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Family Tree DNA is running a short sale on mitochondrial DNA testing. These discounts don’t come up often, so now is a good time to take advantage of this if you’re so inclined. Remember, mitochondrial DNA is a direct line path up your matrilineal line – your mother – her mother – her mother – as far back as you can go genealogically…and further. Your haplogroup will tell you a great deal about where your ancestor was and originated before the advent of a traceable surname. I talked about my mitochondrial family discoveries in “Jasmine’s Journey of Discovery.”

A full sequence mitochondrial DNA test is available for 20% off the $199 retail, which makes it $159.20.

People who have already tested to the HVR1 or HVR2 level and want to upgrade will receive an offer for 25% off upgrades, taking the $139 retail upgrade price to only $104.25. The full sequence test is the only way to obtain your full haplogroup designation.

The sale ends at 11:59 pm August 31st. (Central time, of course.) These are the lowest prices FTDNA has had on mtDNA in quite some time – so if this is something you’ve been thinking about – now’s the time.

Click here to order.

11 thoughts on “Mitochondrial DNA Sale at Family Tree DNA

  1. I ordered my last night…now the wait begins…since my maternal side is a TOTAL mystery past my grandmother (mother’s mother). Have my mother’s father’s info up to his mother & father…and somewhere in THAT connection is my connection to three of my projects…fingers crossed.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this, Roberta. I had been waiting for a sale but was not aware of this one, and I just now ordered the kit!

  3. My mother told me she would like to get her dna tested. Would she need to create her own account? I wasn’t sure if I can help manage her account through mine? I am also H13a1a1. Would she be same as me? She has a lot of Scottish ancestors (Monroe/Adams) on her side of the family. So it would be neat to see what results she gets.

    • Your mother’s mitochondrial DNA will be the same as yours, since you received that from her with no admixture from your father. However, her autosomal DNA will be different since you only got half of her DNA – so by all means – have her tested. Purchase the Family Finder for her. And yes, she has to have her own account, but you can manage it for her by putting your e-mail when you order the kit. The link is on the sidebar of the blog or in the article.

  4. Roberta, I have a question about mtDNA – I’ve done the HVR1 & HVR2 tests, but I match no one! Is there any point in me upgrading? I think I read that if you don’t have any matches at HVR1 that you won’t have any matches in the upgrades either. Is this correct?

    For a while, I thought this was the case for about everyone – that people had few if any matches. Later I learned that other people can have scads of matches! It appears that I have a mutation that no one else has (except presumably my sibling and my aunt – my mother has passed away). Should I be inquiring into an unusual mtDNA group of some kind?! I am T2b7a1.

    • Your full sequence will give you a couple of things. First, up to 4 mutations are allowed for matches at the full sequence level, so you may have matches there. You will also find out which are your unusual or rare mutations. So, I’d go for it.

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