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Helix is a startup company (funded in part by the DNA testing juggernaut, Illumina) that is offering a marketplace approach to DNA testing.

This means you pay for the initial Exome sequencing through Helix, then you pay for apps from companies that develop applications, much like the app stores.

I will be reporting on my Neanderthal and Metabolism results soon, but Helix has launched a 2 day sale (ending November 9th) that is the best Exome pricing I’ve ever seen anyplace – and If you are interested, I don’t want you to miss the opportunity.

However, and this is a big however, you do NOT receive your raw data results, so you can’t download and use those results for genealogy or health outside of applications available for purchase through Helix affiliates.

If you are interested in testing for other types of information offered through Helix affiliate company applications, you may be interested in this sale.

Here’s how the Helix marketplace works:

You purchase an application and bundled into that price is both the Helix exome sequencing and the app itself.

On the Helix site, click on the various icons under the “shop” tab to see the regular and sale pricing.

At this point, the only three tests that I have confidence in are the Neanderthal and Metabolism apps by Insitome (a startup by Spencer Wells, former Director of the Genographic Project and Scientist in Residence), the Genographic Project app, and potentially the Health category apps, although I have not personally evaluated the Health apps.

In other cases, I’m downright skeptical of the value of some of these apps, but I’ll let you be the judge.

App categories, other than the ones I mentioned above, include:

  • Entertainment
  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

Here’s are the sale prices for:


While I am a National Geographic Genographic affiliate researcher, there is no financial remuneration involved, nor is this a paid affiliate link.  This means I have no financial interest whatsoever, in any way, in these products and services – nor do I receive any commission if you purchase any of these products.

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    • The Genographic tells you about your mitochondrial (male and female) haplogroup and Y DNA (if you are a male) haplogroup along with ethnicity. The Neanderthal provides you with some Neanderthal traits that you carry, and the Metabolism shows 8 metabolic traits that are inherited from ancient ancestral groups and whether yours are from hunter-gatherers or farmers – the early European populations. These are more for fun and general interest than genetic genealogy. I did them because I was curious.

  1. Everybody is “jumping on the band wagon” looking for a quick buck. What really bothers me is the fact that Illumina — the company that is doing everyone else’s testing — seems to be the only game in town from that standpoint but they will hardly be a “neutral” entity if they have their own agenda on the commercialization of the DNA testing and results. Genetic Genealogy — and genealogy in general — is not very well understood by a lot of the public already and I fear that this “trend setting” move is only going to add to the misinformation and confusion already out there at the expense of the “real picture”.

    • I agree. Genealogy is not well understood by people who are trying to learn. Lots of people getting on the bandwagon such as myself. Even on the best websites, so many give different answers to seemingly simple questions even though there are no simple questions. The best in the field are statiticians and the rest of us just plod along. Still, I’m fortunate there are many wonderful people who are willingly to volunteer and help newcomers. It is a fast growing field with many aspiring to become professional. Seems to me not many have to skills to become professionals. Lots of science, technology and mathematics involved.

  2. hello! I received the Geno 2.0 next gen from helix as an xmas present from my husband. I finally got my results today and though this is my first DNA test after reading a few if not numerous posts you’ve made I realize how this isnt the best “first” test I should take. I thought at first I could transfer to FTDNA and read their fine print to see that they’re now refusing these versions, and so I looked back onto Helix and am wanting to make an informed decision or just throw it all to the wind and just go to FTDNA … My question is does Regional Ancestry by Insitome give that same breakdown like FTDNA/Ancestry/23 or is it just the Geno 2.0 repeated? I ask because the additional $20 is a better swallow than the initial cost for the latter.


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