Family Tree DNA Week 3 Mystery Coupon Same as Week 2

Four Red Gift Boxes

This week’s mystery coupon seems to be the same for everyone as last week’s, but with a new coupon code and a new expiration date.

Update – A few people are reporting different coupons.

That’s kind of disappointing, because we can’t order the same test twice and I know a lot of people were hoping for a particular coupon.  So, what that means is that sharing becomes even more important – and it also suggests that maybe, just maybe, some of those high dollar “good” coupons will be floating around this week because the recipient used theirs last week.  Hey, this may not be so disappointing after all!

Remember, the general coupons are good on new kit purchases too.  If your family members haven’t tested, Christmas would be a good time – and while it’s a gift for them, it’s a gift for you too!

My children tested at 23andMe when testing was first available.  Those early kits don’t transfer to Family Tree DNA (and neither do v4 tests since November 2013), so maybe I’ll order two Family Finder kits for them.  As we move forward in this field, understanding generational inheritance becomes even more important, and immediate family is the best information source you can have!!!

So, click here to sign in to your account and then post the coupon codes in the comments if you are willing to share.

83 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA Week 3 Mystery Coupon Same as Week 2

  1. Anonymous donor:
    R5DLKBFF $10 off any
    R51IWELH $5 off FF –
    R5ORDRP1 $5 off FF –
    R5G90JG0 $10 off FF –
    R5IEI95Y $10 off Y –
    R5EEUFU3 $10 off FMS –
    R55QJ8ED $10 off Y –
    R5J5540U $10 off FMS –
    R5AVOQ1U $5 off FF –
    R5JJ89YW $10 off Y –

  2. R5FTCXRI – $10.00 off mtFull
    R5OKP0AF – $10.00 off mtFull
    R54Y26O3 – $10.00 off y37-67
    R5IDR0VS – $10.00 off y37-67
    R5SVWY00 – $10.00 off y37-67
    R5OODTCZ- $10.00 off y37-67
    R5PO7ILS – $10.00 off y37-67
    R5QUXG15 – $5.00 off any purchase
    R5N3OTFF – $5.00 off any purchase
    R5EORQCE – $5.00 off any purchase
    R5GZBBGU – $5.00 off any purchase
    R536ENBM – $5.00 off any purchase
    R5OQGVX6 – $5.00 off Family Finder
    R5UFM9W4 – $5.00 off Family Finder
    R58R1ERW $5.00 off Family Finder
    R58QPQDX – $10.00 off Family Finder

  3. Codes expire on December 14th.
    R57F2VS2 $100 off Big Y!
    R591QO7R $100 off Big Y!
    R578MZEB $100 off Big Y!
    R5BQ3VU6 $100 off Big Y!
    R5LPL4B1 $100 off Big-Y!
    R5008DOI $100 off Big-Y!
    R5BWKBAC $100 off Big-Y!
    R50TVA4P $100 off Big-Y!
    R5DQQUKE $10 off Family Finder!
    R5X1O3ZL $10 off Family Finder!
    R5UCTR2W $10 Off Family Finder
    R5SBS2G1 $10 off mtFull Sequence!
    R5J7GVV2 $10 off mtFull Sequence!
    R5MD86XY $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R5B4UZLM $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R55RZY9Y $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R5KQAD07 $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R59IYMWP $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R55PBQI8 $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111!
    R5KD66FH $10 off any purchase!
    R5115JAK $10 off any purchase!
    R5S5EG62 $10 off any purchase!
    R5VG6PAG $10 off any purchase!
    R5DTPN1R $10 off any purchase!
    R5MZR7A4 $5 off Family Finder!
    R5706N1C $5 off Family Finder!
    R5VB00TO $5 off Family Finder!
    R5D5943U $5 off any purchase!
    R5Z78VJ8 $5 off any purchase!
    R5EE9603 $5 off any purchase!
    R5UP4OCC $5 off any purchase!
    R5QSYOE5 $5 off any purchase!
    R5XW2O2Z $5 off any purchase!
    R5V6KIO5 $5 off any purchase!
    R57G3IG9 $5 off any purchase!
    R5PK4DR9 $5 off any purchase!

  4. R5RADIJY $100 off Big Y
    R5MT4MIO $10 off any purchase

    R5IDFD6F $5 off Family Finder
    R5WLAQ4S $10 off Family Finder
    R55HBTL1 $10 off Family Finder

    R5LGQ1Q9 $10 off Y37,Y67, Y111
    R5MN95XS $10 off Y37,Y67, Y111

    R5UNENCA $10 off MtFull Sequence

  5. $100 off Big Y – R5MUO67M
    $25 off mtFS – R5GAUM16
    $10 off any purchase – R544UQD4, R5V8INSG
    $10 off FamilyFinder – R5XGFVHU, R5ER5G6O
    $10 off purchase of Y34, Y67, Y111 – R5ONOY9X
    These are also posted on the L513 and L21 project pages at Yahoo.

  6. $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111: R5M3KZ0N
    $10 off Y37, Y67, or Y111: R51VI0ZG

    $10 off Family Finder: R519IHMX
    $10 off Family Finder: R562IQJ4

    $100 off Big Y: R5MVF54S
    $100 off Big Y: R56C4214

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