The Saga of the Three Johann Michael Kirschs – 52 Ancestors #288

Which Johann Michael Kirsch, wife Anna Margaretha, was the father of Elias Nicolaus Kirsch born in the beautiful little village of Fussgoenheim, Germany on May 6, 1733? That’s the million-dollar question! When I began this journey, we didn’t know that … Continue reading

A Visit to the Ancestral Kirsch and Koehler Homes in Fussgoenheim, Germany – 52 Ancestors #253

My Kirsch ancestors were born and lived in Fussgoenheim, Germany, along with Koehler family members. Recently, a friend, Noél who lives in the US but was traveling to Germany made me a fantastic offer – one I couldn’t believe – or turn … Continue reading

Elias Kirsch (1733-1804) and the Fall of the Holy Roman Empire – 52 Ancestors #227

Elias Kirsch and his family lived in Fussgoenheim – that much we know for sure. Unfortunately, the Fussgoenheim records are in sorry shape. Fussgoenheim records include the following: Baptisms: 1726-1798 and 1816-1839 Marriages: 1727-1768 and 1816-1839 Deaths: 1733-1775 and 1816-1839 … Continue reading

Philip Jacob Kirsch (1806-1880) aka Philippe Jacques: Masquerading as…French??? – 52 Ancestors #226

The Kirsch family is German. My mother knew they spoke German. She heard them. They stopped speaking German during WWI and WWII when speaking German meant inviting trouble. The Kirsch family had never been anything but German. So now, they’re … Continue reading

Andreas Kirsch (1774-1819) Gets New and Improved Parents – 52 Ancestors #224

Steps up to microphone at the podium, alone, on stage (in this case, a blog article.) The press corps is gathered (readers) and the lights are bright, white hot and glaring.  (Who turned the heat up anyway?) Shuffles nervously. “Ahem.” … Continue reading

Jacob Kirsch’s Deposition and The Abandoned Wife – 52 Ancestors #174

Over time, tidbits continue to trickle in about Jacob Kirsch, the infamous one-eyed lynching saloon keeper from Aurora, Indiana. And yes, he just happens to be my ancestor.  I love them colorful! Recently, a gentleman, David, contacted me inquiring about Jacob and … Continue reading

Andreas Kirsch (1774-1819) of Fussgoenheim, Bayern, Germany, 52 Ancestors #148

Andreas. Such a beautiful name. I’ve loved it since I first saw the name as part of our family history, although that first time was in such a sad context. When researching the Kirsch family in Ripley County, Indiana, I ran … Continue reading

Barbara Drechsel (1848-1930), The Kirsch House, Turtle Soup and Lace, 52 Ancestors #110

Barbara Drechsel’s story begins with a mystery. Who is this beautiful young woman?  Is it Barbara? Let this be a lesson – write on the back of every photograph you own, preferably in pencil – but do it one way … Continue reading