July 20, 1969; The Eagle has Landed – 52 Ancestors #247

“It was the third of June another sleepy dusty delta day I was out choppin’ cotton and my brother was bailing hay” Bobby Gentry’s song speaks to the mundane. The routine, the heat and bored-out-of-my-mindness of late summer. It wasn’t … Continue reading

The Reverend William Moore (c 1750-1826), Twice Dissenting Minister – 52 Ancestors #245

William and James are both common names, as is Moore. Saying this family has been difficult to research is an understatement. I’ve made multiple trips back to Halifax County, Virginia over a period of 3 decades – each one unearthing … Continue reading

County Formation Petitions Resolve Long-Standing Mystery: Which William Crumley Got Married? – 52 Ancestors #244

Recently, I became aware of petitions in the Tennessee State Library and Archives (TSLA), by county, when reading this article by Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist. If you have ancestors in Tennessee, check this resource. Between 1840 and 1850, several … Continue reading

Evaline Louise Miller Ferverda’s Will, Estate and Legacy – 52 Ancestors #243

Evaline Louise Miller was my great-grandmother who married Hiram Bauke Ferverda. This charcoal drawing of Evaline was sent to me electronically some years ago by a generous cousin and was restored by a talented friend. Eva, as she was called … Continue reading

Hiram Ferverda, Part 3: Banker, Marshall and Yes, Still Brethren – 52 Ancestors #241

Hiram was born in the Netherlands in 1854. His first article, Hiram Bauke Ferverda (1854-1925), Part 1: Baker’s Apprentice chronicled his life in the Netherlands. In 1868, at age 13, Bauke immigrated to the US with his family. His life … Continue reading

Hiram Bauke Ferverda (1854-1925), Part 2: American Farmer– 52 Ancestors #240

My introduction to the Ferverda genealogy came in the form of a small blue booklet that my mother obtained at a family reunion. How I desperately wish I had attended that reunion, but I was preoccupied in the summer of … Continue reading

Robert Vernon Estes (1931-1951): MIA, POW, Military Records – 52 Ancestors #239

When I first discovered that my father’s nephew, Robert Vernon Estes, was a prisoner of war in North Korea and died, probably of starvation, in their hands during his captivity, I was determined to discover as much as possible about … Continue reading