Cyber Week Coupon Deals From Family Tree DNA

Yep, it’s Coupon Monday already. I hope you didn’t eat too much turkey, aren’t STILL eating Thanksgiving leftovers, and didn’t spend all your money already, because there are great coupons and discounts to be had on DNA testing.

The great news is that these coupons are in ADDITION to the holiday pricing and any other sales, like the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Family Finder test for $49 that’s still in effect today (Monday).

This week, there a few “$20 off any purchase” coupons. I haven’t seen those before and they’ll go fast. I confess, I already bought two tests today. However, these can’t be used in addition to the Black Friday Sale price or for upgrades. $49 is the lowest the Family Finder test has ever been.

If you want to take advantage of the $49 Family Finder, plus shipping reduced to $4.95 in the US which includes return postage, order BEFORE MIDNIGHT, tonight Houston time.

My coupons to share are listed below and are valid until December 3rd, unless someone else uses them first.  So, grab one now and CLICK HERE to order the $49 Family Finder test or redeem the coupons.

If you have coupons to share too, please note in the comments.


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52 thoughts on “Cyber Week Coupon Deals From Family Tree DNA

  1. I wasn’t able to use any coupon for the mt kit. If I could have used the $40 coupon I would have bought the kit. If I could have used any coupon I would have bought one kit.

  2. I try to use the coupon of $20 for any test on the FF Black Friday offer on $49 so Y would get the FF for $29 that would bee the total dicount.. The coupon says for any test but it did not work! FTDNA sita says that I need to by more to get the coupon to work. That was not what it was written at the cuopon. Feels like some ripoff!

  3. I phoned FTDNA, to clarify the rules on coupons used for upgrades. Coupons can not be used when upgrading from Y-any level to Y-67 or Y-111; nor from mtPlus to MTFULL Sequence.

    Was also told that the $20. Coupons can only be used with a purchase of $150. or more.

    If these rules were printed somewhere, I missed that message.

    That said, my projects are utilizing the sale, and thankful it is being offered.

  4. The $20 off on the $49 Family Finder will not work, or at least I could not get it to work for me.

    Thank you for all you do


  5. $30 off mtFull Sequence R293330WWPHO
    $20 off Y-DNA111 R290AG4J5HRC
    $20 off any purchase R29V8R0HVORY
    $30 off Y-DNA111 R29MO498KFNI
    $30 off Y-DNA111 R2923LHBR0R9

    Plus a bonus coupon as one of mine was used last week, up to December 3rd:
    $30 off mtFull Sequence R24IN95FOBT5

  6. Hello and thanks

    sorry just the coupons do not apply to FamilyFinder the way you kindly suggested

    ” This coupon requires a greater amount to be purchased”

    thanks anyway


    – – – – – – – – 28.11.2017, 0.33, DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy kirjoitti: > > Roberta Estes posted: “Yep, it’s Coupon Monday already. I hope you > didn’t eat too much turkey, aren’t STILL eating Thanksgiving > leftovers, and didn’t spend all your money already, because there are > great coupons and discounts to be had on DNA testing. The great news > is that ” >

    • This coupon is only valid if you purchase the Big Y. You have to click on the upgrade button to purchase the Big Y – but this coupon is valid for the product and that product only.

  7. R29L0SGBS8SF – $20 off any purchase through 12/3
    R292TWLZ12OU – $30 off Y111 through 12/3
    R29UTNVQPR2Y – $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 through 12/4

  8. I also could not use my $20 off for Family Finder. I feel cheated in spite of the price reduction we have had. I could not see any ‘small print’. There should have been big print. $20 off any purchase is clear enough. I spent ages double checking. It leaves a totally unecessary bad taste.

  9. Spare coupons, all of which expire on 12/03/2017

    $20 off Y37 Y67 Y111 R29MMHXTHV95
    $20 off Y37 Y67 Y111 R29K00EXV2SF
    $20 off Y37 Y67 Y111 R29LNDKGVT61

    $50 off Big Y R293FKI7U34M

  10. FTDNA – Coupon Codes
    Expire 12/3

    $30 off mtFull R29ZW8CJZ967, R29FXC2G6WXQ
    $30 off Y-DNA111 R29EY1OAQEU9, R29UKSDZTW8V, R292N045YOGN
    $30 off Y-DNA67 R292O9VQUAMJ
    $20 off anything R29EK51K1SXG, R2970GLF5P77

  11. This message is to all who tried to use the coupon codes online. You must call in.
    I tried some of the coupon codes and received the same expired or needed larger purchase messages. I then called into FamilytreeDNA,she gave me another coupon code that didn’t work and realized the website coupon section wasn’t working. She typed it in manually and I was given a 30$ coupon off the sale price.YIPPEEE

  12. Here are mine:

    R29SU53X5ITU $30 off Y-67
    R29FIVOMQKQD $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111
    R29ASNDFQG8M $20 off mtDNA Plus or mtFull
    R29U58HAD6JK $30 off Y-DNA111

  13. I’m not getting the emails any more. I have to go to the site and I don’t always remember. I doubt this is useful to any one.

    $20 off any purchase of $150 or more
    Offer Expires 12/3/2017

    • If you aren’t receiving any emails from them at all, it may mean your email address has been blacklisted because your ISP bounced at email. In any case, call them and ask to have that checked.

        • All addresses bounce from time to time. The internet is not terribly predictable and your ISP may have a hiccup, or any node between FTDNA and you. So, when that happens, the e-mail bounces and your address is flagged as invalid. If I stop receiving e-mails from FTDNA, I know to contact them. They can check the blacklist and remove your e-mail.

          • OK. I went to the FTDNA web site and I don’t see a place to authorize email. Do they only send “important” stuff by email? Not a newsletter/blog thing?

          • If you look under your personal settings, look under e-mail. However, please note that these settings don’t remove you from the blacklist. This just tells them what you do and don’t want. If you disable e-mail notifications for tests, you are also disabling matching for that testing level.

            They don’t currently have a newsletter. They send e-mails about your matches, sales and upgrades to their products.

  14. So, this is a bit confusing…
    The email ad says “Get Big Y & Automatically Get Upgraded to Y-111”
    I logged in and went to my upgrade link, added the Big Y test and the Y-111 test to my shopping cart, and it wants to charge me $475 for the Big Y plus an extra $168 for the Y-111 test.
    Should I NOT add the Y-111 test to the cart because they are “automatically” including it?
    If so, why is the option to add the Y-111 even included?

    • No, do not add the 111. You will receive that automatically when you purchase the Big Y. I’m presuming that the 111 is still there because some people might want to upgrade to the 111 and not purchase the Big Y.

  15. Yesterday at 10:46 my coupon email arrived. At 12:03 I saw the email and clicked it to see what I was getting. Surprise! It has already been used or it has expired. So not only does the web site not accept the coupons, it won’t even give the codes. So much for ordering from FTDNA. Not me, anyway.

    This coupon has been redeemed or is expired

      • I did. Same answer. It doesn’t matter any more. Much as I detest ancestry I will order a kit there. I can then move it to FTDNA

        • There are no coupons for Family Finder, so you’re not sacrificing anything. If you order from Ancestry and transfer, you’ll only receive your closest matches, only about 20% or so since the Ancestry chip is not fully compatible. Just be aware.

    • Toni –
      Personally speaking, my “aol” mail comes late, sometimes days later, from various blogs, or other friendly mail that is in my address book. Very frustrating when selling our home and having to use “doc-u-sign.” I’ve been using “g-mail” for about 6 months and now I’m in the middle of switching over my e-mails to “g-mail.”

      – Ally

  16. Roberta I have tested to Y-111, plus FF, but not yet Big Y. My male cousin has tested FF and we properly show as 2nd cousins.
    Is there any advantage in his also testing Y, or is my sample sufficient for both of us? If so, he could test to 37, and then order Big Y, to cover us both, and be upgraded to 111.

  17. Coupons My Project Won’t Be Using –
    Minimum Purchase Needs to be $150.
    $20. ANY Purchase R29AMATDHW8Y
    $20. ANY Purchase R29SC5ZE5STQ
    $20. ANY Purchase R290K1PEVZ9T
    $20. ANY Purchase R2974YE399VB
    $20. ANY Purchase R29R9MDGBSS1
    $20 ANY Purchase R297DD9AMZ1R
    $20 ANY Purchase R29EJB7PZWDG
    $20. ANY Purchase R29TDH39AR60
    $20. ANY Purchase R29QCCDKE06S
    $20. ANY Purchase R29LI0AENRR4
    $50. BIG Y R29TPXB5L59T

    $20. Y 37-111 R29NCS2U8QLX

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