Y DNA Sale

I was just rubbing on my Aladdin lamp, wishing for a Y DNA sale and look what happened at Family Tree DNA.

sale 8-28

The bundled tests of Family Finder and Y and the comprehensive test of Y, Family Finder and mitochondrial DNA are on sale too.

sale 8-282

What I really want though, is to order a few Big Y tests for project members.  I was extremely pleased to discover that the Big Y is on sale for $495.  If you have any coupons left over, they work too.

sale 8-283

Upgrades are included as well.  The sale ends on September 3rd, 2014.

sale 8-285

WooHoo Family Tree DNA!!!!

You can click here to order.

Maybe I’ll try rubbing that lamp and buying a lottery ticket next!

sale 8-284

17 thoughts on “Y DNA Sale

  1. I have several 12 marker tests that I would like to upgrade. Can you send a link as to where I do this and can this sale be used to upgrade from 12 marker?

  2. Oh great!!! Look out dad next time I get to SC I’m coming with this test…open wide!! Lol. Surname project time as well, I’m excited!

  3. Venting—-I am rubbing my Aladdin Lamp and wishing FTDNA would stop jacking us around and complete the test we have ordered. ​We order quite a few and while some went through on time most are way over due. The way they put the expected date 1-2 weeks on the expected completion date is really disgusting–it’s been saying that for 2 months—calling them is of no help

    And now they are having a sale—when they can’t or won’t even take care of the orders they have.

  4. Roberta,

    Thank you for keep people informed.

    Can you explain, in brief, what means 37 markers, and 67 markers, and 111 markers (or address me to a proper link about the matter)?

    How many generations these tests embrace?

    Thank you in advance.



    • It’s really not about generations, because mutations can happen any time. When you only test 12 markers, you only have 12 values to work with. A 12 marker match can disprove whether or not you share a common relative with someone, but it’s not enough to prove it. If you match at 12 markers with a very rare surname and a rare haplogroup, then maybe. Generally, we need 37 r 67 to work with for anything reasonable, and 111 is even better. It’s about determining whether or not you share a common ancestor and on average, how long ago. What you really need is genealogy at that point.

  5. You mentioned you bought kits and took them with you. On FTDNA you have to give them a name for a YDNA kit. IF, THAT person changes their mind and won’t do the test after you have it, can you change the name on FTDNA and use it for someone else?

  6. Hello Roberta,
    Please, I desire some advice. I have contacts with whom I share a paternal surname. I am sure that we are related, at some point in time, as their ancestor and mine were the only ones with this surname in Hamburg Twp in the 1880 census. We cannot prove relationship genealogically. Which DNA tests shall I suggest that they purchase that may help us?
    Thank you.

    • Since I’m presuming you’re a female and cannot take the Y test, you’ll have to take the autosomal test, along with them. If you have a Y male relative with the same surname and they have a Y male relative, both men can take a Y test too.

  7. Roberta – This time I don’t know whether to cuss you or thank you. You are such a true believer you convinced me to spend $1475 on kits. My credit card company suspected fraud!!

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