Surprise Mother’s Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

Given the great sale that Family Tree DNA just sponsored for DNA Day, I really didn’t expect a Mother’s Day Sale this year, but I just received a surprise e-mail with the following:

Mother's day sale 2016

In case you forgot, Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you’re in a pinch, or just can’t figure out what to get Mom, what’s more unique than a DNA kit? In fact, you can order the kit, print the picture of this ad, put it in a card, and voila, you’ve got a Mother’s Day gift for Mom.

I can tell you personally that the best gift I ever gave my Mom was her DNA test. It has opened so many doors and she was so fascinated by the results.  It has continued giving in the decade since she has been gone.  Because Family Tree DNA archives DNA for 25 years, I was able to upgrade her kit to the Family Finder test, several years after she was gone.  This has given Mom a legacy she would absolutely have loved, and I thank her every single day!

The sale runs from midnight, tonight, meaning the beginning of Friday, May 6th, Central Time (US), through midnight Sunday, Mother’s Day, May 8th, Central Time.  The two tests must be for the same person, meaning the same kit – its a combo deal at a great price.  At a $70 discount, the Family Finder test is almost free.  Click here to order.

8 thoughts on “Surprise Mother’s Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

  1. I finally got my son to agree to an autosomal test. It was after the last sale was over. I have never done the mtdna test and why would I want him to do this combination test? Should I wait and do the mtdna test on myself. I have heard from others that they felt the mtdna test was not worth it. I wonder if for fathers day they will have a combination Ydna and autosomal test. I do not know of anyone in my husbands side of the family that has done the Ydna test.

    • Of course we don’t know in advance what they will offer. My speculation would be upgraded since that wasn’t part of the last sale, but that’s pure speculation. As for the mtDNA. You don’t know what you don’t know. I want to know everything I can about my ancestors.

    • mt-DNA was useful to me. I have two matches who are mt-descendant from my last known ancestress. Each of us come from a different daughter, so it’s as safe as it gets. Hence all my female is confirmed with DNA.

      I couldn’t have done it with Family Finder as we don’t share enough autosomal DNA. We are sixth-cousins once or twice removed.

      Plus, I have a few more matches to work with for maybe, one day, get another generation.

      As for who between you and your son, it probably doesn’t matter. I still have my 6x great-grand-mother’s exact mutations. It’s the same for Richard III and his sister’s descendant in Canada. But mutations do happen and there have to be a generation that is born with new mutation(s), so there is a slight advantage to check your own first, but usually it’s just one mutation, which doesn’t hide relevant matches.

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  3. I have already done the family finder test. But I haven’t done the mtdna test. Should I get the combined test for my daughter and use her mtdna test results instead of one for myself? Would hers be as beneficial for me as mine?

  4. I am a little confused about mtdna. I am female and I am curious about benefit would it be for me to get it? Would it tell me if any of my mother’s line were NA? Also, how does mtdna help me with my ancestry search? Thank you.

    • Let me contrast autosomal DNA testing and mtdna s bit for you. Autosomal testing will tell you if any of your lines were Nstive in the past 5 of 6 generations, BUT, it doesn’t tell you which line AND it can’t go back very far in time. It’s just how autosomal DNA works because it is recombined in every generation with the other parent’s DNA. Mitochondrial, on the other hand reaches back “forever” in time for only one line- your mother’s mother’s line – meaning your direct matrilineal line only. So yes, it will tell you whether that line, and only and specifically that line was Native.

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