Mary Lytle Hickerson (c1720/5 – 1793/4), Died at Mulberry Fields – 52 Ancestors #266

We don’t know who Mary’s parents are, but Mary Lytle’s surname comes from two sources. First, an 1877 letter written from her unnamed granddaughter in Texas to a relative in Wilkes County provides us with this information: Nacogdoches, Texas. May … Continue reading

Michael McDowell (c1747-1840): Elusive Death Record – 52 Ancestors #267

While an ancestor’s death record might not seem like much to write about – Michael’s is – at least to this descendant. We’ve looked for informatoin about his death for what seems like forever. Michael was a Revolutionary War pensioner, … Continue reading

The Farewell Tour – 52 Ancestors #264

Sometimes, you just need to say goodbye. Call it closure, resolution, moving on, or what have you. Some things just need to be done. This door closed, ever so gently, but not before wandering around one last time. Smiles, tears, … Continue reading

Charles Hickerson (c1724 – 1790/1793) High Drama on the Frontier – 52 Ancestors #263

We first find Charles Hickerson in Surry County, North Carolina on January 11, 1771 when he witnesses a will by Lydia Stewart. Charles isn’t on the 1771 tax list, but he is there by 1772. He was not a young … Continue reading

Sarah Hickerson (1752-1760 – before 1820), Silent Member of a Feuding Family – 52 Ancestors #262

Sarah Hickerson was nearly invisible, and she would have been lost forever to history were it not for her marriage to Daniel Vannoy on October 2, 1779 in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Why didn’t Sarah Hickerson’s father, Charles Hickerson, or … Continue reading

Daniel Vannoy (1752 – after 1794) Embattled, then Disappeared – 52 Ancestors #261

Daniel Vannoy is the father of Elijah Vannoy who was born about 1784. This seems like such a simple statement, but believe me, identifying Elijah’s father was anything BUT simple. In fact, without DNA testing, we would never have been … Continue reading