William Crumley’s Original 1792 Will Surfaces – 52 Ancestors #360

Sometimes late at night, just before I go to bed, I check MyHeritage for Record Hints and Ancestry for those little green leaf hints. One recent midnight, I noticed a hint at Ancestry for William Crumley II. Of course, I … Continue reading

County Formation Petitions Resolve Long-Standing Mystery: Which William Crumley Got Married? – 52 Ancestors #244

Recently, I became aware of petitions in the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA), by county, when reading this article by Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist. If you have ancestors in Tennessee, check this resource. Between 1840 and 1850, several … Continue reading

William Crumley the First (c1735 – 1793), Originally a Quaker, 52 Ancestors #87

The Crumley Conundrum…that’s what this line of genealogy has been called for years by researchers.  The current generation of researchers named it, but I’m sure all past Crumley researchers would confirm that name with a hearty “hear, hear” or maybe a different … Continue reading

William Crumley the Third (1788-1859) and The Crumley Curse, 52 Ancestors #80

Did I mention about the Crumley Curse when I wrote about William Crumley (the third’s) father, William Crumley (the second)?  It’s started out being kind of cute and was originally called “The Crumley Conundrum.”  Then it devolved into “The Crumley … Continue reading

William Crumley the Second (c1767-c1839), Methodist, Miller, Pioneer, 52 Ancestors #75

About 20 years ago, when I was really starting to dig into the Crumley line, one of the other researches on either the Crumley rootsweb or Genforum list said something very prophetic. “Wow, it looks like these William Crumleys need … Continue reading

Phebe Crumley’s Mother Really IS Lydia Brown (c1781-c1830) – 52 Ancestors #318

This day took its sweet time arriving! And yes, I’ve used DNA evidence along with every other shred of traditional evidence that I could dig up about either Lydia Brown or her husband, William Crumley. I’ve been trying to prove … Continue reading

Catherine Crumley (c1712-c1790), Raised Her Family in a Two Room Cabin, 52 Ancestors #94

I had been planning to make my way to Apple Pie Ridge for some time now, when an opportunity presented itself by way of a speaking engagement in Richmond, VA in the fall of 2015.  I checked the map, and … Continue reading

James Crumley (c1711–1764), Slave-Owning Quaker Moonshiner, 52 Ancestors #88

In the Beginning… We don’t know where James Crumley was born, but he was born in or before 1711.  Some early accounts tell us that James was born in County Monaghan, Ireland and some say Yorkshire, England, but to date, … Continue reading

Phebe Crumley (1818-1900), True Grit, 52 Ancestors #74

Phebe Crumley was born on March 24, 1818, according to her tombstone, to William Crumley and his wife, Lydia Brown. Ok, her mother is probably Lydia Brown.  And there is no solid proof her father was William, except geography and oral … Continue reading

ThruLines Suggests Potential Ancestors – How Accurate Are They?

I wanted to evaluate the accuracy of Ancestry’s ThruLines suggested Potential Ancestors when compared with a tree I know is accurate. I conducted an experiment where I created a small tree on Ancestry for a DNA tester that included only … Continue reading