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DNAeXplain was founded in 2004 to provide analysis and interpretation of genetic genealogy DNA test results in a plain English, understandable fashion. These heritage quality Personalized DNA Analysis reports have become quite popular, are customized with your genealogy and family photos, and make wonderful, timeless gifts for family members. Family Tree DNA now offers these reports as part of their product offering to their clients as well.

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  1. Hi Roberta,

    I did DNA test it says I’m 42 percent Italian. My mother is half ? Is this possible? Also my sister came out 17 percent italian. Is that normal?

  2. Roberta, I was browsing the web aand saw an ad from Living DNA. What piqued my curiosity was their statement they have the only DNA test to give you your Britain and Ireland breakdown. By the map posted on their site, it appears they break it down by regions. Is this true?

  3. Hi Roberta,I had test from myheritage and the result came as 71.9% Scottish,Welsh,Irish and 28.1% Scandanavian.This would fit my maternal grandmother other grandparents while having some Welsh, all have a lot of English and Saxon surnames.But English is Zero on the heritage tells me it cud skip a generation.all 3 grandparents?really.If my son’s test turns up negative for English what then?his mother is sold Welsh with praps a touch of Flemish.

  4. Hi Roberta I want to add an extra estimate for my maternal grandmother had been,62.5%welsh,12.5%Irish and 25%Viking from detailed family history,census etc and the fact that many place names here are Viking- Pembrokeshire Wales.all other per grandparents not from here.Have I inherited most of my DNA from her?the similarity between my estimate and the myheritage result is almost eerie.

  5. Hi Roberta,

    I just got some test results back from MyHeritage. My dad has always told me he was part native American from both his mom and his dad. His dad allegedly played baseball for an all-indian baseball team in Oklahoma (where my dad is from). However, when my DNA results came back, there was no native. It was all North and South and some East Europe, a totally unexpected 26% Scandinavian, and a .07% outlier of Nepal. There is some question in infidelity with my mom back in the time of my birth. Could this at all be “proof” that my dad is not my dad? Or perhaps the part of some gross misinformation? I’m quite perplexed. I have no Y chromosome. I have taken your suggestion and ordered test kits from other companies. Thank you!

  6. Hi Roberta,
    I have a quick question. I just tested my 90 years old paternal great aunt. She had 571 pages of matches day one. She also has four thousand 4th cousins or closer. I tested over 3 years ago and only have 250 pages of matches, 419 4th cousins or closer. She is my grandmother’s sister so I realize all her matches are mine. However I should have matches my grandmother had that her sister did not. I have an extra DNA kit. If I take it again will it cause problems at Thanks

  7. Hi Roberta,
    I have some sample left at FTDNA of my father who has now passed. I did a Y-DNA 37 marker test and a Family Finder test. With the remaining sample which test do you think would be worthwhile doing? Thank you so much,

    • You could extend his test to 111 markers. You could do the Big Y test, or you could obtain his mitochondrial DNA information. You could also wait to see if new tests will be available in the future that you want. Partly, this may have to do with who else is available in your family to test. If he has a sibling who will test, then you don’t need to get the mtDNA from his sample. There is no single answer to what is best for you in your circumstances.

  8. Thank you, Roberta. I was going to wait for future tests but FTDNA was unsure if the sample had degraded before these last tests (his sample is from 2006). My father and his siblings have all died and being new to DNA testing, I was unsure as to what I should do. I appreciate your input. Thank you. Sara

  9. Hi Roberta,
    My FTDNA result says my mtDNA is R-T16189C!, and Nat Geo assigns me under the macro R haplogroup. I am from East Asia, and not Native American at all. My autosomal result is 22% North East Asian and 78% Oceanian. Do you think getting a full sequencing will help me find out more? Thank you.

      • Thanks for your prompt reply! No, I haven’t. I initially did the Geno 2.0 test and had my result transferred to FTDNA. I want to find out more about my mtDNA (I am a female); it doesn’t seem typically East Asian and it confuses me.

  10. Hi Roberta,

    Why would one child have more of what one ethnicity of a parents origin descendent, thanks the other?

    For instance: My dad had a large amount of Irish and Native American, and I received a larger amount of that percent like my dad. My brother had more of my mothers: French and Scandinavian.

    Is it possible that a child could receive more from one parent than the other? Guess I figured it was a 50-50…


  11. I am confused, I am suppose to be Dutch, German, & Scottish, My results came back 40% Scandinavian, 21.5 % Irish/Scottish, English 6.1%, and Balkan 31.6%. With no German or Dutch at all. Could this be right.

  12. I hope you can help me understand my DNA test results from My
    Since i know that my family is kind of mixed, i thought it would be a great idea to see which parts of foreign DNA i inherited. We live in Northern Germany. My maternal grandmother has definitely slavic heritage and my maternal grandfather is supposed to have also a bulgarian or some southern (slavic) background (he is adopted, so thats what we concluded from the information we had.) the maternal side from my father were German Ashkenazi Jews. Only my paternal grandfather was german.I was really excited for my results. I know that Germany is hard to see at all as one ethnic group. But the result is really strange: A hundred percent(!) result Central-Europe/Northern Europe Ethnicity estimate.
    I still don’t understand how this could work? I know that DNA is not evenly passed down. What confuses me is that i read everywhere that nobody could have a hundred percent of one ethnicity and with my family history it just seems… unrealistic.

  13. I got my Family Tree DNA Certificate back it certifies that a mitochondria DNAsample taken from Paulette Panning differs from the Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS)* at the numbered positions indicated, by the presence of the bases designated A,C,G or T; my Haplogroup T2 my Sample# 483016 I do not understand this? What must I do?

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