Great News !!!

We have great news today!

Indeed, at 23andMe, I’ve been transitioned to the new experience and all of my former unanswered contact requests now have replies, with ancestor information, and pedigree charts. I guess my years of patience finally paid off!

Over at, there are no private or locked trees anymore in my DNA match list, all of my Circles have returned, as well as my NADs and I’ve suddenly discovered that my bad NADs aren’t bad NADs after all, but real ancestors. Wow.  Maybe I’m going to have to rescind all those bad things I said about NADs.

In my excitement, I nearly forgot to mention that Ancestry overnight added a chromosome browser for us, as a gift, and restored the Y, mitochondrial and Sorenson data bases. Talk about responsive to customer feedback.  I am so impressed!

And at Family Tree DNA, not only do they have a new tree, all of my matches in an apparent fit of mass inspiration have uploaded their GEDCOM files! WooHoooo!!!

After that, I discovered that both Ancestry and 23andMe have stopped selling our DNA out the back door without a separate, understandable, plain English authorization. They apologized as well.  I feel a lot better about their business practices relative to DNA now!

Last but not least, 23andMe reduced their price back to the industry standard $99 and reverted to their previous genealogy tools and health reports.  A win-win-win for sure.

Then, I noticed, on Facebook, that everyone was being nice, civil and no one was being hateful or strong-arming anyone else.  Wha….????

About that time, I woke up and remembered what day it is, April 1.

Happy April Fools’ Day.

It was a great dream while it lasted!

78 thoughts on “Great News !!!

  1. I figured it out as soon as you said Bad NADS are really good NADS – HA. Thanks for the laugh.

    I do have a few interesting new cousins from Ancestry. One 1st cousin that has no tree, hasn’t checked in since before I even saw the match, and matches in common to both my paternal grandparents. Real mystery there. May be the previously unknown son of my black sheep uncle. I keep sending him positive thoughts about contacting me.

  2. That was really, really mean Roberta. I was totally sucked in. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket, hmmm. You are so naughty but fun!

  3. Dang! I was believing even though I knew in my heart it couldn’t be true. Maybe, just maybe, the right folks will pay attention… April fool too!

  4. That Ancestry one was too good to even be a dream. Those people are so obsessed with their privacy that if Ancestry unlocked all the private or locked trees, there would be a mass exodus of people deleting their accounts or suing for violating their privacy. Very sad.

  5. Pmsl you are so mean!!! I was literally falling over myself to switch to laptop when I hit the bottom of the post!! FYI. April fools had finished 19 hrs and 50 mins ago!!

  6. I bought it all, hook, line and sinker…right to the very end. I guess I’m an optimist after all. LOL! Thanks for the prank! 😀

  7. this was HILARIOUS!!! Even though it was NOT April 1st today when I read this- I was almost fooled…although I was like…”wait…how come all the private trees and locked trees are available for her on ancestry…they aren’t for me…” Then it dawned on me!!
    Great joke!

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