Black Friday Sales and Giving Tuesday – Autosomal Test for $39!

Black Friday sales abound so I’m only covering the ones that affect genetic genealogy directly.

I never thought I’d see an autosomal test for $39 – but here it is at Family Tree DNA!

Family Tree DNA

The Family Finder test at Family Tree DNA is $39, the lowest price for an autosomal test that has ever been offered. Plus, you get an additional $5 off if you purchase a bundle (with Y or mitochondrial), bringing the cost down even further to an amazing $34!

At this price, buy several so that you can take them along when you visit people, to reunions, or during the holidays. At this price, you can’t afford NOT to test everyone.

You can also upload your results to MyHeritage, GedMatch and LivingDNA.

To purchase, click here. Offer ends Nov. 26th.


The DNA test at MyHeritage is $49 and the shipping is also free if you use the code FREE18 at checkout.

You can also upload your results to Family Tree DNA, GedMatch and LivingDNA.

To purchase, click here.

Legacy Tree Genealogists

Legacy Tree Genealogists is genealogical research firm that combines traditional research with genetic genealogy. I’ve been very pleased with their research reports.

From Nov. 21-28, they are offering $150 off a standard 40 hour research report.

To inquire and receive a quote, click here.

Ancestry and 23andMe

Both are having sales as well for $49. Ancestry has the largest data base, but be sure to actually READ the terms and conditions, because both Ancestry and 23andMe will sell your DNA if you authorize research consent. This may or may not be right for you, so be sure to read the terms completely first.

Neither Family Tree DNA nor MyHeritage sell your DNA.

My Giving Tuesday Choice: DNAAdoption

Giving Tuesday is a day set aside for donating to charity.

The genetic genealogy organization that I’m supporting this year is DNAAdoption, an organization made up entirely of volunteers. is a 501c3 charity whose focus is genetic education for all, not just adoptees, and the reunification of families.

Aside from their generous educational programs, the aspect of DNAAdoption that I admire is the respectfulness and consideration extended to both the adoptee or person seeking their family and the biological parents. This journey is never easy and DNAAdoption fills a void with compassion and professionalism.

DNAAdoption’s only sources of revenue are donations, their minimal charges for classes and affiliate links with companies listed at the bottom of their webpage.

Please click on the link below to donate. Facebook and Paypal are both matching Giving Tuesday donations, so your donation goes three times as far!

I’ve donated. You can too by clicking here!


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  1. FTDNA asked me when purchasing a kit whether the kit was for male of female. Does this mean that the kits I purchase must be used that way?

  2. I just received an offer from GPS that allows transfer of FTDNA raw data. What are your thoughts on using GPS?

    BTW, Happy belated Thanksgiving. I am personally thankful for your Blog and knowledge that your share to your followers. Donna

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