Just 3 More Days – Family Tree DNA Sale Ends August 31st

Family Tree DNA announced that their Sizzling Summer Sale will end at midnight, Wednesday, August 31st, Houston (central) time.

This sale includes the lowest price ever for Family Finder – $69.

The best thing you can do for your autosomal DNA research, aside from testing yourself, is to test your closest relatives, in particular, the oldest generation who are closer, generationally speaking, to your ancestors.  Test aunts, uncles, first cousins, anyone who is a known relative – except for your children who only received your DNA – so your children’s DNA won’t be helpful to your genealogy.

If your parents are available to test, test them as well. If your parents aren’t available, test your siblings, as their matches are as relevant to your genealogy as your own.

Think about who you’ll be seeing this fall and over the holidays. You can take the kits with you and have your relatives swab during a visit. That way, you can be sure swabbing happens and the kit is returned to the lab for processing. Oh, and by the way, these prices include return postage within the US.

Product Regular Price Sale Price Savings
Family Finder (FF) $99 $69 $30
Y37+Family Finder $268 $228 $40
Y67+Family Finder $367 $327 $40
Comprehensive (FF+Y67+Full Mitochondrial) $566 $499 $67
Family Finder+Full Mitochondrial $298 $258 $40

Bundles must remain bundles and cannot be split between multiple individuals.  Only males can test for Y DNA, because only males have a Y chromosome.  Females, however, can find males from the surname line they are interested in to test on their behalf – such as a father, brother or uncle.

The Y DNA test tests your direct paternal (surname) line, if you are a male. Tests for both genders include the mitochondrial test that tests your direct matrilineal line (mother’s mother’s mother’s line) and Family Finder that tests your autosomal DNA, matching you to cousins from any or all of your ancestral lines, plus provides ethnicity estimates. For a brief description of how these different kinds of tests work, click here.

Otherwise, click here to order and stock up on test kits. You can order the kits now, and enter the name of who they will be used for later. I keep a test kit in my purse and one in my car at all times. Yes, seriously. And I have used them unexpectedly. That’s called a golden opportunity and thank goodness I was prepared!

Here’s wishing you many golden opportunities!

14 thoughts on “Just 3 More Days – Family Tree DNA Sale Ends August 31st

  1. If you want to order and pay for multiple kits, but don’t yet know who you’re testing, fill in the name with TBD TBD and put c/o your name on the first address line. Choose either male or female as the gender and then when you send in the sample make sure the gender of the test taker is clearly marked on the release.

    • Since I don’t know the gender of who I will test, can I choose either gender just for ordering purposes and then specify when test is sent in? I think that’s what you’re saying.

  2. I think it was too bad that FTDNA only had sales on either the Family Finder by itself, or the Family Finder in a bundle. Since I’ve already had several family members do 23andme v3 and ancestryDNA, and have already uploaded the raw data for Family Finder (which I am glad that FTDNA is just about the only company to have that feature), I’m not looking to get the Family Finder.
    Too bad FTDNA couldn’t have also had a sale for either the mtDNA or the Y-DNA tests by themselves without also being in a bundle with Family Finder. Hopefully they’ll have that type of sale by around Christmas time.

  3. Roberta: “I keep a test kit in my purse and one in my car at all times. Yes, seriously. And I have used them unexpectedly. That’s called a golden opportunity and thank goodness I was prepared!” Who else has thought to do that?

  4. Do I need to do a Family Tree DNA test if I have done a 23andme DNA test? My intention is to have Roberta J Estes do an analysis for me…? If I need to order a Family Tree DNA test, would the Family Finder test be sufficient? Betsy Fay

    • Yes, because for the autosomal tests, the different data bases have different people to match. 23andMe does not provide mtDNA testing, so you can only take that test at Family Tree DNA. I do provide Personalized DNA Reports for both Y and mtDNA, but not for autosomal since it is entirely genealogy based. I do refer to others who do provide those services. Regardless, you’ll still want to be in both of those data bases.

  5. Hi Roberta Thanks for your most recent post. “Stocking up” (well two FF kits) would be good but when I go to the link, they want to know whether they are for Male or Female and I have never been able to get beyond this point. Do I have to make the decision this early or is there a way round? Thanks Elaina


  6. Hi Judy, Would you remind me this sale is over Wed? My brain is gone!! I think want to buy another one If you think we should buy another one for the project? In case we find a Thomas descendant. You know they won’t pay for it. If you do then go for it.

    Love ya

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