Great News – It’s Time for the Mother’s Day DNA Sale

Nothing lifts the spirits after a long, and I do mean LONG, cold winter like springtime and along with flowers and warm sunshine, a Mother’s Day Sale.

Have you tested your Mom’s DNA yet? How about your father’s Mom? Did you know you can test your father’s mother (if she can’t test) through your father?

Matrilineal Line – Mitochondrial

Women give their mitochondrial DNA to all of their children, but only female children pass it on!

In the pedigree chart below, you can see that the daughter’s mitochondrial DNA is inherited from her mother, on up the pink line. A son would inherit his mitochondrial DNA from his mother just like the daughter.

The father received his mitochondrial DNA (heart) from his magenta mother, on up that line. Follow the heart color for the mitochondrial lineage.

You and your Mom share the same mitochondrial DNA (except for an occasional mutation,) so if you’ve already tested yourself or a maternal sibling for mitochondrial, you don’t need to test Mom too.

Autosomal DNA – Finding Cousins

However, that’s not the case for autosomal DNA. Testing both or even just one of your parents makes a world of difference in your own test results, especially at Family Tree DNA where your matches are “bucketed” into maternal and paternal match lists, when possible.

See my 644 maternal matches automatically bucketed below? Those are possible because my mother has tested her autosomal too. Not only that, but if my mother wasn’t available, I could still receive maternally bucketed matches by testing other relatives as distant as third cousins on my mother’s side and linking their test results on my tree.

Everyone Loves Sale Prices!

With the Mother’s Day Sale, it’s a great time to purchase a DNA test for Mom, grandma, aunts or other relatives in to learn more about maternal DNA and genealogy. I often purchase DNA kits for family members to learn about specific ancestors – and this would be a great time to do just that for one of your female lines.

At Family Tree DNA, the mitochondrial full sequence test is on sale for just $149, and the Family Finder autosomal test is just $59, or you can purchase the two together and save another $9 for the bundled price of $199.

To order a new test for someone, just click here!

Order now and you can have a swab party on Mother’s Day, May 13th. That would certainly be unique.

Want to Upgrade?

Have you already purchased the lower level HVR1/HVR2 mitochondrial DNA test and would like to upgrade and expand your DNA horizons? That’s wonderful, because upgrades aren’t often on sale, and right now the upgrade to full sequence is just $99, no matter which lower level you’ve already taken!

To upgrade, you’ll need to click here to sign in to your account and click on the blue “upgrade” button.


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4 thoughts on “Great News – It’s Time for the Mother’s Day DNA Sale

  1. I had my mother tested at FTDNA in February, the mtDNA results came in before the family finder. She had no “Distance 0” matches and got confused and sort of turned off by the whole process because it didn’t lead to any real information that can be immediately understood. The family finder she could relate to, but because it came in second and the mtDNA delayed the Family Finder (we sent our samples in on the same day) she basically has tuned out trying to understand anything that has to do with DNA, though she’s still very much interested in any newspaper clippings etc. that I find. I would caution against getting your relatives involved with mtDNA to start. If it’s your own mother just test her autosomal and do your own mtDNA to start, or keep her away from the website.

  2. Dear Roberta Estes,

    Thank you for your DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy. It is a big help for me. I am recently retired and have turned my attention to saving and expanding my parents genealogy work. They amassed a lot of information in the 1980’s & 90’s by the methods used back then. My Father passed away 9 years ago and my Mother is 88 years old and lives with me. My Mother has collected all of her genealogy information, records, and notes and is organizing it for me. I want to now use the current state of the art software tools to build a solid foundation for documenting my Mothers current information and be in the best shape for expanding it. Reading your reviews on the DNA testing providers I have selected Family Tree DNA to do DNA testing. I ordered the full sequence MTDNA and Family Finder for my Mother. The full sequence results were posted yesterday and I am still waiting on the Family Finder results. I have also ordered the Big Y DNA test for me. I have also joined as a full service member. If you have time my question is can you guide me or recommend a standard set of software tools so that I can make a kind of computer workbench of the best of what is currently available? I am very good with computers and all software’s including databases, spreadsheets, cloud services. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Tim Grant Greenville SC

    On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 12:11 PM, DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy wrote:

    > Roberta Estes posted: “Nothing lifts the spirits after a long, and I do > mean LONG, cold winter like springtime and along with flowers and warm > sunshine, a Mother’s Day Sale. Have you tested your Mom’s DNA yet? How > about your father’s Mom? Did you know you can test your fathe” >

    • Unfortunately, there is no one workbench. I use a spreadsheet, combining people from all companies that provide cM values. Also, DNAPainter to paint known segments. I love this. I use the various companies independently because they each have tools the other doesn’t. I use 23andMe the least. Some people like GenomeMatePro, but I don’t. The setup is onerous. I do utilize various third party tools too like In other words, I’ve cobbled together my own toolbench. I keep a lot of notes regarding all kinds of DNA in my regular genealogy software which is RootsMagic.

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