Family Tree DNA Mother’s Day Sale 2017

This Mother’s Day, you can give Mom something that will benefit her and you too. The Family Finder autosomal DNA test at Family Tree DNA is on sale for $69 beginning today, May 10 through Sunday, May 14th, at midnight Houston time.

So, if it’s Sunday late afternoon and you can’t find that skillet you wanted to buy for her, don’t worry, there’s still time to redeem yourself by purchasing a DNA test.  Just get a card and tell her the kit is on the way.  A printout of the purchase confirmation in the card works too.

Why would you want to give your mother a DNA test, especially if you’ve already tested?

  • First, your matches from your mother’s side will match both you AND your mother, so her matches will easily identify your maternal line relatives.
  • Second, when you connect your mother’s DNA to your tree at Family Tree DNA, you’ll receive maternally identified Family Matches. In other words, Family Tree DNA is doing the heavy lifting in terms of family matching for you!
  • Third, your mother carries more of your ancestors’ DNA than you do, so she’ll have more matches from her side of the family for you to work with.
  • Fourth, her DNA is cut in half in your generation, so her ethnicity will reflect more of her ancestry than yours will, because you only carry half of the DNA she does.
  • Fifth, your mother and you can enjoy sharing your genealogy journey together.  I really miss sharing now that my Mom is gone.

If neither you nor your mother have tested, you can buy a Family Finder test for both of you while they are on sale.  If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating Mother’s Day with your grandmother as well, by ALL means, test her too!

DNA testing is a very unique gift and you’ll be so glad that you did.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.  As a genealogist, I am grateful every single day for my mother’s Family Finder test results.

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3 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA Mother’s Day Sale 2017

  1. I tested myself w/Family Tree full sequence MtDNA – but just basic MtDNA plus in my mother. I ordered & just received her Family Finder. Do u see a need to do full sequence in her, since we have same MTDNA?

      • Thank you! That’s what I thought-your blog is most helpful. I tested back in 2006 but just recently reengaged. Mom & I are now on FF- so is Dad. Found out today they are 3-5th cousins! Thanks again, I appreciate all you do.

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