Autosomal DNA Matching Confidence Spectrum

Are you confused about DNA matches and what they mean…different kinds of matches…from different vendors and combined results between vendors.  Do you feel like lions and tigers and bears…oh my?  You’re not alone. As the vendors add more tools, I’ve … Continue reading

Finding Ilo’s Son, Lee Devine – 52 Ancestors #3

Well, this certainly wasn’t at all what I intended to write about for week #3 of 52 Ancestors, but we’ll let synchronicity have a run here and go with the flow. This amazing mystery has turned from a search for the nameless son … Continue reading

Unexpected Discoveries Through DNA Testing

Ying and yang. I love genetic genealogy, but there is a risk, or allure, depending on your perspective, of unexpected discoveries. I’m definitely an “allure” person, not a risk avoider, but not everyone feels the same way. Everyone who takes … Continue reading

William Sterling Estes’ Court Martial and Escape; 3 Wives and 4 Aliases – 52 Ancestors #217

Oh yea, this cliff-hanger installment in the mystery series better known as “Dad’s Better-Than-Any-Soap-Opera Life” is a doosey! I’ve been trying for years to piece my father’s life together, and slowly, the puzzle pieces fall into the place. However, it … Continue reading

Eleven “Soldier Boy” Love Letters from the Lost Summer of 1919 – 52 Ancestors #205

By June of 1919, my father, William Sterling Estes had already served more than two full years in the military. Born in either 1901 or 1902, he enlisted in May 1917 when he was either 14 or 15 years young. … Continue reading

Dear Dave: I Found Your Father – 52 Ancestors #184

My Dearest Brother Dave, It’s been 6 years last week that you left, departed this side, leaving your broken earthly vessel behind. Six very long years. I thought the sun would never shine again, but somehow you arranged a gloriously … Continue reading