DNA Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

Have you been waiting for a sale at Family Tree DNA for Y DNA, mitochondrial or Family Finder?  Well, here it is.  These prices will be in effect before the end of day today.

DNA Day 2016

As you probably know, National DNA Day commemorates the day in 1953 when a paper detailing the structure of DNA was published in Nature magazine. It also recognizes the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003.  What better way to celebrate that achievement than to have a sale on DNA tests for genealogy?

The sale will extend through Tuesday, April 26, 2016 (11:59 PM Central), and will be limited to new tests or add-ons. Upgrades will be discounted in June.

Click here to order.

30 thoughts on “DNA Day Sale at Family Tree DNA

  1. Hello, I read your column and thank you. I have tested with Ancestry, downloaded onto familytree and Gedmatch in hopes of finding out more about my biological father even though I am not adopted. I see several companies have sales right now. I am wondering your opinion if it would help me to also have my two kids(female} tested and which company would be best in my situation. I am also waiting results from 23 and me. So far I have only found one second cousin and she is adopted and one third cousin and he has not responded to my e-mail. Thanks for any input. Rita C. >

    • Testing your children won’t help since they received a portion of your DNA. If you have other known relatives that would help you isolate your matches to your mother’s side. In fact if your mother or one of her siblings could test that would be wonderful.

  2. When I first saw this, Big Y was not discounted. After the email announcing the sale hit my inbox, I tried again, and the discount was shown. 19% off is not bad. Your Mileage May Vary. ☺

  3. The sale looks great just wish I knew it was coming. I just ordered three testing kits for relatives two of which I have not received and one was just mailed back but not received yet by FTDNA.. I am on a fixed income and I could have saved some money which I could have put towards more testing. Does this sale occur every year at this time? For the future will only order kits during sales and upgrades on discounts.

  4. I am new to this. Which one is the best for … 1)Finding family. 2) finding out where you come from. 3) if there is Native American bloodline ? All three of these for mother and father!

    Or is each one separate?

  5. Roberta can I order a Y37 test kit to be sent to me and then carefully get it to a reluctant cousin to test? He said ‘no’ a couple of years ago but I want to try again. This being the anniversary might help me. Do you have any other quick paragraph about how important this test is? He is the last living male in one of my family lines.


    • Yes, you can do that. I don’t have anything like that written but I think it is a great topic. I’m having a bit of a health challenge right now but I will write about this as soon as I can. Give me a couple weeks.

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