John Whitney Ferverda: Morse Code, Telegraphs and Trains – 52 Ancestors #213

My Grandfather, John Whitney Ferverda (1882-1962) worked for the railroad for several years. In fact, it was the railroad that was responsible for John meeting my grandmother, Edith Barbara Lore. Born in 1882 and trained as a teacher, John Ferverda … Continue reading

John Whitney Ferverda (1882-1962) in the 1966 Yearbook? – 52 Ancestors #206

When MyHeritage first began autosomal DNA testing, I transferred my autosomal DNA test to MyHeritage (for free) and purchased a records subscription with little hope that a company out of Israel would have the focus or records to provide anything … Continue reading

John Whitney Ferverda (1882-1962) and the Body in the Garage – 52 Ancestors #6

My grandfather’s name was John Whitney Ferverda.  I’ve always wondered about that middle name, with no idea where it came from.  It does not appear to be a family name. He was born on December 26, 1882 in Plain Township, … Continue reading

Evaline Louise Miller Ferverda’s Will, Estate and Legacy – 52 Ancestors #243

Evaline Louise Miller was my great-grandmother who married Hiram Bauke Ferverda. This charcoal drawing of Evaline was sent to me electronically some years ago by a generous cousin and was restored by a talented friend. Eva, as she was called … Continue reading

Hiram Ferverda, Part 3: Banker, Marshall and Yes, Still Brethren – 52 Ancestors #241

Hiram was born in the Netherlands in 1854. His first article, Hiram Bauke Ferverda (1854-1925), Part 1: Baker’s Apprentice chronicled his life in the Netherlands. In 1868, at age 13, Bauke immigrated to the US with his family. His life … Continue reading

Hiram Bauke Ferverda (1854-1925), Part 2: American Farmer– 52 Ancestors #240

My introduction to the Ferverda genealogy came in the form of a small blue booklet that my mother obtained at a family reunion. How I desperately wish I had attended that reunion, but I was preoccupied in the summer of … Continue reading

Hendrik Ferverda (1857-1898) and the Secret That Killed Him, 52 Ancestors #225

Sometimes, when you’re researching your family, you discover something that just doesn’t seem right. Just doesn’t make sense. Over time, things begin to feel odd. Pieces that don’t fit. Or pieces that are missing…that shouldn’t be missing That’s what happened … Continue reading

Edith Barbara Lore Ferverda and the Indiana Constitutional Election of 1921 – 52 Ancestors #223

My grandmother, Edith Barbara Lore was born on August 2, 1888 and died on January 4, 1960. Today, I’m celebrating what I feel is a landmark aspect of her life on this, the 59th anniversary of her passing over. Life … Continue reading

Barbara Jean Ferverda “Bouché”: The Dancing Years – 52 Ancestors #220

I’d like to introduce you to my mother. Long before she was a great-grandmother, she was a grandmother and before that a mother and before that, a beautiful young woman with aspirations. She was beautiful, both in body and soul, … Continue reading