Autosomal DNA Matching Confidence Spectrum

Are you confused about DNA matches and what they mean…different kinds of matches…from different vendors and combined results between vendors.  Do you feel like lions and tigers and bears…oh my?  You’re not alone. As the vendors add more tools, I’ve … Continue reading

DNA: In Search of…What Do You Mean I’m Not Related to My Family? – and What Comes Next?

Welcome to the second in our series of articles about how to search for unknown family members. I introduced the series in the article, DNA: In Search of…New Series Launches. This article addresses the question of “How did this happen?” … Continue reading

Unexpected Discoveries Through DNA Testing

Ying and yang. I love genetic genealogy, but there is a risk, or allure, depending on your perspective, of unexpected discoveries. I’m definitely an “allure” person, not a risk avoider, but not everyone feels the same way. Everyone who takes … Continue reading

The Secrets Hidden in Mother’s Lifetime Social Security Earnings Report – 52 Ancestors #392

Back in September 2022, I ordered a Social Security lifetime earnings record for my mother by filing form SSA-7050, available here. In addition to wages, it also lists employers which would tell me where she was working. This form is … Continue reading