DNA Day Sale Starts Today!

Everyone anticipates this sale every year. The DNA Day Sale begins sometime today, April 20, and runs for a week, according to the information provided by Family Tree DNA, below.

National DNA Day, April 25, celebrates the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA in 1953, as well as the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003. And wherever DNA is being celebrated, you’ll find genetic genealogists eagerly anticipating a sale on DNA tests.

Beginning April 20, the FTDNA DNA Day 2017 sale will begin! The sale ends at 11:59 PM Central Time on Thursday, April 27. Please note that Items ordered on invoice during the sale must be paid by the end of the sale.

You’ll note that Y-DNA and mtDNA upgrades are not included. You will receive the sale price if you add a new product, listed above, to an existing kit, but going from Y37 to 67 or mtPlus to mtFull Sequence (FMS) will not be discounted.

Click here to take advantage of these prices and order or upgrade.

40 thoughts on “DNA Day Sale Starts Today!

  1. I went to the FTDNA website tests page and found no listing for SNP Backbone or SNP Pack tests. I entered those terms in the search box and got zero returns for each search. Where are they hiding these tests?

  2. Roberta, sale prices are not showing up on the familytreedna.com site this morning. Also, your ‘click here’ link is an affiliate link and the page errors and doesn’t load? Was that correct? Thx!

  3. Would like my children’s dad to take the autosomal test. My question is could the same sample later be used for the Y DNA test or would he have to submit a new sample.

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      • Be sure to ask for extra vials when you order the Family Finder test, and when you’re ready, order y67 or y111 straight up rather than upgrading each level each time, it uses up more sample, risking running out of it. And go for Full Sequence if you wanted mtDNA.

  4. I’m hoping you might be able to answer some questions about the sale quicker than FTDNA.

    What are SNP Backbone and SNP Packs? Are these normally offered items on their menu, or special products available to specific DNA participants. Ex.- My uncle’s profile often shows a SNP Pack upgrade, mine never has. Also, I’ve never seen SNP Backbone before?

    Just an observation. As a FTDNA customer, I never see anything about BIGY. I’ve looked for it, but the only place I can find it is when I hit the upgrade button on the top right of a profile. Just seems odd that this product is difficult to find.

    Thanks, Bob

    • Not every haplogroup has a SNP pack available. These are Y DNA only products and can be seen on the upgrade menu. The Big Y is an advanced test and is only available after taking a regular Y DNA test. I think but am not sure that the backbone pack is for when there are multiple packs available for the haplogroup and you need to figure out where you fall on the backbone first.

  5. I just noticed today that FTDNA has a new type of banner ad similar to the SNP pack ads. It is for a “Vitagene Wellness Report”. It is placed right under the Family Finder section and is shown to those who took the FF test and not the ones who did the autosomal transfer. Anyone know more about this?

  6. Hi Roberta,

    (If this is a repeat of a reply I made earlier today, please disregard:-)

    Thanks so much for your posts! Would you recommend the Family Finder bundles for those who do not know their paternal grandfather and/or their father and mother? We have both situations with a couple of males in our family.

    I’m considering the Autosomal + 37 markers for the male who doesn’t know his paternal grandfather, and the Autosomal + mtFull Sequence for the male who doesn’t know who his parents are (he was adopted by an American family in occupied Germany after WWII).

    I’m also considering the Autosomal + mtFull for me (female); I’m stuck in the early 19th century on my maternal line. In your opinion, would that be a good choice?


  7. Can you tell me if I purchase a family finder kit for a friend would I have to open an account for her on FTDNA and pay $39 to do this. I don,t want to give her the kit and find she has to pay anything as this is a gift.

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    On 20 April 2017 at 06:03, DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy wrote:

    > robertajestes posted: “Everyone anticipates this sale every year. The DNA > Day Sale begins sometime today, April 20, and runs for a week, according to > the information provided by Family Tree DNA, below. National DNA Day, April > 25, celebrates the discovery of the double he” >

    • You have to order the kit. You have to pay for whatever test you want to order. Right now the Family Finder is on sale for $59. You can pay for the kit when you order it, and have it sent to her. I’m not sure where you are seeing the $39, but you don’t have to pay anything to open an account, per se. You open an account by ordering a kit.

  8. I’ve had Big Y and mtFull performed. Any reason (besides suspicion of NPE) for my father or uncle to do a Y67 or my mother to do an mtFull? (They’ve already done autosomal, and I just ordered mtFull for him.)

  9. If I wanted to spend around $200 to get a male relative to do the Y-DNA test (he has no previous tests), would it be better to purchase the Family Finder and the Y-37 or just purchase the Y-67 test? I think I read where you have to at least the Y-67 to join a surname project–right?

    What would it cost to later upgrade the 37 to the 67-marker test?

  10. It seems silly that you can’t get the discount on an upgrade. I took the Nat Geo Geno 1.0 test way back in 2008 before these better tests were available. I transferred my data to FTDNA but found the data from my early test pretty unhelpful. I’ve been waiting years to have the money to test again AND get a sale price, but the price is higher if I already have data on FTDNA’s website?! Am I missing something? Why would it cost more to test again? Is there any drawback to just creating a new account to get the discounted price?

      • I did actually try calling them this morning. Just missed their Fridays-until-noon-CST cutoff, so I’ll have to wait until Monday to speak to anyone there. *sigh* I was so excited to finally order my kit. I’m so tempted to “order from scratch” right now, but fear there’s something I don’t know about upgrading vs. starting over. I kind of wish I’d never tested with Nat Geo back then. The cost vs. the data I got was not worth it IMO. Well I guess a few more days won’t kill me. Thanks for your suggestion, Roberta.

  11. What results does the big y test , give you, I’m trying to use my uncle’s DNA to find lost relatives in the ukraine, what tests to you recommend . We have birth records of the family tree, just need to match live relatives to the birth record names .

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