Father’s Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

Just in time for Father’s Day, Family Tree DNA is having a sale on the introductory level 37 marker Y DNA test for males, along with the Family Finder autosomal test for everyone. Better yet, you can bundle the two for additional savings.

Sale Starts: Tuesday, June 6th
Sale Ends: Saturday June 18th, 11:59 PM CST

If you’d like to see what kind of information you’ll receive in a Y DNA test and how to utilize the results, please take a look at the article I just published yesterday, Working with Y DNA – Your Dad’s Story.

If you haven’t yet tested your father or better yet, your grandfather – this is the perfect chance. Don’t let that opportunity slip away. If you want to read about why testing older family members is so important, please read Concepts – Why DNA Testing the Oldest Family Members is Critically Important.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day with your loved ones.


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9 thoughts on “Father’s Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

  1. When did FTDNA’s family finder go up in price? It has been $79 since at least January. You show that the father’s day sale is $89 minus $20 for a sale price of $69. What did they do … raise their price so they could have a good looking $20 discount?

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  3. Roberta, I am trying to buy the Y 37 plus FF which shows on the FTDNA main page right now as on sale, combined, for $199. But every time I click “buy now” nothing happens, it just pops back to that sale page. I have left a contact note for them. I am putting this here in case others have problems. I have also tried to do it from your links, so that you would get the small contribution you describe above–I’ve been reading your blog for over 3 years and it is so very helpful–I appreciate you so much! Anyway, this is frustrating–I’ve tried on 2 different computers and IE and Edge both, over 2 days, no luck. I think I can order the Y on their regular FTDNA page and get that sale but I really wanted both at once–we just found a new distant cousin, he very kindly agreed to do the testing for us. Thanks to you or others for any suggestions, I know the sale ends Sunday. I’ve ordered 18 kits over the years, this is my first problem with the site.

    • Thank you very much for using my affiliate link. I really appreciate that. I just did this to see if it worked. I clicked on the Y 37 where it says “$139, order now” showing on the first page. I click on the order now and it takes me to another page. Scroll down to near the bottom where it says “Y 37 $139” and click on the “order now” button. Then it takes you to the shopping cart where you can just add the Family Finder and the total is $199.

  4. Thanks so much, I’ll do that, then. You’d think when they are running a sale they’d have the “buy now” links on their big front page all working, wouldn’t you?! Oh, well. Again, many thanks to your for so many useful and interesting posts over the years I’ve been involved with DNA testing. I appreciate you greatly and send “newbies” to you regularly. Just to be sure, for instance in this post, where you see “affiliate link” or “FTDNA” or anything like that, in blue, when I click on that it will take me to their website and by doing it this way, they’ll give you a contribution, is that right? I will definitely do that from now on, though we’ve tested so many of the family, I’m not sure there are many more left to test.

    • Yes, that’s exactly right – any blue link to FTDNA or the link on the side of the blog. I keep thinking I don’t have any more to test too, but then through the 52 Ancestors articles, from time to time, they do pop up. I’m very excited when that happens!!!

      • Thanks, it’s definitely exciting when you find someone new to test. And so lucky this time that a total stranger (even though we are distantly related) who has no interest in family history, was so nice when I called and said yes!

        I just got a response from the FTDNA helpdesk who said they’d do it for me, but I said thanks anyway, that you had told me how I could make it work (I want to be sure to use your link to do it). Thanks again for all you do for so many of us.

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