Family Tree DNA Father’s Day Sale

2016 Father's Day Sale

We knew it was coming, and it’s here. I just received this announcement from Family Tree DNA.

The Father’s Day Sale is Upon Us!

Beginning at midnight tonight (Wednesday, 6-15, Houston, TX, USA time) and running until 11:59 pm (CST) on Monday, June 20th, our Father’s Day Sale will be in effect, bringing discounts on upgrade pricing as promised, as well as some select testing bundles! Invoiced orders during the sale will also receive the sale pricing as long as the balance is paid by the end of the sale period.

2016 FD Sale prices

Upgrades to existing kits are available at the following sale prices, in green, including mitochondrial DNA:

2016 FD upgrades

Click here to order beginning on Thursday, very first thing in the morning, right after midnight, at 12:01!!!

Ancestry Autosomal Transfer Update

As you probably know Ancestry recently changed their file format for their autosomal raw data files, and the new format of these files is currently not compatible with our system. We are working to adjust to make our system compatible with these files as soon as possible. We have this placed at a high priority so that those Ancestry testers who have tested under their new chip may transfer to our database.

Please note that this issue only affects those who have recently tested with Ancestry – people who have tested with Ancestry prior to the recent change in their testing chip are still able to transfer.

If you tested at Ancestry prior to about the middle of May, 2016, you tested on their old V1 chip and you can transfer your Ancestry autosomal data file to Family Tree DNA for “free,” but pay $39 to unlock the file for matching. And $39 is a whole lot less than $99 to retest.  It’s a great value and Family Tree DNA has a chromosome browser and other tools for you to utilize.  If you’d like to see more about the features and tools available to Family Tree DNA customers as well as transfer kits, click here.

Click here to upload your Ancestry or 23andMe V3 results to Family Tree DNA.

22 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA Father’s Day Sale

  1. Hi Roberta! I have done MOST of the testing for myself & my late father with FTDNA: Y-DNA & mtDNA & atDNA for my late father, mtDNA & atDNA for me & a distant female cousin on my Dad’s side with atDNA at FTDNA & a male maternal first cousin with Y-DNA with FTDNA. Then I decided to do a second test for myself & my male first cousin with 23andme, on sale for two people, thinking that I could transfer his atDNA to FTDNA. Not true because it is a later edition of the atDNA! I sure would like to be able to! Any word on that? Since you mentioned FTDNA is trying to adapt to allow people tested for atDNA on ancestry to be able to uploaded to FTDNA… Thank you!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see that – although I’m really not in a position to say. Let’s just say that I hope so. If they can work out the Ancestry issues, the 23andMe file has just about as many common locations, although the non-common locations are different.

  2. I heard at some point that FTDNA has a special sample collection kit for infants. I am not sure if Ancestry does. Do you know which company is best suited for testing an infant and father?

  3. I just recently received my DNA results from Ancestry. Is there any way to determine which chip was used for it?

  4. I’m glad I got the Big-Y when it was on sale in April. Now, if only the results would come in….
    (Sits by the virtual mailbox, waiting for the virtual mail carrier, playing virtual minesweeper…)

  5. Hi Roberta
    I was just wondering if your second image(the sale prices) is accurate; I’ve been looking at getting the Y37 and family finder test for a cousin, and the price you have seems to be the regular non-sale price( $268, or $169 for the Y test and $99 for the family finder).
    Sorry if I misunderstood your post, and thanks for all the information on your blog

  6. Thanks Roberta. Are there any discounts for just the Family Finder or Y-DNA tests. We have a lot of members who have tested one or the other. We hope to fill in the gaps.

  7. FYI: Ancient DNA divide

    1. Ann Gibbons

    Science 17 Jun 2016: Vol. 352, Issue 6292, pp. 1384-1387 DOI: 10.1126/science.352.6292.1384


    A technological revolution has led to a golden age of paleogenomics, and ancient DNA labs are popping up throughout northern Europe, the epicenter of this fast-paced field. By contrast, the structure and politics of science funding in the United States have put ancient DNA research—the epitome of curiosity-driven science—at a serious disadvantage. The interdisciplinary nature of the method is part of its power but also makes it prone to fall through the cracks in the U.S. system. And most human evolution research in the United States is considered social science, which has low priority. As a result, the Unites States has fallen far behind in a burgeoning field that has transformed our understanding of the past, and also turns out to have unexpected medical and environmental applications. European labs dominate lists of the top papers in the field, and researchers based in Europe are getting funding to crack some of the most tempting scientific problems in the Americas, as well. U.S. researchers are voting with their feet and heading for Europe, in a brain drain rarely seen operating in this direction.

    On Wed, Jun 15, 2016 at 1:57 PM, DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy wrote:

    > robertajestes posted: ” We knew it was coming, and it’s here. I just > received this announcement from Family Tree DNA. The Father’s Day Sale is > Upon Us! Beginning at midnight tonight (Wednesday, 6-15, Houston, TX, > USA time) and running until 11:59 pm (CST) on Monday, June 2″ >

  8. Thanks for posting this reminder about the sale. I was meaning to check and your post encouraged me to act on it. My mom’s brother has agreed to the testing, so I ordered the bundle of Family Finder/ YDNA37 and it is on it’s way. I’m still not sure about what I’m getting. I only want to test my uncle, but is it two separate tests with two different swabs? Or is it two tests that are taken from the same swab?

    Mainly just wanted to thank you for the heads up.

  9. I did pay $449 two years ago for the ‘Comprehensive Genome’. As I already transferred my Ancestry results prior, what I got was mtFull, Y67 and an unlock on my Ancestry results, not a Family Finder – even though I paid this price for the 3 tests. Now I know that taking a test direct is better than a transfer. FTDNA will not honour their original offer (and I did question the unlock vs Family Finder at the time).

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