Best DNA Day Sale Prices

DNA Day, April 25th, isn’t a national holiday, at least I don’t think it is – but in the genetic genealogy community, DNA Day is anticipated with as much fervor as the holiday sales.

For weeks now, people on social media have been commenting that they are waiting for DNA Day Sales.

Wait no more – the sales are here…and we have a “lowest price” winner!!!

The lowest price for an autosomal DNA test is…..drum roll….

Family Tree DNA’s Family Finder test is $49 through April 28th

Wow, just wow.

If you can’t wait one more minute to order your $49 Family Finder test, just click here.

Other companies are having sales too:

  • MyHeritage who is doing a lot of testing in Europe is $69 through the 25th – click here to order
  • Ancestry is $59 through the 29th
  • 23andMe is 30% off through the 25th

That’s Not All

In addition to the Family Finder test, Family Tree DNA is offering lots of other products on sale as well for up to 40% off.

Not sure who can test for what? The short article, 4 Kinds of DNA for Genetic Genealogy explains.

If you’re wondering about the new “Y 500,” it’s a FREE UPGRADE that was released just yesterday for everyone that has purchased a Big Y test. This is pretty amazing for a company that doesn’t charge you a subscription, for anything. Purchased Y DNA tests provide customers with up to 111 markers, but the Y 500 guarantees you an additional 389 STR values that you will be able to compare with other testers soon. Way to go Family Tree DNA!

Stay tuned. I’ll be covering the new Y 500 in an article in just a couple days!


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18 thoughts on “Best DNA Day Sale Prices

  1. OK, I’m confused . . . I thought Y500 was a free bonus ONLY for new purchasers but your statement sort of suggests otherwise. Is it also a free upgrade for those who have already purchased Y111 and BigY sometime in the past and therefore have their results?

      • If you have Big Y and Y-111, you’ll have automatically gotten the additional STRs that make it Big Y-500. If you have an STR test but not Big Y, your Big Y purchase will include the STR upgrade that takes you to Y-111, and will give you the STRs now called in Big Y. If you are are a new Y-DNA customer, you can buy Big Y-500 that includes the product previously known as Big Y, plus the Y-111 STR test.

  2. Looking forward to your post on the Y 500. I haven’t gotten many matches on my one individual who has a y67 test done so it would seem like adding more marker checks wouldn’t improve things

  3. Will there be better offers near mother & fathers day? Want to update husband’s family finder to add full spectrum MtDna & Y37

  4. Have the Y tests been cheaper before? I have no other options left other than to have a male cousin tested. He is not a bit interested. I will be taking a chance sending him a kit that could very well end up on the kitchen counter until he throws it away. I would like to do the 67 marker but if it ends up in the garbage I’d rather loose less money. I thought I might go with the Y 37 and upgrade after he sends it in. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

  5. Dear, Roberta. Today My BigY500 results are already in. I get surprise when i see my Y DNA STR’s from 111 STR’s to 560 STR’s. My question is how to used my Y DNA 500 STR’s results? I don’t understand……..

  6. I’m trying to see if I can find some family on my father,s side .Ive had 2 D.N.A kits but seem to be only getting feed back on my mothers side .My bothers have all past away .
    hoping you can help Regards Pearl

  7. FTDNA was ill prepared for this sale. It’s a retail sin to leave customers stranded in long lines at the register with cash in hand. This leads to disgruntled customers abandoning their full shopping carts and leaving the store angry. I followed the specific steps for the upgrade glitch, which was followed by another email telling me to complete a 2nd upgrade glitch process. No coupon, no adjusted invoice to reflect $349.00 upgrade sale price. Shame on FTDNA for not paging back up cashiers.

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