Today ONLY – Family Finder $49

At the Family Tree DNA conference, at the end of today’s session, Bennett Greenspan announced a 7 hour sale – from now until 11:59 tonight – Houston, Texas time.

Family Finder is available for $49, unlimited number of kits.

If you want a Family Finder kit, click this link for the sale price.

36 thoughts on “Today ONLY – Family Finder $49

    • Of course. But make sure to order before midnight Central Time Zone. FTDNA is located in Texas for those in other time zones.

  1. I followed the link but it wouldn’t let me order because it said I already had one. I want to order couple of kits just to have on hand. What do I need to do to get them?

  2. Is there any way to tell if all the kits I ordered were actually ordered? I ordered 6 Kits, put in the First Names of all 6 people, and on the right side of the screen it listed all 6 kits, with the first one at $49 and the other 5 at $0. It only charged me for one kit (plus shipping), and the confirmation email doesn’t specify how many kits were ordered, only stating “Thank you for ordering the Family Finder, Domestic Shipping tests.”

  3. Typical Family Tree BS! Seeing your email, I tried to order four kits that I could give to undetermined relatives for Christmas. Apparently, the system only allowed me to order one FF at a time and insists on a sex. I absolutely find Family Tree the worst company to do business with in the industry. They just lost more of my business. Roberta, why do you peddle this garbage company’s crap?

    • Yes, you need to order one kit at a time. You can change the gender. I do take exception to your other commentary. You are welcome to your opinion, but their business model is that every kit has their own kit number.

      • I don’t agree with Robert’s comment, but my wish is that I would be able to easier manage multiple kits. My parents, aunts, uncles etc. are older and don’t even have internet.
        I ordered kits for both myself and my mom, but I have to log in separately for each to manage them. I think it’s good that each kit has it’s own number, but why isn’t there a way at FTDNA to manage them all under one account with links to the different kit numbers?

    • Don’t give up simply when you hit one easily avoidable roadblock. Set any gender and simply contact FTDNA to change it when needed. I leave them as male when I don’t know who will take the test just in case I want to order Y-DNA tests later on. Yes, ideally they should handle this better but it is hardly an issue that prevents you from ordering. You can order multiple FF tests at once if you know how to use their web site. Otherwise it is better to order one at a time to prevent user mistakes. Some customers do make mistakes so this way helps keep those down.

      To order multiple tests for different kits, notice that in the cart you will see a “Kit #1” bar. Under that you will find “Add or gift another kit”. Click that to add another kit to the cart. This allows you to order all the tests and kits in one go. You do not get additional discounts on shipping when doing this. If you are not computer savvy then it is best to do it one at a time to prevent mix ups.

  4. Just ordered a kit for myself, thanks for the heads up! I have been ordering kits for relatives over the years but had not yet done this for myself, so I just couldn’t resist. As administrator for several kits, I just found it odd that there is a 2-letter prefix to the numerical sequence of the kit number that I was assigned. This is the first time that I see this as all the other kits are only a series of numbers. Do you know why my new kit came out with a two-letter prefix?

    • If the prefix is “AM”, then it means it was purchased through Amazon. At least this is what FTDNA staff told me when I encountered a member with that prefix. I think the “MH” prefix is for MyHeritage kits. Other prefixes have to do with data being transferred for example an AncestryDNA kit transfer to a new kit would make a “B” prefix. A Nat Geno test would give you an “N” prefix.

      • The kits on this sale can’t be purchased from Amazon. Only directly from FTDNA. A kit that has previously transferred in with a MH number would not be able to order a Family Finder test because they already transferred in an autosomal test.

  5. Roberta, I am a woman and did an mt-dna test and Family Finder test at Family Tree DNA. Does the Family Finder ethnicity results include the DNA my dad gave me or is it just my female line?

  6. Although a nice jester, this was Veteran Day weekend, which not all would be home to check their emails for this offer. I believe an extend time period would be more effective for all. Thank you.

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