Daily DNA Matches and Last Week for Coupon Savings

Did you receive a gift card for the holidays?

If so, you can use that gift card just like a credit card to order a DNA kit.

DNA testing is, after all, the gift that just continues to give almost every single day.

That’s how often I receive matches from one of my tests or another.

Just for fun, I signed in to my accounts at the 4 vendors who do DNA matching to see how many matches I’ve received in the past week or so from the different vendors.

Since I’m female and don’t have a Y chromosome, I used a male cousin for that category.

Vendor Test Type Matches since 12-17-2017
Family Tree DNA Mitochondrial mtFull 1 (relatively rare haplogroup)
Family Tree DNA Y DNA 37 1 (same surname – YAY!!!)
Family Tree DNA Family Finder (Autosomal) 23 (4 with trees, 5 surname hints, 13 grouped to either maternal or paternal side)
Ancestry Autosomal 44 (no tree hints, 10 with trees, although 4 of those trees are 5 or less people)
23andMe Autosomal Can’t see match date
MyHeritage Autosomal Can’t sort by date, 31 of 277 total listed as “new”

Of course, it’s not the number of people who match you that’s important, but if the person you specifically need has tested with the vendor you select. Y and mtDNA aren’t judged by the number of matches, but the quality and closeness of those matches, since both tests reflect only one line of your genealogy.  You can read more about those tests here.

Family Tree DNA is the only vendor to offer detailed Y and mitochondrial DNA tests with matching to others.

If you’re trying to figure out which test might be best, you can read a comparison here.

Autosomal of course, is about lots of matches as well as the “right” match to solve the problem you have in mind.  For that very reason, I’m in all of the data bases possible.

Literally millions of new testers have ordered DNA tests since Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear, when all is said and done for this holiday season that the total number of people who have DNA tested has nearly doubled.  Just think about all of the new matches you’ll be receiving in the next couple months. Are you drooling yet?

If you haven’t tested, now is certainly the time to do that.

During the holiday season, Family Tree DNA issues holiday coupons each Monday.  If you received a gift card this holiday season, the timing is perfect for you to redeem this week’s coupons and pay with your card.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect this will be the last batch of coupons since next Monday will be New Year’s Day, the beginning of 2018.  How did that happen so soon?

This week’s coupons expire at midnight New Year’s Eve.

If you want to redeem your coupon, click here to check for your own coupon on your personal page.

If you can’t use your coupon, or haven’t yet ordered a kit, click here to order and redeem any of my coupons – I’m sharing below.

Right after I published this article, I received more coupons from my very generous cousin, Jim. So here are a few more in case the ones you wanted above were already used.

As always, if you aren’t going to use your coupon, please list in the comments below.

I’ve enjoyed sharing coupons with you this year and can’t wait to see what new matches are waiting for us in a few short weeks!

2018 is going to be a wonderful year for genetic genealogy.


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22 thoughts on “Daily DNA Matches and Last Week for Coupon Savings

  1. Santa Claus may see you when you’re sleeping or know when you’re awake, but an atDNA test will help you discover new relatives that are sleeping or awake.
    2017 has brought me to 340 shared ancestor hints (green shaky leafs) on my Ancestry atDNA account. Male Y-DNA tests at FamilyTreeDNA continue to be a significant tool to help chip away at brick walls in my pedigree.
    God bless the genetic DNA community in 2018.

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  4. Roberta, how did you count for AncestryDNA? I just now sorted my matches by date then paged through the list until I came to the end of the “last seven days” heading. That was 18 pages x 50 = 900 + 2 more. Or did you only look at 4th cousin and higher? (Whenever I try to have Ancestry sort by date, it defaults to ALL of my matches rather than 4th cousins or higher.) I would have expected you to have many more matches than I. My mother’s family was early colonial American South all around but my dad’s did not arrive until mid1800’s. I have always had more matches from her side. My cousins whose fathers were also from very early arriving families usually have about twice as many as I do.

    Did I do something stupid? I spent the day cleaning my laundry room. Did I inhale too many chemicals?

    • I just clicked on “View DNA Matches” and then on the “date” button. Yes, I just looked at the Last 7 days. That’s how I decided how to report on the groups. You have a huge number. Some people have said that they didn’t receive any for a few days. I wonder if Ancestry has had a backlog and is returning large numbers now for some reason. Great if they are!

      • I looked further. At FTDNA, I only had 18 new matches in the last seven days. Go figure.

        I have a total of 35,200 matches at Ancestry with “only” 1379 of those fourth cousins or closer. Six are “third”, one is “second” and two are definitely my first cousins. I know all of the first through third at least indirectly. My first “mystery’ match is number 5 in my fourth cousin list.

        My cousin Mary has 56,650 total at Ancestry. I didn’t count her fourth or higher but she has 1541 new matches in the last seven days! Both parents from Colonial South.

        My Aunt Mary (everybody in our family is Mary except me) had 28 matches at FTDNA in the last seven days. She has a total of 4345 matches. I have only 2383 at FTDNA. I am finding more matches one generation back from myself. Sadly, I don’t have very many of them tested. I am the oldest generation now. Aunt Mary was an enthusiastic tester:) She loved it. At age 90, she jumped in her car and drove across Chattanooga to be sure her cousin did the swab correctly. He was a dentist:)

    • Never used the date filter tool on my Ancestry DNA matches. 15 pages x 50 + 29 on page 16 = 779 matches in the last 7 days. I suspect that figure with be significantly higher post holidays. Wish they all had trees to view.

  5. Coupons of the week:

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    Two extras which expire on December 27th:
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  6. $75 off any purchase of $475 or more
    OFFER EXPIRES 12/31/2017
    Now if only our computers would keep working free from malware, viruses, etc… to analyze all
    these new matches in 2018!!

  7. My case is a little different:
    Vendor Test Type Matches since 12-17-2017
    Family Tree DNA Mitochondrial mtFull 0 (total=2, both gd=1)
    Family Tree DNA Y DNA 37 0 (total=0 at y111, y67 and y37; 3 at y25, all gd=2)
    Family Tree DNA Family Finder (Autosomal) 2 (0 with trees, 0 surname hints, both “5th Cousin – Remote Cousin”)
    23andMe Autosomal 18 (I download them daily, using a Google Sheets script, all 4th-5th Cousin)

  8. Is anyone else having a problem using Ancestry DNA’s “Search Matches” function? When I put in a last name I only get a partial list of matches in my DNA matching database for the surname I am searching for. The “missing” matches are still there, they just do not appear in the results that Ancestry gives me. I am still trying to figure out if I am only missing Moderate matches in my results list or if I am missing higher relationship matches.

  9. Roberta,

    My mother and I have our Family Finder results at FTDNA. I also have my “entry level” mtDNA test results through FTDNA; my mother does not. Since my mother and I will share the same exact mtDNA haplogroup, I am planning on taking advantage of the discount and upgrading my basic mtDNA test results to mtFull Sequence. Do you see any disadvantage to upgrading mine rather than having my mother take the mt Full Sequence test? It just seems redundant for both of us to take the same haplogroup test.

  10. “Literally millions of new testers have ordered DNA tests since Thanksgiving. ” — This sentence grabbed my attention. Would not mind more, especially, finally, at least one Y-DNA match. Would love some from my seemingly rare line Hilka, or some from my Murphy, Hanlon, Fernbach or Augustine lines.

  11. R34Q56UH6V69 $20 0FF $175
    R34DQPFiiELH $100 OFF $525
    Exp midnight 1/7/2018 tonight c.s.t.

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