You’re Invited to a Virtual DNA Conference

Great News! If you’ve ever wanted to attend a DNA Conference at your convenience and in your jammies – your wish has been granted.

Please join me, Shannon Combs-Bennett, Blaine Bettinger and Diahan Southard for a 4-day Virtual DNA Conference June 21-24th through Family Tree University.

The pre-recorded workshops are available anytime during the conference dates, and for a year afterwards for registrants, but I’m giving the keynote, What’s New and News live at 4:30 EST on Saturday, June 23rd. The keynote will be recorded and available afterwards for those enrolled in the conference, but you’ll miss the opportunity for live Q&A.

The 4-Day Virtual DNA Conference includes:

  • Live keynote and Q&A with Roberta Estes (30 minutes)
  • Phasing with Roberta Estes (30 minute video presentation)
  • Triangulation Tools with Roberta Estes (30 minute video presentation)
  • Deep DNA Analysis Tools with Shannon Combs-Bennett (60 minute recorded webinar)
  • DNA Solutions to Real Life Research Problems with Blaine Bettinger (30 minute presentation)
  • DNA Mismatch: Conflicts in Your Family Tree with Blaine Bettinger (30 minute presentation)
  • Plus, 4 PDF research guides by expert DNA consultant, Diahan Southard.
  • Discussion boards and more!

If possible, I would suggest that you listen to my two sessions on Phasing and Triangulation before the keynote, as it may make some parts of the keynote easier to understand if you’re already familiar with those concepts.

Here’s how the online courses work. The great news about online courses is that you can start and finish them anytime – based on your schedule. You can also listen, again, if you need to. And, there are no travel expenses or hassles!

Here’s the link to read more about the Virtual DNA Conference and sign up!

I hope you can join us. Looking forward to “seeing you” there!!!

23 thoughts on “You’re Invited to a Virtual DNA Conference

  1. I have qualesyions about my X chromosome.
    On my mom results it’s mostly German French. But on my result it’s Italian. How can it be if I inherited it from her?

  2. I admit it – Never knew a thing about Family Tree University! I have some reading to do, Lucy! LOL. I have no idea who they are, so I am confused. I was with ‘Family Tree’ which later became Family Tree software for Mac didn’t work well, but now Reunion (Mac) is somewhat defunct. This Family Tree University seems to have some great classes, but is this a separate organization on it’s own, or a spin off of something elser? I’m getting confused reading the info. It is wonderful that you teach, lecture, help, maintain projects and support so many things!

    • Reunion for Mac not only is not defunct, but is alive and well, and is a very good program for genealogy. You can import and export GEDCOM files to/from Ancestry with it. You can use it to search Ancestry (with a subscription). I don’t know if its features are, or ever have been, equivalent to how Family Tree software worked to link up with Ancestry. I haven’t tried any of the capabilities above, even when I had a subscription with Ancestry, so can’t comment on how well they work.

  3. Hi Roberta,

    I was told to reach out to you. My brother’s and I are in the process of filming a documentary about our possible Melungeon ancestry. We are telling our family story, but we want to interview people who are well versed in Genealogy and DNA analysis. We were wondering if you would be interested in being interviewed for our documentary or if you know of anyone who would be a great interview subject. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  4. I purchased the conference, but don’t see your sessions on Phasing or Triangulation. I saw the others (and already downloaded them), but not those 2. Thanks

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