Friends and Family Summer Sale at Family Tree DNA

Wow, Family Tree DNA’s summer sale has been announced just in time to stock up on kits for those upcoming family reunions or Labor Day picnics.

Almost everything is on sale, including new kit orders, the Family Finder test, upgrades AND the Big Y.  This sale price of $395 is the best price I’ve ever seen on the Big Y.

If you’ve been waiting, now’s the time.  The sale starts August 1 between 9 and 10 AM Central time in the US and runs for the entire month of August.

I wasn’t kidding about family gatherings. I never, ever go to one of these events without at least kit in my purse. Seriously. You just never know.

If you don’t have a kit with you, you KNOW you’ll miss an opportunity!

I’ve learned to strike while the iron is hot, while the person is interested. If possible, I have them swab at the event so that kit doesn’t sit on their kitchen counter for the next year.

Yes, I know they aren’t supposed to eat for an hour before swabbing, BUT, I talk to them long enough for several minutes to pass and then have them swab, just like people do at conferences. So far, it has always worked out just fine.

The best thing is that seeing someone swab often garners interest from others as well, and you may just wind up having a DNA education session and swab party! What better to happen?

You’ll be doing the genealogists happy dance!

OK, What’s On Sale?


o Family Finder (FF) – $69


o Y37 – $139

Big Y

o Big Y – $395 (Best price I’ve ever seen on this test.)

Y Upgrades

o Y12 to 37 – $69

o Y25 to 37 – $35

o Y37 to 67 – $79

o Y37 to 111 – $168

o Y67 to 111 – $99

Mitochondrial DNA

o Full Mitochondrial Sequence (FMS) – $159

o Mitochondrial HVR1 or HVR2 (either one) upgrade to full sequence (FMS) – $119

Combos and Savings Bundles

o Y37 + Family Finder – $198

o Y67 + Full mitochondrial (FMS) + Family Finder – $430

o Full mitochondrial sequence (FMS) + Family Finder – $218

Click here to order.


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16 thoughts on “Friends and Family Summer Sale at Family Tree DNA

  1. That would be a good deal if I had a match on my Ydna (12-25 or 37). Ysearch is just a shot in the dark too.

  2. Hello Roberta Estes,

    Thank you very much for letting us know about this sale, your blog helped me pick which company to go with about a month ago or more, and I was waiting for a Family Tree DNA sale so that I could buy the Family Finder test; and so now I can buy it finally. 🙂

    -John Jr

  3. Less than 12 hours ago I paid full price for a Y-67 test kit for a distant cousin. Do you think they would give me the sale price if I called?

      • I’ve ordered a few kits over the years, usually Family Finder during a sale, to have on hand “just in case.” I specified the name for these kits as “TBD” (meaning “To be determined”), and even with “TBD” (first name) and “TBD” (last name). These were mailed to my address with no problems. The name was changed later, when the kit was used by someone who eventually agreed to do a DNA test.

      • Ah cool, thank you very much. I was wondering the same thing, especially about going to a family reunion without knowing in advance who might be willing to do the test. Thanks!

        • I do seriously carry 2 kits with me at all times if I’m going anyplace that I might have the ability to use a kit. I recently carried two overseas with me. Yes, I brought both of them back unused… but you never know and if I had encountered the opportunity, I didn’t want to be without a kit.

  4. Hi Roberta
    Thanks for the heads-up! I wonder how my family would react if I start handing out DNA kits like lollypops at the next family gathering!

    I think it’s time to get that mitochondrial DNA test ordered. My current results at FTDNA are an Ancestry V1 transfer. Is there any advantage to bundling in a family finder with the mt full sequence? Have you done a comparison?

  5. Sometimes family members can be quite apprehensive about this whole DNA thing. Imagined and real issues can be major obstacles, even when you’re offering the test for free.

    I’m contacting FamilyTreeDNA customer service, and I hope others will also that have been puzzled by FTDNA’s test result procedures. On two separate occasions, with two different test subjects, FTDNA has informed me about my “new” match before they notified the test subject. In both cases, it took time and patience to convince the person to participate and invest in a test kit. Weeks later, when I was notified I had a new match, I sent congratulations to the test subject, only to be told they haven’t gotten their test results yet. This does not build consumer confidence in individuals that were hesitant to participate in DNA testing until I convinced them. FTDNA needs to notify the test subjects of their results before they notify any of their matches.

  6. Roberta, your price of $395.00 for Big-Y does not seem to appear on FTDNA website as one of the deals being offered. Just wondering. I relied on your information and passed it on to friends on Facebook. I am always recruiting people to test through FTDNA (Bryan, Qualls, Vautier, Fairweather, and Anderson surnames). While I am at it, Heritage DNA is also offering sale prices right now. They claim to offer more results for ethnicity testing than anybody else. I am not so inclined to order their test, as I have limited funds and am planning on ordering for my first cousin (my dad’s only sister’s daughter, age 77) a MtDNA rull sequence test. She already submitted her DNA for Family Finder. However, what is your opinion of Geni (Heritage) ethnicity test?

    • The Big Y is only offered as an upgrade to males who have taken the 37 marker STR test, so you won’t see it on their main page.

      I am not impressed with MyHeritage’s ethnicity or matching either one. I wrote about them in two articles which you can find by searching for MyHeritage in the blog search box. I showed the comparison.

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