Best Big Y Deal EVER – Includes FREE 111 Upgrade at Family Tree DNA

Sorry for these really short blog posts – but I’ve just heard from Elliott Greenspan about the best deal EVER at Family Tree DNA, on the Big Y test that includes a FREE STR upgrade.  I don’t think this has been announced officially, so please feel free to forward the link to this article! This deal is so good, I wish I was a male!!!

During the holiday sale which started last weekend, any customer who purchases the Big Y will receive a free upgrade to Y 111 from any level STR test.  You MUST currently have a Y DNA test either ordered or completed in the system.

This means that if you don’t currently have a Y DNA test, and you’re a male (or have a male you want to test,) you can place a Y DNA test for any level and then go in and order a Big Y test, using any coupons. This deal is in ADDITION to any coupons you may have. You may have to wait a bit to order the Big Y until your regular Y DNA test order is registered in the system.

You’ll get a coupon discount on both orders (regular test and Big Y), and you’ll receive the Big Y AND a free upgrade to 111 that you automatically receive when purchasing a Big Y.

Here are a few coupons from my kits that you can use for a purchase discount.  Check your own kit for more.

Click here to sign in and take advantage of the following specials:

  • Holiday pricing for everyone
  • Coupons
  • Free 111 upgrade with Big Y

If you have coupon numbers to share with others, feel free to list in the comments!


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76 thoughts on “Best Big Y Deal EVER – Includes FREE 111 Upgrade at Family Tree DNA

  1. Hi Roberta, sorta confused. What is “best deal EVER at Family Tree DNA, on the Big Y test”? Under $395? Or are you just saying the free Y111 upgrade is the deal?

  2. I was just reading your Blog and received an email from someone I ordered a Big Y for on Monday. They received an email today saying their Y-67 was being upgraded to Y-111 for free as part of the Big Y! Great News!

  3. I’m looking at the FTDNA tests and I don’t see a Big Y test. Does this mean I can order the Y-37 and then upgrade it to a Y-111 test? I’ve wanted to do a Y-67 or Y-111 for over a year. This would be great news for me!

  4. Roberta,
    Thank you as always for your blog!
    I thought that the Big Y would test everything that the Y-111 would plus more? No?
    Thanks for your wealth of information!!

    • The Big Y is a different kind of test from the 111. It’s an upgrade or an add-on test. The STR markets, meaning the 12, 25, 37, 67 and 111 are tests focusing on a genealogical timeframe. The Big Y is a test to confirm a haplogroup and to focus on a deeper timeframe. It scans the majority of the Y chromosome to tell you as much as possible.

  5. Checking out deal for male relative, with y-67. Sorry, with Big y, I don’t see free upgrade to y-111 anywhere! Looks like $100 off + $25 off coupon. What am I missing?

      • What about previous orders? I have a Big Y request pending analysis since Jun 06, 2017! And FTDNA has not approached me regarding the upgrade of my Y12 to Y111 yet. Does FTDNA still remembers me at all?

      • Viktor, a Big Y order should not have taken that long if you were waiting since June. It is possible FTDNA ran out of the sample and tried to ship a new DNA collection kit. Make sure the address on that kit has an up to date address. FTDNA does not notify you when they try to ship a new collection kit. (They even say so in their terms of service which they recently updated.)

        Contact FTDNA to see what happened. Either through phone or fill out their request form to get an email from them. You will continue to see the delayed deadline dates change even if they are waiting on you for a new sample.

  6. I had my brother do the Y67 test 2 years ago Christmas time. He only has 4 matches and only one with the same last name who did the Y111 test. He has one match at 25, a match at 37 and a match at 67. What would be the benefit of upgrading with so few matches. He is I-P37. I don’t feel this would be worthwhile or perhaps I don’t understand what the benefit might be.

    • The Big Y is to confirm his haplogroup, find his haplogroup closest to him in time, and see if he perhaps matches other men looking at his DNA from the more distant past. It tells us about our ancestors further back in time. It depends on what you want to know. The Big Y scans the entire Y chromosome.

  7. Hi, I’m 74 years old and I just found your blog a couple of months ago. I feel like a kindergartner trying to learn the alphabet! Which ones of your blogs would be helpful to me to study the basics of
    DNA testing so I can start making sense of the really complicated stuff that you discuss in your later articles? I have a brother in Uruguay, the only living relative of my nuclear family, by husband who is 78 and two sons in their late forties. My husband and I have only had the basic Ancestry DNA testing. We are both of European ancestry, all who emigrated to Uruguay. I have a tree in FamilySearch/Tree and in MyHeritage of several hundred people, but I feel the need to have more testing done. I would love to have you guide me in the most useful way to find our Irish and English last names. My German ancestors were a piece of cake to find, though! THANKS

  8. I’ve read in some Facebook group -referring to a recent DNA conference- that FTDNA is planning to provide all the STR markers available existing BigY customers.

    The number of the STR’s will be at least 300 hundred (probably up to 500 hundred markers).
    No YDNA purchase before BigY will be necessary anymore.
    And they will provide TRMCA info for the branches on FTDNA tree.

    If these are true, YFull is going to have problem.

    Providing free upgrade to Y111 might be a first step for the NEW BigY.

      • I am waiting for your post.
        I guess it’s a good idea to have YFull anyway. It is possible that all this scenario of having STRs out of BigY might turn out to be a speculation. Even if it is not, we are going to need to wait for a long time I believe.
        I am just hoping that they provide me my BAM file after three months of waiting:(

  9. I didn’t plan to buy anything this year, as I am a bit short on cash (I bought my first house), but this is definitely tempting…

    I’m due for a budget revision I guess. Fortunately, I have more than a month to plan ahead.

  10. The offer does not seem to have worked for us. No e-mail, and the order history now includes big-Y but not Y-111. (We placed the order several hours ago.)

    • The free upgrade to Y111 comes once they batch your Big Y order. Batching takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays. So you should see an email on Monday and it will automatically be added to your kit’s order history then. I suggest this should be mentioned in the blog to prevent this type of question from appearing too often.

  11. I suspect this is a very complicated marketing situation for FTDNA, with existing test kits, upgrades to 111 STR’s and those who wish to take advantage of the discount on the Big Y promotion. Fairly certain that FTDNA will do the right thing and allow all who have work in process the discounts as promoted. You may need to make a direct enquiry though to set matters straight.

  12. Gosh! have to contact them as I ordered both Big Y and Y111 upgrade, I used a Big Y $25 coupon …but did not know about Y111 being free 🙁

  13. Roberta,

    I am thinking of doing this, but I was wondering does the Big-Y test include what is in the SNP-Pack upgrade? I already have the Y-67 test completed.

    • No it doesn’t include the SNP pack itself. It will LIKELY cover most of the SNPs in a SNP pack, but since it is scan technology, it may not cover them all. You would not need to purchase a SNP pack after the Big Y, but it’s possible that you might need to individually test one of those SNPs if they are important for some reason. Generally, that doesn’t happen.

  14. Ken, Big Y is much, much better than an SNP Pack. It is true that there might be a couple of SNPs in an SNP Pack that are outside of Big Y coverage regions but those are almost always not important anyway. Big Y gives you your own lineage of SNPs, including SNPs downstream of what is an SNP Pack. This means you can assume the upstream SNPs are positive.

  15. Holiday coupons for this week. Will your comments for this post be the place to list for future coupons? Thanks, Roberta.

    R24XSW0DXAJY $50 off Big Y thru 11/26

    R24IH35EJCKH $40 off Y-DNA67 thru 11/26
R24AZ8JQ6796 $40 off Y-DNA67 thru 11/26
    R24LZ9WWZ4AQ $20 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 thru 11/26
R24X2CJ3SZ3T $20 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 thru 11/26

    R24LYINU2GVP $20 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 thru 11/26
R24S41G0BY0J $40 off mtFull Sequence thru 11/26

    R24N2LKH2V0R $40 off mtFull Sequence thru 11/26
R2460XWPFJWH $40 off mtFull Sequence thru 11/26

    R243YFA3G10R $40 off mtFull Sequence thru 11/26

  16. I received the email offer (free upgrade to Y-111) on 17-Nov-17 and ordered Big-Y on the same day. My order history shows Big-Y batched on the following Monday (20-Nov-17) but no free upgrade mentioned in the order history. What gives?

  17. I’m still not clear on Y-111. I ordered Big-Y in August and have had results postponed to 11/27 to 12/11. My understanding when I ordered was that It was comprehensive and I wouldn’t need anything else. Do I not get Y-111?

    • The Big Y returns SNP values. the 111 returns STR values. After taking the Big T you don’t need anything else in terms of SNP testing but the Big Y does nit provide you with STR markers without purchasing both products. Now, of course, they are bundles but generally they are not.

  18. Out of ignorance, what do you mean by the Big Y? I have seen they Y-37, Y-67 and Y-111 advertised, but don’t see anything about the Big Y.

  19. Well, I went and did it. I already have the Y-67 at FtDNA, but haven’t had a lot of success in finding close matches. Hopefully this will help some.

  20. I did not order any Y tests yet. Planning to order the Y-37 right now (or Y-12 in group project). How fast will Big Y upgrade button will appear for me? Another words, will I catch a free Y-111 upgrade or it’s too late for me? I’m asking because afraid that FTDNA may not get my sample in time till Dec, 31 for batching and the deal will end.

      • Will they really batch Big Y even with no sample from me? That it the question. I did not send any samples to FTDNA before. I’ll only get a Y-37 kit in about 3 weeks (I live in Russia, it’s average shipping time). Then I have to send it back, so my kit may reach FTDNA lab after New year.

  21. Hi Roberta! I’ve just got an answer from the Family Tree DNA Customer Service, as your query was forwarded over to their manager to get in contact with me. Just to let you know: “Your question was if we would be able to test on the Big Y before receiving the samples and the answer is no, and what needs to happen is that we need the samples here and to have batched and once it has batched which is beginning the testing process then the Big Y can be ordered on the account with the Y-DNA test.”

    Anyway, thanks a lot for you help.

  22. I was ready to update to the Big Y DNA test, which was discounted for the holidays, with the additional bonus of a free updated from my current Y67 to Y111, but I believe it’s no longer available.
    I sent a comment to Family Tree DNA last week to see if the deadline for the savings was over, but I haven’t received a response.
    Is there a possibility that it may be introduced again for the Christmas holiday?
    My Y-DNA Haplogroup is R-M269. My paternal genealogical ancestry goes back to the 1700s in Asturias, Spain (last name: Rodríguez).

    • Yes, it is still available. You can click any Family Tree DNA link in this article or on the sidebar, then sign on to your account. Upgrade to the Big Y by clicking on the blue upgrade button at the top right of your page, add any coupons you might have. The 111 will automatically be added within a day or so. I believe it has to be batched first. In any case, it’s automatic.

  23. Roberta,
    I took advantage of this great offer and ordered my BigY upgrade on 24 November. The order was batched on the 27th, but there is still no reference anywhere to the Y-111 (I’m still at Y67), although the BigY does show up on my Dashboard. Says the results for the Big-Y won’t be available until 02/05/2018 – 02/19/2018. I guess this takes a while to run. Does this sound correct?


  24. I have several coupons if anyone needs them
    $30 Y-111 R29POW16JT4G
    $30 mtDNA Full Sequence R2999FTC617A
    $30 mtDNA Full Sequence R2938JFJZ611
    $30 mtDNA Full Sequence R29ZJZKM6DNB
    $30 Y-67 R29BWPI3MRG8
    $30 Y-67 R29OEZ91YOSS
    $30 Y-67 R29NQNOI37KD
    $20 Y-67 R29O6XD81PNS
    $20 Y-37, Y-67 OR Y-111 R29CTFM9HH8V
    $20 Y-37, Y-67 OR Y-111 R29LKGW4B326
    $20 OFF $150 R29LB3J9GEIJ
    $20 OFF $150 R29S4Q0V6FLY
    $20 OFF $150 R29PYEJYSWGP
    Those listed above are good till 12/3

    These listed below are good till 12/7
    $30 Y-67 R296M6ICVNCS
    $30 Y-67 R29HXBERJJLW
    $20 Y-111 R29NRHC53QC
    $20 Y-111 R298CVHI6F5R
    $10 Y-37, Y-67 OR Y-111 R29EOFV7GQAB
    $10 mtDNA Full Sequence R290HHA868PN

      • Every customer received one on each of their accounts every Monday. They are for one use only. So if someone else has already used the coupon, it won’t work for you. I’ll publish another set on Monday. Be sure you’re using the appropriate coupon for what you want to purchase too – although the error message will tell you why the code doesn’t work.

  25. I read on your blog a couple of weeks ago that customers with only Y-DNA12 could order BigY and get the free upgrade to Y-DNA111, so encouraged a new customer to start by ordering Y-DNA12. I can no longer find that advice.

    The new customer’s kit was received in the lab today, but BigY is missing from the “Order Additional DNA Tests” page.

    Will it appear as an option when the newly-arrived kit has been batched?

  26. As a follow up to this thread, If you took advantage of this offer and don’t see the Y-DNA111 show up in your order history within a few days of the Big-Y, then please call or write them. Apparently they miss some of these. My Y-DNA111 got added after I emailed them so I now have a 15 day difference in the order dates between the Big-Y and the Y-DNA111. The good news is that they didn’t even hesitate to add the test. No arguments, just Boom… Test added! (once I verified my account of course)

  27. Happy New Year to everybody!
    I have done a y-dna12 test with FTDNA and was predicted E-M35.
    On 21/12/17 I’ve ordered a Big Y test because of the discounts and the free upgrade to 111str markers, however FTDNA still haven’t contacted me that they upgraded my y-test!
    I wonder if it’s because of the holidays or should I raise the red alarm!

      • I had to write an email to them (you could call also) to get them to add the Y-111. But they did so without hesitation. So if you don’t see the Y-111 show up within a few days of the Big-Y being added to your Pending results list, I would contact them. BTW – I got my Y-111 results back almost a month early… still waiting on the Big-Y.

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