Isabel (circa 1753 – 1840/1850), Wife of Michael McDowell – 52 Ancestors #278

We’ve gathered quite a bit of information about Michael McDowell, here, here and here, but not so about his wife, Isabel. It appears that Isabel lived to be at least 87 years old and possibly as old as 97 years. … Continue reading

Down Under: Christchurch, New Zealand – 52 Ancestors #277

This is the third article of a multi-part series about my trip to Australia and New Zealand. You can read about Australia, here, and Tasmania, here. My Phone Becomes My Camera I’ve received numerous questions about what camera I’m using. … Continue reading

Sarah Rash (1748-1829), Church Founder and Grandmother of Nearly 100 – 52 Ancestors #276

While we have very few records about Sarah, directly, during her lifetime, we do know a substantial amount due to the Shepherd Bible that begins with her birth. Sarah’s Birth The Bible says that Sarah Shepherd, formerly Sarah Rash, daughter … Continue reading

OMG, Mary Tan Hai is Found – 52 Ancestors #275

Late last night, the son of my mother’s dance partner, Mary Tan Hai, reached out to me after googling his mother’s name during the time she danced in Chicago and found my 52 ancestors article about Mary and mother dancing … Continue reading

Dear Dave: You’re Featured in a Book – 52 Ancestors #274

My Dearest Brother, Dave. You’re either famous or infamous, or both. That’s not news to you though! You’d be pleased about both, or either. Yep, Libby Copeland tells our story today, including the secret you never knew, in an article … Continue reading

Robert Shepherd (1739-1817), Died of the Stone and Gravel – 52 Ancestors #271

I’m incredibly indebted to a cousin, David Stielow, with whom I corresponded in 1991 about the Shepherd family. David proudly signed his correspondence with “6 great-grandson of Robert and Sarah (Rash) Shepherd.” Unfortunately, I lost touch with David decades ago. … Continue reading

The Shocking Divorce of Jane Campbell Freeman: Did She Do It and Was the Devil Involved? – 52 Ancestors #270

Jane Campbell Freeman wasn’t my ancestor, but she was my ancestor’s sister. I might not have paid much attention to Jane were it not for the legislative case and associated scandal that like a whirlpool engulfed her life. Jane was, … Continue reading