Family Tree DNA 2016 Holiday Sale

An annual event we all look forward to, the Family Tree DNA Holiday sale is here with a new version of weekly gifts for everyone.


First, almost all of Family Tree DNA’s tests are on sale.

Family Finder and Bundles Regular Price Sale Price
Family Finder (for males and females) $79 $59
Family Finder + Y37 (males) $268 $188
Family Finder + Y67 (males) $367 $278
Comprehensive Genome (males) – Family Finder + Y 67 + mtDNA full sequence $566 $451.50
Family Finder +mitochondrial full sequence (males and females) $298 $228
Paternal (Male Only) Tests  
Y37 $169 $139
Y67 $268 $229
Y111 $359 $319
Big Y (Upgrade Only from Y Tests) $575 $525
Matrilineal (Male and Female) Tests  
MtDNA+ (HVR1+HVR2) $79 $79
mtFull Sequence (complete test) $199 $179

Additional Holiday Reward Coupon Savings

Second, there are additional “Holiday Reward” coupon savings e-mailed to every customer sometime after midnight Sunday Central Standard Time (meaning sometime on Monday) that provide additional savings on specific products. You can use these coupons on top of the sale prices to receive additional discounts – beginning with an extra $10 off.

If you don’t receive the e-mail right away, you can sign on to your account to see your coupon, at the top of your personal page with the green background that says “Holiday Reward.”  Be sure to check other accounts you manage as well.


If you’re not going to use your coupons, you can share them by listing the amount and what they can be applied towards in the comments to this blog or by directly sending to someone via e-mail from your account.

Here’s my coupon for this week, and the first person to use it is welcome to the savings!.


Furthermore, it gets better yet, because if you share your holiday rewards coupon, you will receive another coupon that may be better than the first one, depending on what you want to purchase – according to the e-mail from Family Tree DNA, below.


Your personal page provides a second way for you to share your coupons in order to receive a second coupon before the following Monday. However, you will receive a second coupon regardless of whether you share through your account or by just giving someone your code (like on the list below.)


Please feel free to list any coupons you may want to share, and what they are for, in the comments to the blog, like we have done every year. I will be listing my coupon codes available for usage each week as well.  Feel free to use the ones below and beware the difference between zero (0) and the letter capital O, and the number one (1) and the letter capital I.

Click here to use the coupons below or to see what coupons await you!!!

Coupon # Good for What
R16IYQIC4FZD $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16IW5OVTB52 $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16LQMMYCZOD $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16RCMN3BJN6 20% OFF Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16I85RHI8QC 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R163H7YVXHOK $50 Off Big Y
R16OS1AX7X8I 20% OFF Y37, Y67 or Y111
R165K78FBHMY 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16UC39OU5F $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16MD7L3UG3Q 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R163SVXYBR9A $20 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16ZX1JNQDTQ 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R1685DXE53D9 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16L9CDAN31Z $20 Oiff MTDNA
R16J7VI9OFWN $20 Off MtDNA
R16U55JS9S2D 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16TPNKGFKHK $20 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16163G75WQ1 $40 OFF Y67
R16QAKWBYB0O 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16JYOR77GEO $100 Off Big Y
R16A4A69Y5A5 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16W4JTXHOX6 $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R1643WY7WOQN $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16H1H6KOTP7 $20 Off MtDNA
R16LKDOQG3UF 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16POHVJ97YB $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R168OCU8PR14 20% OFF Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16UNAZTG2ZE $75 Off Big Y
R16OFCKVHOWY $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16TL78JDKMS $20 Off MtDNA
R16O9JV4OTN6 20% OFF Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16EW3O2ZHYC $10 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16O3HF22OQH $10 Off MTDNA
R161SAUW7VX3 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16BTUFHPM1F $20 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16457PON7BE $20 Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R1667JIWJJRS $40 OFF Y67
R16DO4G9UF8L $50 Off Big Y
R165VL2OLBIZ $40 off MTFULL (used)
R162OJ2Y1CM6 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R16R8O4M6F5U $50 Off Big Y
R164CHEXU2U9 $20 Off MtDNA
R167SSQG2SZK 10% Off Y37, Y67 or Y111
R1672CFZN7KB $20 Off MtDNA

Happy Holidays and thank you, Family Tree DNA!

30 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA 2016 Holiday Sale

  1. I have the Family Finder by transferring my AncestryDNA results. My birth surname is so uncommon that anyone with that surname is most likely related so I assume a Y DNA test isn’t as useful. The top of my maternal line and likely my only Irish connection is also one of my most recent brick walls. So the question I have is would it be more cost effective to buy the MTDNA test for me or the family finder for some other relatives? I was actually hoping Ancestry and FTDNA would get the transfer working again so I could just test on one site and transfer to the other

    • The Y DNA test tells you about your deeper ancestry as well, like where in the world your ancestors came from. So it’s not just about matches. Your mtDNA does the same thing, but matches are more difficult because the surname changes in each generation. Having said that, for both Y and mtDNA, you don’t know what you don’t know. Testing other family members, if your primary interest is autosomal is extremely valuable. As you know, you can link 3rd cousins or closer into your tree and they will help phase your matches into “sides” of your family – so they are very useful. As to the transfers. I know FTDNA is close to accepting Ancestry transfers again but I don’t think Ancestry will ever accept transfers from other companies.

    • The price for a transfer is $39 and the sale price has narrowed the gap to $59. Or $49 if you can find a Family Finder $10 coupon, which are a bit scarce. Or $49 if you combine with a mtDNA or Y test.

      It might just be worth it to not worry about the transfer and buy a new kit for $20 more. You can use those kits for other FTDNA tests as well.

      There are some advantages to just doing the transfer (if it were available). But with AncestryDNA’s history of destroying kits three years ago, I would think it would be safer to be with FTDNA.

      I dont really think will destroy all their kits, but I also didnt think that three years ago either.
      Even though you have an uncommon name, I still think a YDNA test is a good idea. You never know who you will match now or in the future. But I am a strong YDNA partisan. And the prices with coupons are pretty good.

  2. Roberta,
    I’m thinking about purchasing a few Family Finder kits for future use (not right away) for relatives with me as administrator. I do not currently administer any kits (other than my own) and I was wondering how the process works. I know you administer many kits so I was wondering if you could explain the process. If you need more than the space here, maybe you could do a short article on the subject. I’m sure there are some “gotcha’s” and “ins-and-outs” that someone unfamiliar with the process might want to be aware of before doing this. Thanks!

    • Each kit is purchased and managed separately, so there is really no difference between managing one kit and several. The only gotcha I can think of is that I know occasionally people have an issue purchasing multiple kits for different people in one transaction. I purchase each one separately.

    • Another thought would be that you might want to create a private project and put all of the kits in that project so that you can sign on as a project administrator and see all of the kits in the project. To do that, you would email Family Tree DNA. You can do that anytime and you can add kits to projects anytime too. If you’re just ordering a few kits, it would probably be just as easy to sign on to each one. Mine are in projects but then I manage many.

  3. R16JYAOTPB3X 10% off Y37, Y67, or Y111
    R1650XEKN6YJ 10% off Y37, Y67, or Y111
    R16A9WD2NHRQ $40 off Y-DNA67
    R16G1M5623JB 10% off Y37, Y67, or Y111
    R16MAZ7103XK $10 off mtDNA

  4. Roberta, I assume there will be no additional Cyber Monday or Black Friday discounts; is this correct? I had this discussion with some family members and I told them I would ask you just to be sure, should you happen to write an article on the subject of the discounts at FTDNA. They are trying to hold out for the best price, as I am sure many folks are doing.

    • I have never known them to have additional discounts like Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. They generally start their sale early, at the conference and issue the coupons weekly after that.

  5. Dear Roberta,
    Can the mtDNA + later be upgraded to the mtFull sequence using the original sample, as the YDNA tests can be upgraded to test for more factors with the first sample sent in for testing?? KMC

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  7. Thanks for the codes! I have a question: in your opinion, which is the best for ancestry from South America? I’m what’s considered a mestizo, and I’d like to know more. Thanks.

    • You can test your Y line for direct paternal, your mtDNA for direct maternal and your autosomal for ethnicity and cousin matching. You’re lucky, because you can do all three. The Y and mtDNA will tell you if those lines are directly Native, while the autosomal (Family Finder) will give you percentages of ethnicity for all of your lines combined, plus cousin matches.

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