All New Mystery Coupons – Week 4 Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale

will work for dna tests

Great news!  All new coupons this week for everyone at Family Tree DNA, so check your mystery gift box on your personal page.

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a store that says “10 days until Chrismas.”  Ah, the panic begins.

It’s easy and convenient to shop online.  And of course, sales and coupons sweeten the pie.

I’ve found several cousins to DNA test.  Those cousin tests have proven again and again to be the key to answering genetic genealogy questions and breaking down brick walls.

In fact, I’ve bought so many kits for others that I’m beginning to think that “Will Work for DNA Tests” is somehow appropriate – that’s how it feels anyway.

Lots of good coupon trading going on….so click here to sign on and post what you have or what you need in the comments.

As for me, I still need two $20 Family Finder coupons because yes, there are MORE cousins to test!!!  I sure am grateful for this sale and these coupons!  I hope everyone is going testing crazy – just think how many more people will be in the matching data base soon!!!

74 thoughts on “All New Mystery Coupons – Week 4 Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale

  1. R5KITQFQ for $100 off Big Y
    R5FVNTRN for $5 off Family Finder
    R5CZARYR for $5 off Family Finder
    R5USBIG8 for $10 off FamilyFinder
    R54I0WKI for $10 off any purchase
    R5ADWZ5E for $10 off any purchase
    R57DZ99T for $10 off Mt full sequence
    R5V8ADNN for $10 off Mt full sequence

    These discount codes for DNA testing expire Dec 21st. Each code only works once.

  2. R5DATYHD For $10 off any purchase!
    R5SHXZ1X For $10 off any purchase!
    R5M44OHL For $10 off any purchase!
    R58NTXLO For $10 off any purchase!
    R5RQ9HT3 For $10 off any purchase!
    R500024P For $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R5TSTJMN For $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    These DNA testing discounts expire Dec 21st. Codes only works once.

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