Family Tree DNA – Summer Sale and Project Changes (Thank Goodness)

In late breaking news, this morning two things happened at Family Tree DNA:

  • The Summer Sale has started with great prices
  • The project defaults are now “Limited Access” when new people join projects

Group Project Changes

I am jumping for joy!!!

Thank you Family Tree DNA for listening to your customers and project administrators!

The project restrictions imposed due to GDPR privacy concerns were strangling administrators’ ability to work with project members and their results. Post-GDPR, when people joined projects, the administrators couldn’t even see who new members matched or their trees, making grouping impossible. I understand the concept behind this restriction, but it also made it impossible, from a project administrator’s position, to work with members.

Furthermore, new administrators will now be granted Limited Access to group participants information as well.

There are still post-GDPR challenges that remain, but for now, this is a HUGE step forward.

The Summer Sale

Everything is on sale – literally everything. New purchases and upgrades too.

Product bundles, already discounted, are now discounted even further during the sale.

The sale ends on August 31st. Now is a great time to buy those kits for your relatives and take them along to family reunions.

Click here to order now!


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23 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA – Summer Sale and Project Changes (Thank Goodness)

  1. Wow!  This is terrific news all around, Roberta!

    Marie Rundquist, Author Order Revisiting Anne Marie and Cajun By Any Other Name ( Travel by Ancestry Blog ( Experience the History of Acadians in Maryland ( Find out more about DNA testing and latest research (

  2. What would one gain from upgrading from the Y-37 to the 67? I am not sure what I truly learned about my brother from the Y-37. It was hard for me to understand. He is a half brother and I am trying to help him and my niece and nephews learn more about his biological father and his father’s father, etc.

  3. The upgrade to Y111 plus Big-Y500 is totaling $488.00, not the $349.00 shown here! FTDNA having issues again when they put a sale out or is your price incorrect here? This is with a Y37 kit.

      • Answer from FTDNA: “Hello Earl,
        Thank you for your email! I apologize for the confusion. Since you have tested up to the Y-DNA67, the upgrade price to the Big Y-500 is $399. If you had already done the Y-DNA111, the upgrade would cost $349. The Big Y-500 product includes the Y-DNA111 upgrade, so there is no need to add both the Big Y-500 and Y-DNA111 to your shopping cart. By adding the Big Y-500 to your cart for $399, you will also receive the Y-DNA111 upgrade.
        Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day!
        Best Regards,
        Meagan M.
        Information Specialist
        Family Tree DNA”

    • The Big Y upgrade includes the 37 to 111, so if you’ve added the upgrade to the cart separately, it would total to that much. Remove the 37 upgrade from the cart.

  4. I’m surprised they don’t have a sale price for Y-67, which is showing the regular cost of $268 on their website. However, Y-37 (sale price of $129) and then an upgrade from Y-37 to Y-67 ($69) is $70 less (total $198 vs. $268). I’ve been asked by a Project member about Y-67, so I’ll advise him to try a 2-step order, but that is unnecessarily awkward (and I’m not sure if it will be possible). Could someone from FTDNA comment on this? It would be great if a simple sale price of $198 could instead be shown for Y-67. Thanks.

    • If you upgrade to Big-Y500, no need to select any of the Y marker tests. Y-111 automatically comes with the upgrade Big-Y500 selection. That is if you have a previous Y marker test. Here is what FTDNA has posted in the GAP accounts, “Please note that it is not necessary to add an upgrade to Y-111 with the Big Y-500. Adding the Big Y-500 will automatically include the upgrade from whatever STR level you have tested even though you won’t see it as a separate
      product in the shopping cart. “

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