Big Y-500 Flash Sale

Beginning today, Big Y prices at Family Tree DNA will be reduced FURTHER to the following levels:

  • Big Y-500 with no prior Y STR tests: $449 – this test includes all 500 STR markers plus the Big Y itself.

This is an amazing price given that the 111 panel itself is normally $359 alone. For just $90 more, you get the full 500 STR markers, including those 111, and the Big Y. This provides you with matches on 111 STR markers, your most refined haplogroup, and Big Y matching as well. Pricing has never been better.

Upgrades to Big Y-500:

  • Y12: $449 – normally $629 – save $180
  • Y25: $449 – normally $599 – save $150
  • Y37: $429 – normally $569 – save $140
  • Y67: $379 – normally $499 – save $130
  • Y111: $329 – normally $449 – save $130

Updated Testing Strategy 

Initially, I was testing only one man per family line, but I’ve revised that practice now because we’ve discovered new SNPs in different lines of the same family within a genealogical timeframe. This is exciting news, because it allows us to combine STRs and SNPs to define and sort family lines.

This is particularly useful when the tester knows they descend from a specific surname line, but has no idea how. The Big Y can solve that mystery when other methods don’t. I have two ancestral lines that have line-defining SNPs where STRs failed to make the division. I hope you have some of the same success – and the price sure is right.

My new strategy is to test minimally two men who descend from different sons of the oldest known ancestor of the line. In some family lines, several men have taken the Big Y, and downstream branches have been discovered. SNP mutations are much more common than we once believed.

These are great prices but the sale ends August 31st, so you only have 2 days!  Click here to purchase or upgrade.


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9 thoughts on “Big Y-500 Flash Sale

  1. Potential buyers should be advised that BIG Y test results may take longer than other test procedures. FTDNA is committed to producing accurate results to this cutting edge technology, even if it means extended delivery dates to the consumer. I purchased my upgrade from Y-111 to BIG Y on May 1, 2018, and I’m patiently anticipating my results. In my case, I’m happy to give good science the time it needs to produce precise data.

  2. Roberta, a question… I have no Y111 matches. Therefore, I’m assuming I would also have no matches for the full 500 STR markers test, and AT THIS TIME an upgrade would be useless. Maybe later after I get some Y111 matches. Is this reasoning correct. Thanks!

    • Tom, I am blessed that male Y-DNA testing helped me solve a non parental event in my direct paternal line. My 2nd great-grandmother gave birth to an illegitimate child and refused to identify the father on the birth records. The baby boy was given her maiden name as his surname. Fortunately, my biological surname is associated with some historical figures, so a lot of men have participated. I have Y111 matches with a genetic distance of 4. In contrast, my maternal uncle took the male Y-111 test, and has not yet gotten a match over 25 markers, nor have any of his matches had his surname. It’s all about participation. Until my uncle gets some useful matches at 37 markers or higher, I’m also waiting to upgrade him to the BIG-Y.

  3. Roberta,
    I am administering and have tested my grandmother’s paternal Currey/Curry line through a cousin once removed. At 67 markers he has 24 matches with genetic distances of 5,6 and/or 7. Several of the matches have higher testings and terminal snps of A6535, A7174, Z156, U106 and A10312.
    Are there any SNPs you could recommend testing for that would narrow down our Scotch/Irish “revolutionary war” PA ancestry, as I cannot afford the Big Y. Thank you for your consideration.

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