Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale, Including Mystery Rewards, Starts Now

ftdna 2014 holiday

Family Tree DNA’s holiday sale starts today and lasts through 11:59PM Central time, December 31st.  Holiday prices are shown below and most of their products are on sale, including upgrades.

ftdna 2014 holiday prices

But wait – there’s more.

As a bonus for existing customers, Family Tree DNA has added something new this year – Mystery Rewards.  What fun!  Kind of like DNA lotto – but everyone wins!

For this holiday season they’ve got an exciting new twist to the sale – Mystery Reward discounts!  The Mystery Reward will be a randomized discount (up to $100 off) that can be applied on top of the already reduced Holiday Sale prices.

ftdna mystery reward

The Mystery Reward icon will appear on testers’ myFTDNA dashboard each week and the code will expire the night before the next Mystery Reward appears.

When you click the icon, you’ll to go to the reward page to open the Mystery Reward for savings up to $100. Family Tree DNA will also send an email notification to the kit’s primary email address when a new code is available for use or sharing.

ftdna mystery reward package

Best of all, there will be a new Mystery Reward every week. Customers can use the discount or can share it with a friend.

mystery reward sharing

In addition, all customers who have purchased the Big Y test will receive a coupon for $50 off a Big Y test.

That’s ON TOP of the sale price. Yes, you read that right. A coupon that can be used on top of a sale price. The coupon can also be “regifted,” meaning shared with a friend or fellow project member.

ftdna 2014 holiday big Y

The Mystery Rewards will be randomized, selected from among 11 offers, everything from $5 off any purchase to $100 off Big Y. There are both product specific and cart-wide discounts. For example, there’s $5 off any purchase, $10 off any purchase, $25 off Y-37…even $49 off of FF.

I’m already making my list of cousins who I would like to upgrade and people I’d like to purchase kits for. Yes, this is Santa’s list, and I’m not sure if these gifts are really for them or for me…but at these prices, it doesn’t really matter.  Now if I can just be lucky enough to get the Mystery Rewards I need.

Be sure to make your list now so you can watch for the specific Mystery Rewards you want. The good news is that this isn’t like Black Friday at Walmart – there’s plenty to go around for everyone!!!

If you’re looking for a specific mystery reward, post what you want in the comments of this article and maybe someone who has a Mystery Reward that you want will be kind enough to share with you!

Click here to sign in (beginning about 10AM central time today) to see your first Mystery Reward!!!

60 thoughts on “Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale, Including Mystery Rewards, Starts Now

  1. RE: Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale, Including Mystery Rewards, Starts Now
    Looking for rewards to use on purchase of additional FF kits.

  2. RobertaIn 2007 I had my Dad’s Y-DNA tested at Family Tree. I knew he was an orphan but wanted to try and find his biological father.  It matched at 65/67 HOLT.  My brother did the test, since then he has passed away. (83691)(Family Tree) I had the Ancestry Autosomal.They have just changed my people, from 2-3 close to 3-4.  I have no direct matches.  A friend suggested that I have the Family Finder at  Family Tree and the Matrix.  Now I do not understand all of this.  When I looked at the cost I cannot do that untill first of the year or last of December.  I never knew any of my dad’s people and so in 1965 I started searching and no luck.  He had no birth certificate , and his military records, SS, and all that I had copies had different dates for his birthdate.  So I assumed that I was not an Allen!  Well sincethen I learned that I was ALLEN, so I was told. So I would like to know my dad’s family…….I know he was 16 years older than my mom, at least on my birth certificate.  I am now 85, and realize that I do not have a long time left. I was in touch with you years ago on the Roanoke website.  I enjoyed that very much.I need advice as to what kind of test I need.  I only want my dad’s side not my mom’s.  I did get quite a few generations on my dad but there has been confusion by talking with others about this.  The person that advised me to go to Family Tree I do trust. At time she told me to go ahead and join so I could get in the group. At this time my finances will not allow that.I hope so very much that you receive this email and can advise me.Sincerely,Joyce Allen

    • AT family Tree DNA, the Family Finder test will give you a list of people that you match genetically. It’s up to you to find the genealogy connection with them and whether they are on your mother’s or father’s side. It helps if other people from particular sides of your family have tested. The Family Finder test is on sale for $79 and if you check your brother’s account for the Mystery Rewards, you may be able to get an additional discount on top of that price. The sale goes through the end of the year. Best of luck.

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  4. You wrote: “all of their products are on sale”. You might consider changing that, because I don’t see any discounts advertised for transfers, factoids, a la carte STRs and SNPs, interpretations, etc.

  5. I see the sale banner at the very top of the screen and do see the sale prices. But where is the mystery reward?

  6. Another question Roberta. Do you know if FTDNA will be sending an email to all their customers or do I need to send this out to my project members?

  7. I logged into my two kits and the mystery gifts were there. $5 off any purchase on one kit, $10 of any purchase on the other. I’m just getting a Y-DNA test but am enough of a gamber to sit this one out so the first two people who want these codes can reply here. If you see your reply is the first or second, you can contact me through my website.

  8. One of my kits got the big one: $100 off BigY. With the current sale, that’s $425, which is less than I paid last year during the beta period. I’m not planning another BigY immediately, so it’s up for grabs to the first person to claim it:


    • Happy Thanks Giving to Me -. I am doing a great big happy dance !!!!!

      I just redeemed the coupon offered by

      Steve Adelson

      Even more than I hoped for. Thank you so much Steve. This was very generous of you.

      Sharing my codes certainly paid forward for me today. Hope it does so for you as well.

      And thank you Roberta for providing this space.

  9. OK, I have spent enough money today 😉 It is painful giving up all these coupons but I really do need to save something for my xmas shopping 😉

    This is the last one for this week



    $5 off FF


  10. Wait, did Tom and Canyon Wolf just both replied that they redeemed Steve Adelson’s $100 of the Big Y test code??? Does this mean the codes can be used more than once? [loophole alert :-)]

  11. I am looking for a $100 coupon for the Big Y. I have some $10 coupons I will post when I get to a computer

  12. RSKIPCOM $5 any, R53914TJ $5 any, R55DOBTD $5 FF, R5L9NZHI $5 FF, R5G3Y6VE $10 any, RSLB7OOZ $10 any, R5LLXKMQ $10 any, R5RV4H0Z $10 Y37,67,111, and R5G1WTMR $10 Y37,67,111.

  13. I am considering purchasing a YDNA 67 to 111 upgrade. Is the “$10 off any product ” likely going to be the best Mystery Reward that I should expect or do you think there may be even a better mystery reward that will be applicable to a YDNA upgrade?

  14. When I click on the “Upgrade” icon, the next page doesn’t show an option to purchase a y37-to-67 upgrade. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

  15. Following coupons expire tonight:
    $100 off Big Y – R5AW0C2X
    $10 off any purchase – R5WPQRCN
    $10 off any purchase – R5HFFWH0
    $10 off any purchase – R5GDF0Y3
    $10 off FamilyFinder – R5RJCATL
    $10 off any y-upgrade – R5DKOM2I

  16. Discount Codes to give away for the week beginning Dec. 1

    $100 off BigY R5LFQ930
    $100 off BigY R5QXHK8H
    $5 off FF R5P8QEGQ
    $5 off any R5V62DP6
    $5 off any R5LMH5G2
    $5 off any R5JTEUYM
    $5 off any R53S2WZ8
    $10 off Y R5R3CHEO
    $10 off Y R5Z877Y0

    I bought the BigY last week using a $100 coupon someone shared here.

    Hope some other folks get to make use of this week’s codes

  17. More discount codes:
    Following coupons available through Sunday night.
    $25 off mtFS R5ZKLTWS
    $10 off mtFSW R56K4N5T; R52XLEIJ
    $10 off any purchase R50AN6L8; R5PVJOY1
    $10 off ydna new purchase R5L9FNRX
    $10 off FF R5NIYXAN

  18. Hi – sorry for the late in the year question. I’ve done some testing in the past via Ancestry with minimal results. (I did manage to download my info before they destroyed it). My grandmother always told my mother that she was descended from John Adams and another relative said that we were also related to Jefferson Davis. My question is would any of the tests listed below be of any help in proving or disproving those relationships?

    Thanks very much and Happy New Year.

    Jury Y. Brown

    • I would think that would be very difficult autosomally. The way to work on it would be to compare matches with people who also descend from these individuals and look for at least three people who match on the same segment and descend from that common individual.

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