Sizzling Summer Sale – Family Finder $69 + More Bundles

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I received the following information from Family Tree DNA this evening. Not only is there a sale, but Family Finder is $69. I think that’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen an autosomal DNA test.  I love sales because that always means more people testing their Y, mitochondrial and autosomal DNA – and more cousins for those of us who have already tested!!!

Summer in Houston means relentless heat. Ruthless sunshine punctuated by the occasional thunderstorm. The hum of air conditioner compressors is the season’s soundtrack.

You know what else it means?

Yep. You got it. It means the Sizzlin’ Summer Sale is about to launch!

This summer the focus is on bundles that include Family Finder: Y37 + Family Finder, Y67 + Family Finder, FMS + Family Finder, and Comprehensive Genome (FF+Y67+FMS). The prices are in the chart below.

But wait – there’s more!

The heat must have gotten to Bennett because the only individual test he’s reduced pricing on is Family Finder, which will be $69. You read that right. $69 US DOLLARS!

(For those of you who are new and may not be aware, Bennett Greenspan is the founder and president of FTDNA.)

Not only has he set the Family Finder price ridiculously low, but he’s not giving us an end date for this sale. It could last a few days or a few weeks – we don’t know and he’s not telling!

So what we’re saying is, take advantage of these great prices while they’re hot!

Here’s the pricing:

Product Retail Pricing Sale Price Group Price
Family Finder $99 $69 $69
Y37 + Family Finder $268 $228 $218
Y67 + Family Finder $367 $327 $317
Comprehensive Genome (FF+Y67+FMS) $566 $499 $489
FMS + Family Finder $298 $258 $258

**Please note – these bundles must remain bundles. If you buy at the sale price for future use, the entire bundle must be used on one tester. Canceling tests from the bundle will cause tests to revert to regular price.**

We’ll be emailing customers starting tomorrow morning, but we wanted to let project administrators know now.

You can click here to order after the sale starts, which is probably tomorrow, August 3rd.

19 thoughts on “Sizzling Summer Sale – Family Finder $69 + More Bundles

  1. Wow! I may buy Family Finder, because I tested on ancestry’s v2 chip…
    I have a quick question about GEDmatch. There’s this person I share DNA with and we have a common Native American ancestor. On the one of the segments we share, I have some Native American ancestry. My total Native American score on GEDmatch though is between 0.1% and 0.5%. This pattern occurs on all the admixture calculators. Could I attribute this Amerindian segment to the common Native ancestor?

  2. Is the Mt DNA on sell??? This is what I need. I want to know more about my family that could be American Indian on my mother’s side. So this is the test I’m wanting but I don’t see it anywhere in the sizzling summer sale. I’ve done the family finder, I got my brother the yDNA 37, I’m still waiting on the results. But I really would love to do the Mt DNA at a lower cost I am disabled and on a fixed income. Thank you in advance.

  3. I have one more question. My great-grandmother is ninety-five. She was born out of wedlock and her father is unknown and a family mystery. My great aunt tested her with AncestryDNA. My great aunt also tested my g-grandma’s maternal first cousin to distinguish the matches from the maternal side. I recently did AncestryDNA and looked at my shared matches with her. I also uploaded my raw data to GEDmatch. There are two people who popped up on both GEDmatch and Ancestry in my match list. They also were matches of my g-grandmother, and I contacted my g-aunt and she said that they did not match my g-grandma’s maternal first cousin. It turned out these two matches and I all shared this 30.5 cM segment with each other. I then looked at each of these people’s family tree and they have one common ancestor couple. These are their only shared ancestors on their extensive family trees. Since we share the EXACT same segment, does this mean that this couple may be my ancestors too? Thank you very much.

      • What could the relationship be with these people, do you know? My great aunt is very stubborn for some reason and will not share any more info. Thank you for your help. I also match 5th-8th cousins whose family trees lead back to this couple, or the husband’s parents.

  4. About choosing between FTDNA Family Finder test vs AncestryDNA —
    Would there be an advantage to waiting for a sale on AncestryDNA testing instead of FTDNA FF since the results can be transferred from Ancestry to FTDNA?? Wouldn’t I get a two-for-one for my money by doing AncestryDNA test as a first step? However…. the price for Family Finder is tempting.

  5. I went to order family finder and it would not let me continue .. as I am pending ancestry transfer in ftdna system? would not let me transfer ancestry as it is with the new chip .. dont know what to make of this

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