Glossary – Terminal SNP

What is a Terminal SNP? It sounds fatal doesn’t it, but don’t worry, it’s not. The phrase Terminal SNP is generally used in conjunction with discussing Y DNA testing and haplogroup identification. SNPs Define Haplogroups In a nutshell, SNPs, single … Continue reading

Glossary – DNA – Deoxyribonucleic Acid

What is DNA and why do I care? Good questions. Let’s take a look at the answer in general, then why we use DNA for genealogy. The Recipe for You DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, is the book of life for all organisms. In essence, it’s … Continue reading

Acadian Refugee Households at Camp d’Esperance 1756-1761 – 52 Ancestors #338

Anyone with Acadian ancestors knows that the Acadian families were forcibly deported from Nova Scotia beginning in 1755 by the English military in retaliation for refusing to sign a loyalty oath to the British king. This event was known as … Continue reading

Haplogroup Matching: What It Does (and Doesn’t) Mean

“Our haplogroups (sort of) match, so that means we’re related, right?” Well, maybe. It depends. Great Question This is an oft-asked great question. Of course, the answer varies depending on the context of the question and what is meant by … Continue reading

Y DNA Resources and Repository

I’ve created a Y DNA resource page with the information in this article, here, as a permanent location where you can find Y DNA information in one place – including: Step-by-step guides about how to utilize Y DNA for your … Continue reading

Y DNA Resources

Welcome to the Y DNA resource page where you’ll find everything you need to know, in one place – including: Step-by-step guides about how to utilize Y DNA for your genealogy Educational articles and links to the latest webinars Articles … Continue reading

Deleting DNA Results or Closing Your Account Does NOT Automatically = Destroying Your Original DNA Sample

First and foremost, I want to state unequivocally that I am NOT advocating closing your account at any of the testing vendor sites. That’s not the purpose of this article. In fact, I encourage everyone to use each tool to … Continue reading

Why Different Haplogroup Results?

“Why do vendors give me different haplogroups?” This questions often comes up when people test with different vendors and receive different haplogroup results for both Y and mitochondrial DNA. If you need a quick refresher on who carries which types … Continue reading

Family Tree DNA Names 100,000 New Y DNA SNPs

Recently, Family Tree DNA named 100,000 new SNPs on the Y DNA haplotree, bringing their total to over 153,000. Given that Family Tree DNA does the majority of the Y DNA NGS “full sequence” testing in the industry with their … Continue reading