Save Even MORE at Family Tree DNA – Join a Project! (Plus This Week’s Coupons)

In addition to the first three money saving discounts on Y DNA tests from Family Tree DNA, there’s yet another way to save even MORE money:

  • Holiday Sale Prices on all products – listed here
  • Free 111 marker upgrade with Big Y – described here
  • Why the Big Y Test? – discussed here
  • Weekly coupons – listed on everyone’s personal page and I’ll be sharing mine weekly – see below
  • Join a project (for those who have not yet Y DNA tested)

Yes, you can save even more money by joining a project.

How does that work?

How Can I Save More By Joining A Project?

The free 111 marker upgrade with a Big Y test requires you to test or have tested at some level before you can order a Big Y test.

That means anyone who has tested even at the 12 marker level can purchase the Big Y and obtain the 111 upgrade for free.

Outside of a project, customers can only order a minimum of a 37 marker test – because that’s really the minimum informative test today. Typically a 12 marker test would only be useful to rule out a possible match.  But in this case, in order to purchase the Big Y for someone who has never tested before – the 12 marker test is suddenly VERY useful.

By joining a project, you can still purchase a 12 marker test and that reduces the Big Y bundle price yet again.

For people who have not done any Y DNA testing, this is an unbelievable value.

Joining A Project

To find an appropriate Y DNA project to join, go to the main Family Tree DNA page and type the surname of the man to be tested into the “Search your Surname” box.

I typed Estes.

You will then be shown various projects where the project administrators have listed Estes as one of the surname that is of interest to their project members.

I’m clicking on the Estes project, because Estes men should join the Estes project.  (You can join other projects later.)

You can see that the 12 marker Y DNA project is showing as an available purchase option for $59, above.

By clicking the orange “order now” button, you can order the 12 marker test for $59, further reducing the cost of testing.

You will automatically be joined to this project, and you can join other projects later.

It’s a Little More Complicated – But Not Much

Since the Big Y is only an upgrade test – meaning you must take any Y DNA STR test before ordering the Big Y – this means that your Y DNA test must be registered to your account before you can order the upgrade.

In Family Tree DNA lingo, this means that your order must be entered into a batch. Orders are batched at the end of the day every Monday and Wednesday, so if you will be able to upgrade to the Big Y as soon as your STR panel test, Y12 in this case, is batched.

Now, the challenge is of course that the Big Y coupons could be long gone by the time your order is batched.  You might need to order the Y12 this week, then wait until next week and hope you’re quick enough to find a Big Y coupon.

When you’re ready to upgrade, sign in to the account where you ordered the STR panel test and simply click upgrade, order the Big Y, and you’ll receive the 111 upgrade for free.

This strategy, even though it is slightly more complicated, will save you $$.

How much money, you ask?


The savings with this approach is even better. You can save a total of $424 as compared with purchasing these products individually.  And the projects will love having additional people join.  This benefits everyone, because projects are the best sources for help with your results.

There are at least some $50 Big Y discount coupons available as well as $25.

After your results are back, please be sure to join the appropriate haplogroup projects too. A haplogroup designation is part of what you receive when you test. The haplogroup project administrators are experts in their particular haplogroup – and what that means to you!

Additional Coupons

Every Monday Family Tree DNA issues Holiday Reward coupons between now and the end of the year.  If you (or someone) uses your coupon to purchase something, Family Tree DNA issues you a second Bonus Reward.

  1. First, I’d like to give a big shout out to my cousin, Jim, who contributed his coupons in addition to mine, below. You can see from the sheer number that we’re both seriously genetic genealogy addicted.
  2. Second, please do me a favor, and if you make a purchase, especially using one of the coupons, I’d really appreciate it if you use my affiliate link.  I receive a small commission if you use my link, and it doesn’t cost you a penny more. It helps keep the lights on for me (and keeps the blog free for everyone) – so if you enjoy and utilize this blog – please click through to purchase and don’t just gather the coupon numbers and post them elsewhere.
  3. Third, if you want to be among the first to receive these e-mails with coupons and other hot-off-the-presses information, subscribe by clicking on the little grey “follow” button on the upper right hand corner of the main blog page at

So, please click here to sign on and redeem the coupons below, purchase a product or upgrade! Thanks and enjoy the savings!


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15 thoughts on “Save Even MORE at Family Tree DNA – Join a Project! (Plus This Week’s Coupons)

  1. Wow! Thanks, Roberta. Can I upgrade a Family Finder to the 12 marker Y-DNA?

    I think the mtDNA full sequence with the $40 coupon is an amazing deal. I got two of them today and have no one to use them on. I’m trying to get friends to use them just because it’s such a great deal.

    • Hmm, I’m not sure. When I put the 12 marker kit in the cart, it asked me if the person was an existing customer and asked to sign in. Try that and see if it will allow you to order that way. I bet it will.

  2. I do not need any of your coupons, but you are the gift that keeps on giving; AND the eveready
    battery bunny; AND a Keeper!

    Love you, and Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks for all the info and the coupons Roberta, how do I donate any FTDNA coupons I may have to the cause please. Feeling slightly guilty as I used one without logging in as was in a rush before going out.

  4. $40.00 off Y DNA 111
    Use Promo Code:
    OFFER EXPIRES 11/26/2017
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Not exactly. First, it has to be for a male. Second, the male has to have tested at least at some level – but the way to get the best price is what is discussed in this article. Go to a project, order the kit. When it asked you if you have a current kit number, answer yes, then enter the kit number and order the 12 marker for the person in question. Follow the instructions in the article for the rest.

  5. $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 R24BLWG9N76T
    $20 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 R248YLRW3TSY
    $20 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 R24ZBV1KW601
    $40 off Y-DNA67 R24P6EM5C2O5
    $40 off Y-DNA67 R240XVYVVJ2L

    It seems someone used one of my coupon last week, I have an extra one up to the 24th:
    $25 off Big Y R23XMSZVSFT8

  6. Coupons
    R29DIZCJBFAG 20 OFF 37/67/111
    R297ZMZ7M76C 30 OFF Y111
    R29Q2DAC6RFI 30 OFF Y111
    R298BEA201QF 50 OFF BIG Y
    R295836OETKT 25 OFF BIG Y
    R29LU89DM10I 30 OFF Y67
    R295836OETKT 25 OFF BIG Y
    R29XJINO2LIQ 30 OFF Y111

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