Why Different Haplogroup Results?

“Why do vendors give me different haplogroups?” This questions often comes up when people test with different vendors and receive different haplogroup results for both Y and mitochondrial DNA. If you need a quick refresher on who carries which types … Continue reading

Family Tree DNA Names 100,000 New Y DNA SNPs

Recently, Family Tree DNA named 100,000 new SNPs on the Y DNA haplotree, bringing their total to over 153,000. Given that Family Tree DNA does the majority of the Y DNA NGS “full sequence” testing in the industry with their … Continue reading

Finding George McNiel’s Brother, Thomas, Using DNA – 52 Ancestors #187

The story of the Reverend George McNiel includes the oft-repeated 3 brothers story, and one of the three brothers in this version was named Thomas, or so the legend goes. I’m used to 3 brothers stories, sometimes used to explain … Continue reading

William Crumley the First (c1735 – 1793), Originally a Quaker, 52 Ancestors #87

The Crumley Conundrum…that’s what this line of genealogy has been called for years by researchers.  The current generation of researchers named it, but I’m sure all past Crumley researchers would confirm that name with a hearty “hear, hear” or maybe a different … Continue reading

Y DNA – Family Tree DNA vs Ancestry

I’m regularly asked about a comparison between the Y DNA products of Family Tree DNA and Ancestry.com. Update: Ancestry no longer has Y DNA testing, but Family Tree DNA does and this article still provides a good overview. The price changes … Continue reading