Edith Lore Blossoms: Floods, Typhoid, The “Beauty Bunch,” a Scholarship…Plus a Plot Twist – 52 Ancestors #327

The newspapers of the early 1900s often reported on the social lives of their local residents. Thank goodness, for researchers today, that they did. There’s so much to glean about these family members – sometimes by what IS said, and … Continue reading

Edith Barbara Lore Ferverda and the Indiana Constitutional Election of 1921 – 52 Ancestors #223

My grandmother, Edith Barbara Lore was born on August 2, 1888 and died on January 4, 1960. Today, I’m celebrating what I feel is a landmark aspect of her life on this, the 59th anniversary of her passing over. Life … Continue reading

Edith Barbara Lore Ferverda (1888-1960) and the Road to Hell – 52 Ancestors #10

Edith was my grandmother, my mother’s mother. I knew her as a buxom, heavy-set woman who always wore dresses, usually dark, that buttoned up the front, an apron, and black lace-up shoes.  With her grey hair, she was the consummate … Continue reading

Curt Lore: Knock, Knock, Knocking at the Door – 52 Ancestors #328

1908 ended in Rushville, Indiana with Edith Lore marrying John Ferverda in November, “quietly,” the same day as they obtained their license, in the home of the Presbyterian minister. For socialites, Nora Kirsch Lore and Curt Lore, this turn of … Continue reading

Curt Lore “Shoots Wells” With Nitroglycerine and Dynamite – 52 Ancestors #325

In the article, Outside the Pale: The Lore Family’s “Remarkable” Life Revealed Through the Newspaper, we discovered details about the life of Curt Lore, known as C. B. Lore, in Rushville, Indiana. One article stated that he lived in Greenburg, … Continue reading

Outside the Pale: The Lore Family’s “Remarkable” Life Revealed Through the Newspaper – 52 Ancestors #324

Recently, I renewed a previously lapsed subscription to Newspapers.com (get 7 days free, here) in order to search for one particular event surrounding one specific ancestor. But then, as things do with genealogy, one thing led to another, and another, … Continue reading

Anthony Lore (1805-1862/1867), River Trader or Pirate?, 52 Ancestors #114

Anthony Lore, or more accurately Antoine Lore, who was actually baptized Antoine Lord was one of the toughest genealogical nuts I’ve ever had to crack. Of course, it didn’t help any that he also moved from one country to another, … Continue reading