Family Tree DNA Thanksgiving Week Sale Coupons

2015 ftdna week 2

Week 2 of Family Tree DNA’s sale is here.  Existing customers should receive an e-mail announcing their weekly coupon, or you can view your coupon by signing in to your account and looking for the Mystery Reward featured prominently at the top of your account.2015 Mystery Gift

Coupons can be used in addition to the sale prices, shown below, for products.

2015 ftdna sale prices

Please list your coupon discounts available, if you’re not going to use them, for others to use in the comments of each week’s blog article about the sale and sharing.  You can also request something specific.

Here are a few from accounts that I manage.  I used 4 coupons myself last week – so Happy Holidays to me and my ancestors I’m going to discover a little more about. If you’ve been wanting to test a family member or upgrade, now might be a good time.

Each coupon can only be used once (so first come, first serve on shared codes) and expires the following Monday when the next coupon is issued.

Coupon Type Discount Code
$5 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8SHOBHCDNS
$5 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8Q4VRCGLY9
$5 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8PC7HM9ZIL
$5 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R809YU5BGO9
$5 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8QBAA1TU9B
$5 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8IBN3QJ570
$10 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8X8OV5LYVP
$10 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8XZ53JTF59
$10 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R878FH559H4
$25 off Big Y R816GSLS0IC
$5 off mtDNA R86VDXCM6SF
$10 off mtDNA R83J02G4021
$10 off mtDNA R8MAFLM4MY4
$5 off Family Finder R8FKW1Y6UAV

Click here to order or upgrade tests and redeem coupons.

49 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA Thanksgiving Week Sale Coupons

  1. I’m interested in having a Y-DNA test done on my Uncle. My father is deceased. Would it be better to test one of my brothers, or my Uncle? Which test should I buy; the 37 marker or the 67 marker? Thank you for your guidance.

    • Virginia, my recommendation is to test the oldest living relatives first. It is more likely that you will have many more years ahead when you can test your brothers. But, probably not as many years left to test an Uncle.

      The yDNA of your father’s brother would be a better starting choice than that of your brother. It would be better to test both the Uncle and a brother.

      If you can afford it, my recommendation is to do the 67 or 111 marker yDNA. Most people say to start with 37 markers. You can save some money by doing just 37 markers. And, 37 markers will give useful information. But, the matches have much better confidence at higher marker levels. More markers is better.

      In summary, at the minimum, test an Uncle at 37 markers. It would be better to test the Uncle and a brother at 37 markers. It would be great to test them at 67 or 111 markers.

      • Thank you for your advice Steve. I’ll email my cousins to see if they want to kick in for the Big Y. If I test with the 67 marker, can that be upgraded to the 111 marker at a later date using the same DNA sample?

      • FTDNA stores the sample to allow you to upgrade in the future. But, there is no guarantee that there will be sufficient usable DNA in the future when you order an upgrade.

        In 2011 I tested my Uncle for 67 markers and full mtDNA. Later I ugraded his sample to 111 markers and added Family Finder. In 2014 I ordered a Big-Y. But, they weren’t able to complete the Big-Y because they needed more DNA. Sadly, my Uncle had died in 2013. So, we will never be able to get another sample or do more testing on his DNA. If I had ordered the 111 marker to begin with, instead of doing it in upgrades, then it is possible there might have been enough sample left for them to complete the Big-Y.

        If you are testing an older person, then I recommend calling FTDNA and asking them to include extra swabs. That will allow you to store extra DNA for possible future testing. At the 2015 FTDNA Conference, Dr. Maurice Gleeson predicted that by 2020, FTDNA will offer:
        – 500 STRs for $129. The current maximum is 111 STRs.
        – over surname specific 4000 SNP panels for $100 each.

        If you have DNA stored, then you can do more testing in the future.

  2. Here are a few more –
    $5 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8JO7F2TVR0
    $5 off Y37, Y67 or Y111 R8A4LEQ2NTQ
    $5 off Family Finder R8KAD42Z5FI
    $10 off mtDNA R83PNAQIZK1
    $25 off Big Y R81Q8B07V4T

    • If you go to the main blog page and type “Big Y” into the search box, you will see several articles about the Big Y test and utilizing results. In essence, it’s a scan of the entire Y chromosome to find existing and new SNPs that define haplogroups and ancestry.

  3. $5 off FF

    $10 off mtDNA

    $50 off big y

    $25 off big y

    $5 off y 37 67 111

    $5 off mtDNA

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  4. You got $25 off Big Y!

    You got $5 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!

    You got $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!

    You got $5 off mtDNA!

    You got $10 off mtDNA!

    You got $5 off Family Finder!

  5. SMWs My Group is not using these coupons:
    $50. off BIG Y

    $20. off mtDNA

    Please post if you use one of these coupons so that they are not tried to use twice. I have let other groups know that they are available. Thank You

    • Used $50 off Big Y R8A4PHSTJHR

      available: $5 ff mt Full sequence R8KHDXEADT4

      5$ of Y37, Y67, Y 111 R8I90QLFXC5 R8LGR4GHA5E

      Expires 11/29/2015 at 11:59PM CT. 

  6. I suggest looking at the mystery reward code given to you by email. It will be titled “Your New Weekly Holiday Coupon is Here!”. It is different from the one you see on your FTDNA kits. Some people might assume they are the same and never bother opening it.

    R8G6TSR516C ($5 off Family Finder, Expires Nov 29)
    R8QZKKGGS5P ($5 off Y37, Y67, or Y111, Expires Nov 29)
    R8A20WVNO15 ($5 off Y37, Y67, or Y111, Expires Nov 29)
    R8QR54R2FHC ($5 off Y37, Y67, or Y111, Expires Nov 29)

  7. Used these 3 coupons for $5 off FF kits: R89R2HE805J — used, R81JU998EF3 — used, R8UCG9FW0YE — used. Thank you very much!

    • In the future it might be better if you replied to the comment with the code so it is easier to know it got used without having to read all comments. Just as I am replying to your comment. Happy testing!

  8. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. I manage a number of kits and checked and noted the new codes as soon as they came out last Monday. All were listed as so many $s “off anything.” Two of them were $25 off, so I jumped for joy and intended to get Family Finder tests to keep in reserve. Now (of course I would wait until the last day!) when I try to do it, I see that the $$s off remain the same, but none of them are “off anything” anymore and are instead “off Big Y” or “off mtDNA” etc. None are off the Family Finder. As I’m in Europe at the moment, I assume I caught these just as they were posted last Monday when it was still night for most of you and that they must have been changed shortly thereafter. I wonder now if, had I used them right away, would I have got the “off anything” discount? Has this happened to anyone else?

    For those who might like them, the three best codes now are (changed from “off anything”):
    R8VC2WPZBY4 – $25 off Big Y
    R8QBPCPJ3TH – $25 off Big Y
    R8LAQLCIQ9Y- $20 off mtDNA

    • You are the third person to mention this, but by the time I heard about it, none of my coupons were “off anything.” I suspect it was a mistake and FTDNA corrected it as soon as they discovered the problem. In some cases, the coupon value, especially for the $75 (off Big Y) if applied to anything would be more than the product – like transfers and SNPs and such.

      • My Woods Wood Fowler Family group received 6 Off Anything coupons. When I tried to use one of them the message came up something like “wrong product for coupon.” When I went back to check the codeI saw that the coupon had changed. I thought I was going crazy. Then I received a note from FTDNA apologizing for the error and honored the “gift transfer” to me as originally sent by a cousin. However, I wasn’t smart enough to look at the other 5 coupons until this morning when I went to use them. All 5 were changed to Big Y. I wrote an email to FTDNA, understanding that it was a computer glitch, and hoping for good coupons this week. Also, I’m getting up early, just in case, now that I have all the names and addresses of our Nifty Niners (over 80 yrs) who have agreed to participate in the FF test. As soon as I open a gift box I’m using it, if it is worthy in amount on FF!

        Wishing us all VALID coupons ; )


      • I saw the same thing happen when I checked my kits on Monday. Everything was “off anything” until later when I decided to copy the codes to share them since they were all just for $5 off. Then none of them were “off anything” anymore. I guess we will have to wait for tomorrow to see if it happens again.

      • Assuming they come online at midnight, Texas time (would it be Texas time?) I will try first thing in the morning, here in France and hope for the best!

  9. R8I8VVH4SZM for $20 off mtDNA!
    R8UFQDRXKPA for $20 off mtDNA!
    R8WTNWAZWSA for $20 off mtDNA!
    R8POOCCZPG2 for $10 off mtDNA!
    R802FMALDDM for $10 off mtDNA!

    R8THVW0YEWT for $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R87EDLDPKE8 for $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R8GIHZ880WA for $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R8GCKH5T4W5 for $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!

  10. My Group only received $5. coupons on “Y” and “mtFull”, no such good luck this week or last. Will be watching for any of the $10. off Family Finder.

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