No Kissin’ and Swabbin’ (Plus This Week’s Coupons)

No, I’m not kidding.

Ok….stop laughing.


I just never thought about this before, well, not until this past week.

When the subject came up.

No, I’m not discussing how.  We’ll just have to leave that to your imagination, which is probably way more interesting than what actually happened anyway.

And no, I’m not talking about that cute European kissy-kissy cheek cheer kissing greeting either.

We’ve talked before about swabbing or spitting for DNA sample collection before you eat or drink anything, or, conversely, an hour or so after you eat or drink.

But we’ve never discussed what the kids used to call “swappin’ spit.”

When you kiss someone in a manner such that you exchange saliva, your DNA stays in their mouth and theirs stays in your mouth.

If you use the same guidelines as for eating or drinking – an hour – you should be good. I would suggest you take a nice drink of something, after kissing, before you start that hour clock.

And if you’re wondering about another type of activity – I’m going to repeat what I just said – both about using your imagination AND utilizing the eating/drinking guideline.

The goal here is to obtain the DNA of the person you’re swabbing, and ONLY the DNA of the person you’re swabbing.

And since you’re going to be sacrificing all that kissing and such, here are this week’s Family Tree DNA coupons for your bother.

Enjoy – the coupons I mean.

And the kissin’ too, just after the swabbin’.

Click here to order, upgrade and redeem coupons!

These coupons are valid through December 10th.  One use each.  The early bird gets the coupon.


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24 thoughts on “No Kissin’ and Swabbin’ (Plus This Week’s Coupons)

  1. Funny!!! I usually tell people to wait an hour at the very least. They don’t want to wait 6 weeks for their results only to find out that they’re a catfish.

    Lynn Wiggers

    On Dec 5, 2017 1:22 AM, “DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy” wrote:

    > Roberta Estes posted: ” No, I’m not kidding. Ok….stop laughing. Seriously! > I just never thought about this before, well, not until this past week. > When the subject came up. No, I’m not discussing how. We’ll just have to > leave that to your imagination, which i” >

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  3. Can you explain how this affects the testing process? Would the testing agency know that they have DNA from two persons? Is it even possible to only have the other persons DNA tested and come back as yours? Assuming a Heterosexual kiss, would the difference in gender show up as an error in the test? All I am really asking is what are the actual errors that result and how are they handled by the testing company? Related. Do you have any stories of wrongly submitted DNA and the resulting confusion?

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  5. Ok, well this about answers the question I was going to ask. But I’ll ask anyway…I received the DNA results for my father-in-law yesterday. I was doing a little grouping using the surname search, when I nearly fell out of my chair seeing my own name in the list!! After I recovered from the shock, I started wondering if there was any way this could be an error. Now, I can assure our group here that I have NOT been swapping spit with my dear old FIL, but I did oversee the swabbing procedure. I know I didn’t contaminate anything, and I didn’t get that close to him. All I did was seal the swab and handle it afterward for mailing. I was actually going to post this question today, so I’m very relieved this has been brought up. Roberta, I’ve read the above response you gave Michael Lee Stills, but is there any chance my DNA mixed with his and made it appear that I was a cousin? I will further add that my married surname is the same as my Ggrandmother’s maiden name, and we have always joked that we could be related. Would love to hear your wonderful input here! Thanks!

  6. no lip-lockin’, no suckin’ face, no tonsil hockey . . . no hanging the mistletoe where you are handing out the family kits at the holidays . . . gotta love this new angle on the problems that can arise – many thanks Cuzzin Roberta, for handing out this new advice – best greetings for a great season of celebration – b (also an Estes descendant)

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  10. It gives new meaning to the old phrase “Kissin’ cousins”. 😉

    Then there is something else to consider.
    If you’ve been in recent contact with Al Franken, or someone like him, it might skew your results.

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  12. Hello,
    Is there new coupons every week until end of the year?
    and I was wondering if the offer of Y111 test free with ordering BigY test still remain or it was only at first and second week of the Holidays ?!

  13. Hi, Roberta, I’m 75-yrs old with a thick brick wall on our Taylor line cause about 1903 the Bledsoe county courthouse in TN (back in the days it was Virginia) burned all our records back to early 1700’s. My wife (finally) says I can order the FT-DNA Big Y but at this timing is it too late. How should I start (?) with the small Y-37 (?), and are there still any coupons savingsavailable. Thank you for helping me. James J Taylor

    Sent from Jud’s iPhone


    • What you probably want to order isn’t the Big Y, but the higher level STR tests. I would do wither 67 or 111. If’s it’s easier to get permission once, do the 111. If you can “go back to the well” successfully, then 67 would probably be OK and you can upgrade later. (Hope you’re smiling:) In any case, the Big Y can’t be ordered until your kit is returned and batched for processing, and you don’t have time to get that done by year end. The sales end then.

      Right now, there are probably some coupons left from my Monday posting. Try from the bottom up. If not, let me know and I’ll see if I can find one in a couple of my other accounts.

      Here’s the link to the article with the coupons and please click through the link above the coupons to order.

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