Family Tree DNA’s Christmas Week Sale – Swab Those Elders

It’s Christmas week. Everyone is always running around like crazy buying last minute gifts.  You’ll probably see people in the next few days that you won’t see again for another year….or maybe never again.

Did that just make you stop for a moment and catch your breath?

Well, it’s true. We don’t know who will pass, or when.  It could be them…or you.  My cousin Roy passed on yesterday morning.

Regardless, if you don’t get their DNA tested and into a data base for their Y line, if they are a male, their mtDNA for their matrilineal line, and their autosomal DNA for all of their ancestral lines…who will?

The elders are so important. They take an irreplaceable piece of family history with them when they pass on that can never, ever be replaced.  Sure, sometimes others can “sit proxy” for Y or mitochondrial DNA lines – but sometimes not.  My son and daughter are the last of my mother’s known mtDNA lines – and I mean ever.  If one of us didn’t contribute, that mitochondrial line and its history would be dead to all future researchers forever.

Think of your Aunt Lulu, for example. What line is she matrilineally descended from?  Is it represented in the data bases through your family?  How about your father?  Is his Y line tested to represent your paternal lineage?  And what about his mtDNA – his mother’s line?  Your father’s brother can contribute both his Y and mtDNA to represent your grandparents if your father is gone – but no one can replace your father’s autosomal DNA.

Collect all of the autosomal DNA of your family elders, not just one per generation. Remember, siblings both inherit half their DNA from their parents….but not the same half.  So your parents siblings will inherit pieces of their parents…and grandparents…and great-grandparents that your parents didn’t.

So, test all of those elders…while you can.

Because later may be too late.

What elders will you be seeing who have not yet been DNA tested? Most will be glad to share both stories and their DNA with you, especially if you explain how important it is to the preservation of family history.  So give them and your ancestors through them the gift of immortality.

Your discount coupons for this week will already be available in your Family Tree DNA accounts and the e-mails with the discounts will begin arriving in your in-box. If your e-mail doesn’t arrive, just check your account.

Click here to check accounts, to redeem coupons or to order those kits for your elder family members.  Remember, coupons are good on top of the sale prices as Family Tree DNA’s thank you to customers.

Have coupons you’re not going to use? Please list them in the comments to share with others, along with the test they apply to.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful holiday season and hoping that you have lots of elders to visit with…and to test!!!  They are indeed family treasures.  Love them (and swab them) while you can!


30 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA’s Christmas Week Sale – Swab Those Elders

  1. $15 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 R13HX02H828B
    $5 off Family Finder R13V67B89LVK
    $10 off Family Finder R13L49LVZX8F
    $5 off mtFull Sequence R13S2R6M722V
    $10 off mtFull Sequence R135M66GFUDG, R13ZFBKRQLGJ
    $50 off Big Y R13L1YLWR6N0

  2. To quote former President Reagan in his 1987 speech to the people of West Berlin, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” How many of us have 12′ concrete walls blocking our research?

    How many of us are stumped by NPE’s (non-parental events), records destroyed by fires, wars, and other disasters, roots across the pond, and “family history” we prefer to take to the grave?

    DNA will be a treasured family heirloom for future generations to benefit from. The results won’t get lost, stolen, broken, or sold on Ebay. If you consider yourself a philanthropist, and enjoy sharing your material goods, remember that your DNA results may help another tormented soul tear down the concrete wall blocking their research.

    Tell me about the Great Depression and the WPA. Have you ever experience a major weather event? How did hear the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor? Where were you when President Kennedy was shot? Do you know much about our ethnicity or where our family came from in the old country? Would you like to help me with our family research by participating in a DNA study?

    “Tis the season to use swabs and vials to “tear down those walls!”

  3. Roberta, thank you for your generosity throughout the year, every year, in providing us kernels of knowledge which add great value to our lives.

    We appreciate you.

    P.S. We are, who our ancestors were, and we love them dearly.

  4. Thank you for your very helpful blog. Enjoy a wonderful and peace filled celebration of the holiday with your loved ones.

      • Thank you, Denise, for posting the coupon I requested! That was kind of you. However, someone apparently used it before I saw it this morning, as that was the message that came up when I put it in my order. Oh well. But I found a $15 coupon on Lev O.’s spread sheet so that was better than $10. 🙂 If you celebrate the holiday I hope it is wonderful.

  5. $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 – R133OLRK3VZD
    $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 – R13RF8OGWYUC
    $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111 – R13WKTL4BMKI
    $10 off mt Full Sequence – R13IL6UTVTL8
    $10 off mt Full Sequence – R13PVHZ0Y70T
    $10 off Family Finder – R13IILIIG7VF

  6. All good through 27 December, 11:59 PM Central Time:

    R13M9CHRDZVA ($20 off MtDNA full sequence)

    R13RZ08VGFBI ($10 off MtDNA full sequence)

    R13K0Z4NBNRG ($20 off Y37, Y67, or Y111)

    R13ABI0U0HQ2 ($10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111)

    R1388M6AW6G7 ($25 off Big Y)

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