23andMe Reminder – V2 and V3 Customers – June 2 Last Day to Make Changes to Preserve Health Information

Some people have reported that they have not received an e-mail from 23andMe asking them to update their settings.

This e-mail would only pertain to people who tested before the v4 chip, so before the FDA shutdown in November of 2013.

My e-mail said that I only had until June 2 to make the changes to preserve my health information that was provided to customers before the shutdown.  The new information provided by 23andMe for the v4 chip since 23andMe and the FDA reached an agreement is different and only a subset of what former customers received.  23andMe is preserving the health reports of the earlier customers as downloadable pdf files but you MUST MAKE your selections soon and you will not be able to change those selections after the transition, and I’m assuming, in my case, not after June 2.  Some people reported that their e-mail said June 9th.

If you are uncertain whether or not you are one of the people involved in this transition, and you don’t know if you need to do anything, sign into your 23andMe account. If you see this blue banner at the top of your greeting page, you do indeed need to make these selections and verify your settings in order to preserve as much of your health information as you desire.  For example, if you have locked reports, you’ll need to unlock them or that information will forever be unavailable.

23andme blue banner

The blue banner doesn’t provide you with the drop-dead date, but to be safe, assume it is June 2 and make your selections now.

27 thoughts on “23andMe Reminder – V2 and V3 Customers – June 2 Last Day to Make Changes to Preserve Health Information

  1. Roberta, I tested with the V2 chip and my Alzheimer report is locked, and I tried but cannot unlock it because it says that it cannot be unlocked because basically the V2 chip did not include enough markers. So I need to upgrade but you can’t do upgrades right now. And I had been holding off upgrading hoping that 23 would give existing customers a price break to upgrade (FTDNA did all their customers for free!) because back when I tested I paid 399.00…..Anyway, I am not sure what to do about unlocking what I am not able to unlock….but I would like to see my Alzheimer report someday! Now I am afraid that once the transition occurs, I will not be able to upgrade and unlock this report.


    • You will never be able to unlock that report because the v2 chip did not include that location. You’ll need to test on the v4 chip. I would just order a new test but understand that I don’t think that is included anymore, so you’ll need to utilize Promethease and upload your file to them.

  2. Someone from Canada sent me a screen shot of their blue banner and it says “23andMe has paused our research program in Canada. We’ll notify you by email when participation becomes available again.”

  3. Some of us early V4 chip testers also have full health reports. The shutdown occurred not long after the switch to V4, and my family got in just under the wire. We received the same e-mail warning and have the same blue banners on our profiles. After dreading conversion to the new site, I’m now looking forward to it–thanks to the new ICW feature.

    • Thanks for this info, Georgia. While I’m a V3 tester, my brother was an early V4 chip tester. Just in case, I checked… sure enough, he has a blue banner, and wants to keep the full health reports. Glad we didn’t miss the deadline!

  4. One of the accounts I had administer has the banner but when I click on the link to unlock there is no indication of what steps to take. Does this mean the account is already unlocked?

    • Go and check the status under settings (under the gear) and make sure they are opted into medical. Then go to the medical reports screen. There are 4 sections. If any of the reports are locked, it will tell you at the top of that section. The locked ones were Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and two others than I can’t remember offhand.

  5. Just a question to clarify. (I’m a ‘dodo bird’ today, sorry!) The health report PDF’s are not available for download from 23&Me yet, are they? All we need to do right now is make sure our health/medical reports are unlocked and opted in, and then the PDF’s download option will be available AFTER our conversion to the ‘new’ 23&Me format? (Thanks!)

  6. It would be good if acknowledgement of your successful accomplishment of these tasks showed up. The same banner shows up every time and does not change for my three kits. It is impossible to know if some part did not take.

  7. You keep sending me this post, but I need my kit number or username to get on the site and update my information. Seems like this company is trying to pull a scam around the alleged FDA shutdown of November 2013.

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    • Yes you do need your sign on information to access your information. Your email us your user name. If you forgot your password there is a lost password option.

  8. Hi Roberta, I’ve logged into 23andMe several times and don’t quite understand what to do. The blue banner is always there. Under Settings>Privacy & Consent, I have Sharing Options, Health Options, and DNA Relative Options. Nothing is checked (checking is not sharing, or waving access, or opting out of DNA Relatives). Is there something to do? (BTW, my letter said June 9th). Thanks, Cheri

    • There is a second link in the banner that takes you to your test resents. There are 4 groups. If there are locked reports it will say and you have the option to unlock them.

  9. Hi Roberta,

    My sample is dated back to 2012, but I’ve never got any blue banner. I supposed this is due to the fact that all reports have been unlocked since I got the results? I don’t know if I missed something or not.


  10. I believe , no blue banner for transition will be given to people outside of the USA who have v2 and v3 chips.
    23andme will go with the system to limit all their tests be it genetic and medical to only USA citizens.

  11. It’s possible they’re doing conversions on a rolling basis… I got my email from 23andMe 2 days ago; my deadline is June 9. (Not that I waited around!)

  12. Hi-
    This is unrelated to the article, but what are your suggestions as to the best (preferably free) 3rd party DNA analyses from AncestryDNA to find out deeper ethnicity and possibly find matches, as it is for my great grandmother and she has no knowledge of her family history and who her father is. Thanks.

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