departed this side, leaving your broken earthly vessel behind. Six very long years. I thought the sun would never shine again, but somehow you arranged a gloriously … Continue reading

The Unexpected Bounty of DNA Testing – Friends and Family of Heart

When I first started with genetic genealogy in the year 2000, I was interested in proving (or disproving) specific stories about my Estes ancestors as well as learning more about as many family lines as I could. I hoped that … Continue reading